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Improve Your Custom Shipping Box Design

Custom Shipping Box

If your products are going to sell, you want to re-imagine the design of the packaging. Selling products in retail stores is exciting, however, when you look at how the packaging appears when the product is on the shelf, it may be disheartening. Getting customers to notice your products is a big challenge for many companies, and often, packaging design is a culprit. Competition is high and if you’re going to stand out from the crowd, you need a unique packaging design for your custom shipping box. These three strategies can help you spruce up the look and feel of your packaging:

Know What Appeals your Customers

Whether you are selling products online or you are selling in traditional retail stores, you should know your customers. Customers are finding that there are more options for products than ever, so when you make yours stand out, that can make the difference between customers buying your products or not buying. If the product you are selling is being offered by multiple companies, and that’s pretty so, your packaging may be the only factor that lures customers to pick your products over those of your competitors. Your packaging cartons should feature a design that resonates with what customers want to see.

Even for eCommerce businesses, the image of the packaging they provide on their website can help draw the attention of the audience to click and learn more about the product. You only have seconds to influence the customer and packaging stands so close to making the impact on a customer.

Be Different or Unique

When you critically think about it, you find that the first interaction customers have with your products is the packaging. They hold the packaging, feel it, see it, and imagine it. The packaging creates the first impression and tells something about what’s inside. If the packaging doesn’t look appealing, then the product may not be appealing. When designing, think about the audience you are targeting. Does it resonate with their packaging demands or interests? Would they love to see the product in such a package? It is something they can adore?

Whether it’s the colors, text, shape, size, the carton window, or die-cut design – it should be unique. When thinking about the uniqueness of the design, look at how your packaging is going to be presented to the customer. On the shelves, there are other products and all have packaging designs. So you want to come up with something that is going to be different from what’s around the retail aisle.

Include Only the Product’s Essentials

You want to have a simple, yet impactful packaging design, and it doesn’t have to cost you more or make you try harder than everyone else. Nowadays, being minimalist is a trend, and you don’t want to deviate too far from what’s happening in the design market. Try to be less with your design and include only the essentials about the product within the packaging.

Customers don’t have the time to read a heavy brand message on the packaging. Have some two or so benefits of the product on the packaging – it will provide a touchpoint for the customers to gain interest in your product. From there, they can begin to learn what’s all about your product. Customers are really getting tired of reading the same aggressive messaging on the packaging. You can save your packaging from that mess and give it some space to breathe with less brand messaging. This will go a long way in attracting customers because the packaging feels and looks refreshing.

Your packaging can change the way people think and perceive your brand. It can create a brand perception in the customers’ minds. Ensure you think about the design options you have and consider – minimalistic, unique, less, clear and simple, and strong printed shipping boxes for your packaging needs.

Custom Shipping Boxes that Attracts Attention

Custom Shipping Boxes

Beyond its use, there are many things to consider when choosing the right printed shipping boxes for your products. One that stands out from your competitors is a surefire way of ensuring business longevity while at the same time satisfying your company goals and customer demands.

Packaging boxes come in many different shapes and sizes giving you an array of materials to choose from. Knowing what you have to package and how it will secure your merchandise will help you determine the right make and design to fit your needs. Choosing the box’s style also plays a crucial role in making your product unique. Presentation, durability, and product protection are essential aspects of attracting the attention of your prospective customers.

Durable Custom Shipping Boxes

Though a box has the primary purpose of safeguarding what’s inside, it has to be durable enough to withstand the rigors of shipment and everyday wear. Curious customers are bound to hold your items, and a misshapen box because of poor quality material will likely be rejected by the next potential buyer. If anything, the printed shipping boxes of your merchandise have to be durable enough to withstand everyday wear.

Custom shipping boxes are ideally better to make your product stand out. If a shopper goes through a line of product with the same box size and design, he will likely be attracted to a product with a different-looking packaging style. This is what’s called a visual advertisement in the marketing world. Potential buyers are likely to go for a product which stands out from a shelf.

Presentation Affects Your Product’s Reputation

Many businesses fall short in providing an excellent product presentation because they packaged their items with the wrong design and container. Custom shipping boxes are far better than other alternatives because they can be manufactured according to your specific requirements. And because packaging boxes are cost-effective marketing tools, one that highlights your product with the right message provides an excellent way of returning your initial investment.

How your product looks from the inside out affects your company and your product’s reputation. A shabby cardboard packaging material is less likely to get attention than a not so famous brand with an appealing box. This is because people are drawn to how the product is visually presented to them.

And because every company seeks to be on top, using custom shipping boxes that tells the story of your brand and the quality of your product is a way to get ahead of your competitors.

