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Mailing Tubes – Keep Your Articles Intact In Shipping

Mailing tubes, often called as shipping tubes, are commonly made of wood pulp fibers and used in shipping a great variety of items that can easily fit into a telescopic shape container or can be rolled in cylindrical manner. Fiber tubes are most often used to mail promotional letters, important documents, posters and other lengthy articles that need to be kept undamaged.

End caps are essential in secure shipping!

Based on the item being mailed, the end caps are removable, glued or sealed completely. The ending caps on the tubes make sure that the article remains inside it until it reaches the destination. The caps are made of different material including metal, wood, plastic and cardboard paper.

Why use mailing tubes and when?

Mailing tubes protect your articles from the manhandling and possible damages during the shipping process. Postal services also accept cylindrical shape fiber tubes. If want to send a contract paper, a blueprint, a chart or any other important document, choosing a shipping tube for packing the object will relieve you from safety concerns.

A mailing tube can be used to package any acceptable item that weights under 71 pounds. Businesses use cardboard tubes to send large format papers, architectural drawing documents and prints. In comparison of double wall shipping boxes, it is harder to dent mailing tubes. Thus, they offer higher protection for shipment from bumping, falling and denting.

Cylindrical fiber tubes allow you to send papers without folding or rolling them. As the tubes are light in weight, they don’t increase your overall shipping cost largely. Unlike small fragile items and stationery materials, some documents are highly sensitive and confidential; they need to be shipped in specially designed tubes that are properly sealed at both the ends.

Which mailing tube I should pick?

Mailing tubes are designed with a great variety in thickness, color, print and strength. Most manufacturers offer custom designed mailing tubes to meet the individual needs of the client. Industry specific cardboard tubes are manufactured in a wide range of length, diameter and thickness to best fit the article being shipped. Diameter is determined in a way that the article shouldn’t get a space to shift or transit within the tube. Some mailing tubes are coated with multiple layers to offer a higher level of protection.

If you are a web design firm shipping banners, posters or signs to a client, I recommend you to choose from printed fiber tubes with metal ends. It not only gives a high – end touch to the shipment, but increases security in shipping. Well-built and transparent plastic tubes are used to exhibit paint brushes, pens, toys, crafts, and many other items. Not only it looks appealing, but it helps keep the items in place.

The exterior of cardboard tubes is covered with a paper that can show off any color, pattern or print. Bright color prints on the tubes are preferred while shipping items for birthday, wedding, or for any festive season like Christmas.

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