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Why Invest In a Custom Shipping Box

Custom shipping box

Cactus Containers – custom shipping box

Should you invest in a custom shipping box? When a business engages in e-commerce, it needs to decide if it will be utilizing standard or custom shipping box designs. You can easily get cardboard boxes from stores or order from box makers. They stock boxes in a variety of standard sizes to choose from. With custom shipping boxes, however, you need to reach out to a box manufacturer and have them customize boxes to specific dimensions and shapes that will ideally suit your products.

This service however tends to come at some additional cost and may require you to take extra effort in working on the design so it is unique and allows your product to stand apart from the competition. This extra cost and effort are what make businesses worry if going the custom route is worth it. Here is why you should consider adding custom printed shipping boxes to your shipping supplies.

Delightful custom shipping box designs

Custom shipping boxes are sure to delight your customers. Receiving a box that has been customized to impress and promote the brand makes more of a positive impression than when using standard or plain boxes. A happier customer is also more likely to become a repeat customer.

Marketing custom printed shipping boxes

A box that comes with graphic designs will not only delight the customer but it can also support marketing efforts. You can emblazon them with your business logo, slogan, and brand name. You can also include information such as your social media links, websites, and address. All this information can make it easier for customers to reach out and explore what your business has to offer. It can even share information with those that are not recipients of the package and merely onlookers.  The design of the box is a great marketing tactic.

Custom printed shipping boxes cost

While custom boxes can be somewhat more expensive than plain standard boxes, they often make up for the additional expense by reducing shipping costs. Shipping costs are pegged on the size and weight of a box. Custom boxes offer a better fit that can reduce both aspects and allow businesses to reduce their shipping costs.

Eco-friendly custom shipping box

Because a custom shipping box is often a better fit than standard options, it ensures fewer materials go into its making. It also means that if it comes time to dispose of the box, there is less waste, which is good for the environment. Fortunately, cardboard boxes can often be easily reused and recycled, making them the most environmentally friendly option.

Effectively Showcasing Branding On A Printed Shipping Box

Custom Size Shipping BoxA printed shipping box can help a business to easily display all kinds of branding. From logos to QR codes, you can add just about any message on custom printed shipping boxes. When appropriately done, this can help to boost brand visibility and make your business more recognizable to consumers.

The extra cost involved in ordering custom boxes is easily recovered when factoring in how much exposure can promote your business and lead to greater sales and profitability. Never underestimate the value of a good-looking box, especially in an age when more and more consumers are opting to shop remotely. Here are a few approaches you can use to better display branding on your custom printed shipping boxes.

Print On Top

It may seem instinctual to want to print branding on the sides of your box. This is however more suitable where the box size is larger and the customer will spend more time looking at it from the side. for smaller packages, it is ideal to ensure some branding on the top side which the customer will spend more time looking at. It also makes for a good visual during the unboxing experience. You can easily display the name of the brand, company, and logo on this top side.

Another benefit is that the top side tends to suffer the least damage during shipping. There are more bumps and exposure to moisture on the bottom and sides. The top side tends to remain unsullied, making it the ideal surface on which to display branding.

Include Social Media Links

For potential customers that will only catch a glimpse of your box, it can help to provide social media links. Where it is displaying your Facebook page name or a QR code that will take them to your social media platforms, there are multiple ways you can work this into your box design. Social media has become the dominant type of site visited by consumers, so besides establishing a presence here, you also need to publicize so people know where to find you.

Custom Shipping Tape

You can boost your branding by investing in custom shipping tape. You can have your logo, brand, or company name incorporated, making for yet another way to boost visibility. You can also have the tape customized in terms of color. This can be particularly helpful where you have distinct colors used in your logo design. The same applies if you use distinct colors in other types of branding that have become closely associated with your business.

