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Heavy Duty Shipping Box – How Strong Is It?

Ship it right. It seems like a simple piece of advice, but it is the difference between a wildly happy customer and one that is enraged because – no matter the quality of the product – it doesn’t matter because the product did not arrive fully intact.

It costs to ship products with extra layers of protection. But in the long run, it is certainly worth it when it is needed. So when is it needed?

Heavy Duty Shipping Box Containing Valuable or Fragile Items

When the product or item is particularly valuable, you should consider not just a heavy duty shipping box, but turning your attention to double or triple wall heavy duty shipping boxesmay be a clear option. You may just be thinking about all that padding that you’re going to add inside of the box. But what about the pressure that that box is having from the outside? These boxes have extra stacking strength so that if something particular heavy is put on top of the box, the box isn’t just going to fold under pressure. Double wall boxes can withhold up to 500 lbs. of pressure from the top. Someone would practically need to put the entire engine of a vehicle on top of the thing for it to fold. A triple wall box can withhold up to 1,100 lbs. of pressure on top of it. Someone would practically need to put the car itself on top of it to see it fold under the pressure.

Heavy Duty Shipping Box with a Heavy Item

On the flip side, there is the weight of the product or item itself to consider. In this case, we are talking about the pressure coming from within the box. When the shipping box is lifted do the contents of the box put a particularly high amount of pressure on the bottom? In the previous example, we concentrated on up to 500 lbs. or 1,100 lbs. of pressure from external forces. Are your contents approaching those weights? If so, again looking towards not just the basic heavy duty shipping boxesbut ones that add extra layers of protection may make sense.

The main crux of the matter is, plan your contents, and what your contents may come in contact with, and don’t feel foolish in getting the extra protection that the various heavy duty shipping boxes can afford. If it’s valuable, or if it’s heavy, make sure it can stand up to any car or car parts it may come in contact with.

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