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Custom-printed Boxes – Promote your Professionalism

There are so many instances where presenting an official and business-like front is incredibly important. After you’ve made your custom-made business cards, your custom-printed letterhead, and your custom-printed mugs with your business logo on them, you may find that you are missing something that makes just as much sense. Those are custom-printed boxes.

In this day and age, we still do a lot of shipping. Sure you e-mail and send things digitally more than any time in history. But shipping for business needs in a global economy will never go away. There are some things that will remain physical and need to be delivered through physical means. So slapping a signature with your business logo on it at the bottom of every e-mail is easy, and can be done well, but it doesn’t carry the same weight that a physical shipping box will have when delivered to their door.

And it makes sense for deliveries more than just about anything else. So many businesses send the same type of thing over and over again. Your objects could be ornaments, or pens, or computer parts. But if you are regularly shipping things, you may find that you could be using the same one or two mailing boxes, containers, or tubes. A custom-printed box may seem like a no-brainer. You are already paying that shipping cost. Do it in style. Take that extra step that allows your business to look all that much more official and professional.

In some cases, that logo or even a funny or catchy phrase adorned on your custom printed boxes can become a big “hello” when the item arrives. You sell newborn baby-related products and so the box could say “It’s arrived” with a photo of a newborn. What a great double meaning. There are so many clever ways that not only including your business logo but adding an additional touch that will be noticed by your customers.

And don’t forget. There are many instances where packages are coming in and out in homes and businesses. Your product or item is just one of many. Like the friendly red mailer that Netflix came to be known for, you could create a welcoming spin to your packaging that will make you be remembered. Are your items seasonal? Are they catered to a certain type of product? All of these are opportunities to customize your packaging.

Don’t stop at the business cards. Stand out and let your packages be heard, as well.

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