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom die cut mailer box

When your business involves supplying customers with physical products, presentation matters. These days, people have increasingly taken to shopping online, so businesses have had to add shipping boxes to their inventory to facilitate safe delivery. While plain brown cardboard boxes may suffice, many are opting for custom printed shipping boxes. This option may seem a greater investment, but there are several benefits attached.

  1. It is more affordable than you think. Custom jobs will naturally be costlier than plain options, but not by much. This is especially true when you time the purchase correctly and shop around. The pricing on paper products will fluctuate over time, so waiting for when the market is down will help secure you better pricing on your next custom shipping box

Doing some comparison shopping amongst box makers in and outside your area can also help. Note that bulk orders also tend to come with discounts. Consider your storage space and budget to figure out what maximum level you can order to enjoy such discounting.

  1. It can help optimize shipping costs. When you have custom shipping boxes that conform to the shape and size of your product, you can save much on shipping. It means less bulky packages and even less spent on stuffing to protect the contents from rough handling and other damages.

For businesses that cater to larger orders, it is ideal to choose sizing dimensions that allow for as much product as possible to be accommodated on a pallet. This can cut freight costs hugely.

  1. Protect delivered contents. When products are securely contained within packaging, they are less likely to suffer damage during transit. Some level of shaking and rough handling is likely to occur, especially when the package is to travel long distances.

When using a custom shipping box, the contents will fit better inside with just enough space to accommodate internal packaging materials, be they newspaper, packing peanuts, or inserts.

  1. Market your brand better. Custom printed shipping boxes offer a good opportunity to publicize your brand. You can easily display your company logo, tagline, contact details, or even a QR code on the box to let people know about your business and its offerings. Custom print designs can even include imagery that will capture the attention and imagination of viewers.
  2. Conserve the environment. Corrugated shipping boxes can be made from recycled materials. This does not compromise their strength at all. This type of manufacturing is good for the environment as it means less need to source for virgin wood and less waste. Even if not recycled, these boxes will easily decompose, without leaving much carbon footprint.

Benefits Of Digitally Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom Printed Die-cut Box
When planning expenditures, businesses need to ensure they are getting good value for money. Custom packaging offers a slew of benefits that make the added investment worthwhile. Here are some of the key advantages reaped from opting for custom printed shipping boxes.

Quick Delivery

The technologies now used in the manufacture and printing of shipping boxes is much different from the traditional analog methods of old. One of the biggest impacts has been on turnaround time. Nowadays the production process is much faster, with bulk orders ready to ship in a matter of days. Advanced equipment has taken the place of manual presses. They are capable of quickly adapting to a wider variety of configurations.

Order Size Flexibility

Traditional printing often required much larger minimum order volumes. With newer technologies, there is much greater flexibility in terms of quantity. Most box manufacturers can accommodate whatever order size. This better control over order size has helped many businesses to better budget for their packaging needs without having to unnecessarily fill up their stores with boxes that will go unused for extended periods. They can better streamline their orders for packaging material with their expected demand for products. Shorter runs also mean the businesses are freer to make updates to the designs of their custom printed shipping boxes.

Refined Packaging Design

Because digitally custom boxes can be tailor-made to suit the sizing of the product, there is less packaging waste. When businesses were confined to standard sizes, they had to fill up the empty space in the boxes with items like wrapping paper, packing peanuts, and foam inserts. Not only was this wasteful, but it also added to shipping costs to end-user customers. Custom boxes allow for businesses to better fit their products into packaging with minimal waste and lower shipping costs. The consistency of digitally printed boxes also ensures uniformity throughout the production process.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The digital production of a printed shipping box is highly efficient, ensuring minimal waste is produced. This is because the process is carefully calibrated and consistent. In recent years there has also been a shift towards the use of recyclable material in the making of packaging material. The resulting boxes are also often of a strong quality that makes them ideal for reuse and possible later recycling. Even the inks used in printing are much less toxic and can even be safely used in packaging readymade foods and fresh produce.

