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Custom Printed Box for All Your Needs

Printing is a cheap form of advertising and when done on shipping boxes, it can carry the advertisement all the way round the globe. Custom printed shipping boxes can come in:

  • Natural kraft/brown material
  • White board

Although kraft board may have its limitations when it comes to thickness, it is still a preferred choice and the customer is advised to go for it, as it is also the cheaper option.

Kraft Boxes with a Unique Message

They come with a silent message of being 100% eco-friendly and fully recyclable. However, their dull brown color can be a negative feature, but when the printing is done creatively, can boost the overall appearance of the box. Also, some colors may not show up as well as they do on white board and so it is essential to know what colors can be used. Generally whites and blacks will show up well while neutral colors and some greens may not show their true potential. A custom printed box is only limited by your willingness to experiment with it and they are the only kind that says “environment friendly” naturally.

White Board – Cutting Across the Boundaries

There is nothing that will not look good on a white board custom printed box and they only cost around 5%-10% more than the standard kraft board. You can also go for combinations where the outside is white board and the inside is made of brown board. You can also go really creative with white boards since all of the colors that you use on a white board box, will be seen at their best and there will be no loss in terms of vibrancy. With digital printing, the possibilities have become endless and the cost has become far more affordable.

A Few Helpful Tips

  • Do not go for pure white since they get dirty very easily and when they arrive at their destination can look as if they have been through a dirt pile.
  • Choose kraft board when you are marketing natural products or eco-friendly products.
  • As both white board and kraft are mainly made of paper, make sure that the thickness is suitable for shipping and does not give way, halfway through the journey.

You can get a unique look with kraft custom printed shipping boxes as they are available in various shades of brown and come in interesting textures as well. White boards will give you true-to-life images with no compromise on quality. Both are equally good for printing depending upon the type of printing and product that has to be marketed.

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