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Printed Boxes – Everything Is Becoming On-Demand

Movies, television, newspapers, printing — there’s hardly a product or delivery service out there that isn’t becoming “on-demand” in one way or another. If the logistics are worked out, there are many things that can benefit both consumers and businesses, as long as there is a way for the consumer to click “Buy it” and the business or service, in turn, can turn around and click “Make it,” and place it in a printed box. Then, somewhere out there, is a room or warehouse that needs to house hundreds, thousands, or millions of copies of something, hoping that the product is purchased and used.

There are huge benefits to consumers and companies when you can hone in on opportunities and take advantage of on-demand products. Here are a few examples that might impact you.

Printed Boxes For Shipping

Consider printed boxes or mailers as a valid option for your shipping needs. Why get up and buy a package of generic mailing supplies every week or month when you can customize a box or mailer and order them to look like YOUR Company? You can have the design all ready. Every so often, order more. You’ve added a great advertising aspect to an everyday activity: sending your mail.

3-D Printing

This is the new wave in on-demand. Print virtually anything. Yes, anything. Of course, there are specialized fields where this can have huge ramifications. But the idea is simple. Depending on the 3-D printer you have, you can put all types of materials in it, use particular software that allows you to design what shape you want the material to take (it could be as simple as a chess piece or as complex as an intricately-designed guitar), and then click the print button. Make a chess piece out of metal or a guitar out of marshmallow. These are crazy examples, but it could be used in specific ways to better companies. These have been around for a while, but the main difference now is that they are getting cheaper and cheaper, thus making them cost effective in many situations.


That’s right. Temporary staffing has been around a long time, sure. But there are various ways on-demand staffing can work. Explore companies that manage temporary, temp-to-perm, contract, and other types of staffing that could really take your workplace to the next level of efficiency. There shouldn’t be a stigma around contract, or on-demand, employment. For many employees it works marvelously, and for many companies, it can be a fantastic solution.

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