Two Major Reasons Why Online Business Should Use Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping rsc box
Given the fact that customers choose products online, which takes the packaging out of the equation, and that custom printed shipping boxes are often associated only with extra cost, why pay extra money for a more stylish shipping box that may end up in a trash can anyway? It turns out that there are plenty of reasons, but in this article, we are going to present the two most important ones.

First Impressions

There are several main differences between brick & mortar businesses and online businesses. One is that brick and mortar businesses have a large variety of options to choose from in order to make a great first impression for their customers. They can have a great exterior or interior design, attractive location, friendly staff, and comfortable music playing, etc. We can talk about the design of an online store as an equivalent to the interior design or that an eye pleasing interface on the web is similar to an attractive physical location, but there is nothing like physical contact.

Well organized websites may aid customers to order a product, but when the product arrives that is the first impact as the customer engages with it physically. It has become common knowledge that no branding strategy, no matter how good it is, can make up for a terrible first impression. When a customer gets a product delivered that comes in a boring brown box, the first impression is not great. It is much better to spike emotion and interest with custom packaging and give the impression of a dedicated, tidy, thoughtful, and reliable business that “has it all together”. Custom printed boxes can translate that feeling and make customers know that the product has been planned, according to a related concept, every step of the way.

Brand Recognition

The next reason is brand recognition. After a good first impression, the realization that a business has a nice custom package in the first place, and that it has a nice appearance, encourages the customer to engage with the actual content itself and that is when the branding comes in place. Custom printed boxes are an excellent way to be creative and unique which can strike a customer’s eye and make a brand stand out from others in a ruthlessly competitive market. This is where the logo and all-important information about a product are communicated in a desirable way. It will make a person opening a package visualize the experience and create a certain image in the mind which will help distinguish the brand. On the other hand, generic packaging gives away a certain feeling of a product being mass produced without much thought, which takes away from the brand identity. In other words, it seems like the product is for everyone and that the company doesn’t care about its customer, but rather just wants to sell as much as possible.

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes Makes Lives Easier

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

If you ship a number of items throughout the year, especially those that make regular shipments, then having custom printed shipping boxes is the best way for you to go. You can benefit from the use of these boxes and what comes along with them. The best shipping boxes, especially those that are custom printed, are able to provide those that ship items with more time to spend doing other things.  

Shipping boxes come in many different sizes and shapes, so it is very important that you look into ways to add a printed shipping label to them. These labels are freshly printed with the names, addresses, and other information that needs to be on them. Whether you want them going to the people, or for the return addresses, or even both; you can find the benefits that come along with them.  

Businesses Have Found Many Benefits from These Printed Shipping Boxes

There are many benefits that come from not having to write the names and addresses on the boxes yourself. While, this is something that you might not be able to do for everyone that purchases for you, you can still have them printed for the return addresses, which also saves a lot of time, especially if you spend a lot of time writing on these shipping labels.  

The shipping box should have something that is nicely executed when you are shipping to clients and customers. You want to look professional and clean, and this is the best way to go about doing so. These shipping boxes, when made just for your business, are able to provide this sleek, professional look you’re after. 

Boxes mean a lot to the businesses that use them, and you want something that is professional and well put together. You want to showcase just how professional you are, and why they are using you for the specific products or services your business is offering for you to use. 

Whether you are a small business or a large one, you can benefit from the use of the shipping boxes and the extras that come along with them. You don’t have to worry about writing all of the information down on the label if you don’t want too. You can be sure that it is something that is taken care of with the custom printed labels on the custom printed boxes made for all of your business’ shipping needs. 

Types of RSC Shipper Boxes and Uses

RSC Shipper Boxes

The Regular Slotted Container (RSC) is one of the most widely used box variety used for storage and shipping. It certainly has plenty of uses, both for commercial and personal. These boxes can be used as storage for toys, office supplies, kitchenware, and other essential items inside the house. Businesses, on the other hand, can also use it as a suitable means to ship goods and products.

RSC shipper boxes comprise of corrugated cardboard that is assembled to form two outer flaps that meet at the box’s center. The containers are secured using tape, staples, or high-strength glue. If the item placed inside requires additional protection, pads or foam can are added. These boxes can also come in a variety of materials and finishes. Businesses have the option to choose whichever custom printed shipping boxes they need.

Aside from the necessary RSC shipper boxes, there are also other varieties when it comes to size, dimensions, and some flaps.

Regular Slotted Container with Variable Flaps (RSCVF)

This box is similar to the regular RSC box; the difference is that one of the outer flaps overlap the other by a few centimeters. This design is ideal for boxing with a greater length – the overlapping flap will make it more secure. The folds protect items inside with the use of staples or masking tape.

Full Overlap Container (FOL)

The Full Overlap Container style is for products with narrower widths. The outer folds overlap the whole width of the box. FOL containers are ideal for heavyweight products such as appliances and metal items due to their strong carrying capacity.

Double Cover Boxes (DC)

This style comprises of top two interchangeable covers for the top and bottom. Having two coats makes it ideal to fit in heavy items that will be difficult to lower inside the box. The two sheets are arranged in a tray style.

Half-Slotted Box with Cover (HSC)

In a Half-Slotted Box, the top works as a tray style that extends less than the bottom. It is ideal when an open top container is needed and when one needs to remove the cover for display purposes or accessibility frequently.

Five Panel Wrap

The Five Panel Wrap is an excellent solution for flat items. The cover can be folded over the object to form a single rigid box. It has superior stacking strength and is ideal for golf clubs, hockey sticks, guitars, and similar-sized products.

As we speak, different varieties of RSC containers probably continue to be invented. There are plenty of different styles and functions to choose from that can suit specific needs.

Creating Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

One of the many considerations when creating a brand is how you will customize your printed shipping box. As there are many different options to choose from, it can be quite understandable why most businesses fall short in delivering an effective packaging design that fits their business needs. In most cases, it deflects customer attention because they are either designed to be ambiguous or has an incoherently crafted message.

In more ways, the primary consideration you should make is to choose the right types of packaging based on several factors that affect the quality of your services. Durability, item security, and the overall quality of your services can be factored out when creating custom printed shipping boxes. Your client’s belongings have to perfectly fit inside the package and the message on the printed shipping box has to be delivered clearly and attractively.

Utilize the Printed Box to Highlight Your Brand and Logo

Because your brand is competing with many other services of the same niche, yours can stand out just with the quality prints and customized boxes you use. Many other aspects are part of what is considered by your potential customers including the type of materials you use to safeguard their belongings. In such a way, brand and logo presentation affects the overall worthiness of your services. It can be a determinant of how people perceive your company and their willingness to commit to the services you offer.

A well-designed logo and a message that is easily understood can entice people more than anything. It creates interest among people who see your logo so they can easily relate it to the type of services you provide. Growing your shipping business with custom printed shipping boxes is perpetually a component good reputation because people can easily recognize your brand.

A Good Logo and a Simple Message Always Gets Across Easily

Simple messages are always easily understandable and retain much better in the minds of most people. A complicated logo and perplexing message sometimes become so distracting that people often do not perceive what you are trying to emphasize. So when designing your printed shipping box, always remember that people have limited attention span and the more understandable your logo and messages are, the more people will remember them.

So when designing your custom printed shipping boxes, always remember that people will respond to messages they understand and a business logo they can relate with. It is better to have a good brand logo and a simple message people will be driven to action.

Improve Your Brand Using a Custom Shipping Box

Custom Boxes

The impression of the brand is at times more important than the actual quality and condition of the product itself. A strong brand image largely impacts consumer behavior. Majority of customers patronize products manufactured by companies that were able to develop a strong brand image through the years even if similar goods with better quality from competitors are available.

There are many ways your company can improve its brand image. Some of these methods are expensive and require a long process but there are techniques that you can do during product shipping that can help your brand get the attention it needs.

Here are some ways you can improve your brand image during shipping:

A sad-looking and ordinary cardboard box can create a negative impression not only on the product you are selling but to your company as well. Imagine if your customer receives your product packaged in a common box and another merchandise wrapped in customized packaging from a different company at the same time, without a doubt the customer will think that your company is unprofessional and cheap. Using custom printed shipping boxes gives the impression that your company is professional and high-class.

  • Consider using custom shipping tape.

To make your brand name and product more noticeable you can also consider using custom shipping tape that will greatly complement the design and look of your custom printed shipping boxes. Note that customers are always drawn to products and packaging with high aesthetic value.

  • Make use of custom shipping bags when needed.

For small and dainty items like accessories and books, you may consider using custom shipping bags that will highlight your company logo and colors. You can also consider completing the elegant look by using colored tissue paper, ribbons, and other trimmings that will bring a smile to your customer’s face.

  • Make use of environment-friendly fillers like biodegradable packing peanuts.

Instead of using plastic bubble wraps that are harsh to the environment, you should consider using biodegradable shipping peanuts instead. While these fillers may not literally contain your brand or logo, the act itself gives the impression that your company cares about the environment and most customers find it appealing.

The ideas above are just some of the simple ways you can improve your brand and market your products at the same time. It is important to realize that majority of consumers shop with their eyes and first impressions usually last.

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes Can Build Your Customer Base

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

If you own a company that ships products around the world, you know how important packaging can be for those products. Yet, too often, business owners allow shipping to be an afterthought, sending out orders in non-descript brown boxes with no identifying marks. When your package leaves your company to be delivered to a customer, thousands of people see the box, from mail carriers, truck drivers and even neighbors of your customer who will see the package as it is delivered. The need to brand those packages is critical as it gets your company name out without adding major additional cost. These simple ideas can help you use your shipping materials to promote your brand.

Custom Labels

If you have already purchased large quantities of shipping boxes and want to give them a unique look with your branding, consider creating customized labels. You can have labels printed professionally or create them as you need them using your printer. Many label companies offer templates and a wide range of label sizes so you can create a label that your customers will notice.

Custom Printed Boxes

The best way to get your company name out there is to purchase custom printed shipping boxes. These shipping boxes have your company logo, name and any other identifying information you wish to choose printed right on the box. They look extremely professional and the costs are not much different than purchasing plain boxes.

Print Postage Online

Today, you can create your own postage directly from your computer. Most packages can be shipped using the USPS website or you can choose a company like Stamps.com, which sometimes offers more options for parcels than the USPS website. Even UPS and FedEx now allow you to print your own postage, making it easier than ever to send packages. The printed postage also gives your package a more professional look and it eliminates standing in the line at the post office.

With more and more customers choosing online shopping with delivery of products right to their door, the need for quality shipping materials is growing. Companies need large quantities of shipping boxes on hand to be sure that customers receive their packages in a timely manner. You also want to be sure that your brand is seen by as many people as possible which is why these tips can help grow your customer base simply by adding your brand to the outside of your packaging.

Experiences using Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Selling products which are made by a different business somehow might swallow the distributing organization’s identity. That might be because changes to even the smallest of things such as packaging might pose an issue. However, there are a couple of things that this type of a company may do to set themselves apart when sending out large quantities of shipping boxes.

Make custom shipping boxes appear delightful and welcoming

Cardboard shipping packages are usually the standard shipping mode for many businesses. For a client, the box will merely look boring, plain, and whatever is inside of it will just be reached after multiple layers of unwrapping. Distributing companies may better this experience for a client by ordering customized boxes that might portray their slogan, logo, or colors.

Also, the company might determine to use packaging tape which is customized or use labels which are branded. Stickers might also be added to plain boxes. It’ll offer the ideal way for an organization to set themselves apart, yet additionally avoid spending too much cash. In that way, the organization’s brand is set up from the start. Infusing an organization’s brand into any printed material, packaging slips or instructions also will assist in promoting a delightful package opening client experience.

How will packaging tie to an organization’s general branding?

The message the brand portrays always must be consistent, in spite of the form it takes, or where it must appear. Everything which is connected to packaging – be it the instructional sheets for the shipping carton or text printed upon transportation bags – will represent the organization’s brand in one way or the other.

One sentence that has the wrong tone, or incorrect colors or misused font, all will portray an incorrect message. It’ll mean the organization is being misrepresented, and not showing precisely what it stands for or what it does. It’ll mean that the quality that is being promoted by the organization already has been compromised.

Packaging in Customized Boxes will form a big part of any given company

There’ll be something off with an organization which has a luxurious looking, information filled site for some pricey jewelry and gemstones; however, just ships the jewelry inside plastic bags without any documents. No matter the type of custom printed shipping boxes packaging, it must have the ability to represent the company in a single glance.

How is a Custom Shipping Box Made

Custom Shipping Box

Every day, trucks around the United States are filled up with boxes that have to be delivered to other businesses or to individuals. Many of the boxes look very similar except for some of the writing that is on them. They may be addressed to different places and they may be different sizes, but they all look alike. The exception is the people that chose to put something in a custom shipping box.

The custom box stands to from others. It may be a different type, shape or color than all of the other boxes. Custom printed shipping boxes can include the logos of a company or may include special messages on the outside of them. These boxes are not like the others and they get noticed by a lot of people.

The ability to get noticed can be a powerful marketing tool for a business. It is a way to build brand awareness and can help a business become more successful. The use of a custom shipping box can be a very smart move for any business. All they need to do is learn how these custom boxes are made.

Start with the Box

The design starts by choosing the type of box that is needed. It could be a mailer box, a regular slotted box, a full overlap box or some other type of box. The type of box depends on what a business is trying to out in, where it is going and how well it needs to be protected.

Once the type of box is decided upon, it needs to be customized. This can be done by using a different color box. Brown boxes are common, but a brightly colored box will stand out and may be more effective. It is very easy to change the color of the box.

In addition to color, adding graphics is another important step. Custom printed shipping boxes are easy to do. Adding graphics can also help a box stand out even further. It is important to choose the right graphics on a box. Important information such as the name and address of the business are a good idea. Adding a logo is another way to build up a brand. Other messages can also help identify what is inside of a box.

Businesses that want to be successful will want to make their products stand out and it often starts with the box they use to ship their products in. Take some time and learn how to take advantage of the box.

Why Use Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom printed shipping boxes

When you run a business, you are always looking for better ways to increase brand recognition. What better way to put the name of your business out there than to use a custom shipping box that has been printed with your company’s name and logo?

By using custom printed shipping boxes, you are able to address two needs at once: first, you need to have something in which you can ship your product, and a custom shipping box is a great way to do that. Second, you want a way to maximize the number of times your customer sees your company’s name. After all, name recognition can continue paying dividends long after the original product has been received and used.

It is not uncommon for a customer to re-use the custom printed shipping boxes you use to send him or her an order. Thus, every time he or she opens your custom shipping box you can be assured that he or she will see your company’s name and think about the great experience he or she had with you.

In addition, it saves you money to use our custom printed shipping boxes. Everyone knows that you pay more when you buy in smaller quantities, and by providing you with the option to purchase your shipping boxes in bulk, we can provide your business with serious savings.

We are here to help you grow your business and make it more successful. This includes helping you save costs on materials such as the price you pay for shipping boxes. It also helps you maximize your advertising revenues—and what better way to get advertising than to use a box you were already going to purchase anyways!

Finally, by using a custom shipping box you distinguish yourself from your competitors—especially the ones who are trying to save a few bucks by re-using other shipping boxes or using plain, unexciting packaging materials. In contrast to the competition, when you use custom printed shipping boxes you are able to convey an image of professionalism and competence to your customers.

You want your customers to be excited when they see your box. Further, you want other people who see the box to see the name of your business. Since you’ve got to ship product to your customers, the best way to do is by using a custom shipping box.

The Benefits of a Custom Shipping Box

Custom Shipping Box

Running a business is expensive, so many small business owners are constantly on the lookout for ways to save some money. Unfortunately, this could lead them to choosing cheap and ineffective shipping and packaging options, which in the long run could end up costing even more money when items are damaged during transport. When it comes to shipping, you should never compromise quality, and there are a variety of great benefits to choosing high-quality custom printed shipping boxes over some lesser competitors.

You’ll Save Money

One of the most important reasons to choose high-quality shipping and packaging items is the cost savings that you’ll enjoy. While it’s true that items of a higher quality are often more expensive, you’ll end up saving money. A good box and packaging will be able to adequately protect and preserve your product. Buying a less expensive product might save you money up front, but your items are more likely to be damaged, and additional costs may include product loss, repeat shipping, and possible attorney fees due to lawsuits.

Easy to Store

When you choose poor grade packaging and shipping materials, storing them could be a problem. These boxes are liable to collapse if you attempt to stack them, so your items will take up a lot more space than necessary. High-quality boxes allow for better pallet and shelf stacking while minimizing space and making your shipments easier to handle.

Preserve Your Product

When using a high-quality shipping box, you’ll reduce the risk that your product arrives at its final destination in a state of disrepair. A vast majority of damage can be reduced when items are packaged properly. Quality boxes will reduce distress on the product and the other packaging materials, decreasing indentations, punctures, and other damage.

Easier Transportation

A high-quality custom shipping box will be much easier to transport than other options. More efficient stacking comes with drastically reduced transportation costs. Your items will also be better protected from the elements while being transported from one location to another, and they won’t be affected by dramatic temperature changes that often occur when moving items from a cool warehouse to a hot truck. High-quality custom shipping boxes are also able to withstand environmental issues like mildew, mold, and other airborne particles.

There are a variety of tips and tricks to use to save your business money, but skimping on quality when it comes to your shipping supplies shouldn’t be one of them.

The Excitement of Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

On Christmas morning, kids around the world wake up early and head down to see what Santa has brought them. They eagerly look under the tree and their faces glow with excitement when they spot all of the wrapped presents that are placed there. Even before they see what is underneath the wrapping paper, they are already very happy. There is something about the color and graphics that are used for wrapping paper that adds to the excitement. Imagine if the tree only had presents that are covered in plain brown paper. It would not be the same.

Businesses need to look at every day as Christmas. They can do this by using custom printed shipping boxes. This can allow them to create packaging for their products that stands out from the rest. The boxes may not be under a tree, but they are still placed in areas where plenty of people can see them.

Custom shipping boxes can be made in different sizes and shapes. They can be made to fit the products they hold the right way. They will not only help protect the contents that are inside, they can also be part of the display of the product. It makes sense to make sure that the boxes being used are the right size, but the biggest benefit is being able to add graphics to the shipping boxes.

Graphic can come in many different forms. It can be the logo or the brand of the company that makes the product. It can include the logo of the business that is shipping the product. It can also contain important information that will inform the consumer about the product or the business. The great thing about custom printed shipping boxes is the number of people they will be seen by. Boxes have a long life. They are not only used to ship products, they are used by consumers to store things in after they have received the product.

The biggest fear that businesses have is the cost of the custom shipping boxes. Businesses may perceive them as being more expensive, but they are not always correct. When the total cost of shipping is considered, the custom boxes may not be as expensive as they are perceived. If the boxes fit the contents, there will be less packaging material used. The custom boxes will also protect the products from damage better. The graphics that are added are a great and inexpensive type of marketing.

Smart businesses will realize what kids are thinking on Christmas morning and can use that knowledge in their packaging that they use every day.