Printed Shipping Boxes Can Help Save You Money

Printed Shipping Boxes

Packaging your product is more than just protecting what’s inside, but it is an ideal way of making your product stand out. As you are competing in a vast market which offers the same product like yours, packaging them with a custom shipping box can be an effective marketing tool. Not only does it save you on advertising expense, but people are more likely to respond when they see something different and enticing.

Some of the reasons why you would want to consider printed shipping boxes for your brand is because they can be easily recognized by your intended audience, it can be a good marketing tactic, and what’s more, it helps you save on packaging expense.

Create an Effective Brand Awareness with a Custom Shipping Box

There are several avenues to market your product, but one of the most useful and less expensive ways is to work on the outside packaging of your product. As television and magazine or newspaper slots are much more expensive, using a custom shipping box will help people remember what you offer immediately.

Brand awareness is something that printed shipping boxes can help you quickly achieve. You can utilize the blank spaces to present a clear and effective message about your product and use the empty side spaces to print your company logo and slogan. In most cases where a customer’s attention has been drawn in, it creates a ripple effect which helps grow your business to greater heights.

Save Money by Using Printed Shipping Boxes

By using a customized packaging, you are saving tons of money not just on ad campaigns, but also on having the ability to choose the exact dimension and right prints suited for your packaging requirements. Because these materials are created based on what your business needs, you are not paying for anything extra like inner packaging to make your product extra secure.

On top of that, a perfectly sized box ensures your product gets the needed protection during shipment. When properly packed, they will not incur damage during humps and bumps along the way. A custom shipping box is also a great platform to inform your customers about the benefits and what your product has to offer. It is a solid advertising platform with fewer investments required as compared to the traditional strategies we have gotten used to. Ultimately, you save money on printed packaging boxes because they can be ordered in bulk which often comes with a discount.

The Search for a Custom Shipping Box

Custom Shipping Box

If one is away from their families, they tend to send out gifts very often. During birthdays, holidays and other special occasions, their families will be waiting for their surprise housed in a shipping box. As someone who occasionally does this, they make sure that all that is inside will be properly delivered to their loved ones.

And, as a company who offers delivery service, it is your obligation to ensure that all deliverables are successfully delivered, unscratched, unopened. To help you actualize this goal, we provide custom shipping box and printed shipping boxes.

Top 5 Qualities People Will Look Into When Searching for a Delivery Service Company

If you want to be ahead of your competitors, you should build your name and deliver everything in perfect condition and with no delays.

Proven Record

The first thing customers will look in to before dealing with your services is your track records. Once they got a hint that you did something wrong to a past client, your name will get tarnished. Issues such as delays, mishandling, and opened boxes are just a few of the things that will bid your business goodbye.

Positive Reviews

Upon working hard in delivering shipments to different places, and by investing in good printed shipping boxes that carry your company’s name, you will surely get your company’s name known in no time.

Always treat your customer’s shipment like your own, that way you can deliver your service well and gain more loyal customers who trust no one but you. And, this is because your service has a sense of personal touch that most clients are looking for.

Durable Shipping Boxes

The best way to get the job done is by investing in a durable and custom shipping box. This way, you can offer your customers a wide variety of boxes that perfectly fits their needs. Those that are not too tight, too big and too small, but just enough.

Also, if you have a durable box to house your customer’s shipments that can withstand any type of mishandlings and mishaps, you are not doing business but also is helping your customer too. Once you have proven this, they will surely come back to do business with you again.

Fast Delivery

Once you promise a fast delivery without any issues, many customers will surely look into you. To make them more eager in dealing with you ensure them that you handle shipments best with your trustworthy team and durable shipping boxes.

Reasonable Price

A long time ago, this factor used to be at the top. But, in today’s time, quality is preferred more than quantity. This does not mean you should charge customers really high, or else you will lose your business. Having a reasonable price that matches the quality of your service is the best price you could ever offer to your customers.

Ideas to Reuse Printed Shipping Boxes

Printed Shipping Boxes

A custom shipping box has a lot of uses apart from containing products during transfer. It can serve as a great marketing tool for manufacturers in various industries while at the same time protect the items inside it. However, if you are not involved in the manufacturing or shipping business but you have tons of printed shipping boxes lying around, here are some creative ways you can make ordinary cardboard boxes benefit you as well:

Turn it into a practical pet bed

Carve a “door” in one of the phases of the cardboard that is large enough for your pet to comfortably enter. After cutting, you can paint the shipping boxes to any color that you or your pet wants. Line the “floor” with comfortable beddings or any fluffy fabric to serve as a bed. Accessorize the house with trinkets and other decorative pieces to increase its aesthetic appeal.

Turn it into attractive containers

Cardboard shipping boxes are often used as containers in attics and garages. To make these boxes suitable for use in your living room or bedroom, cover them with fabric. You can mix and match colors, so you can use them as containers and room décor as well.

Turn it into functional baskets

If wrapping a custom shipping box with fabric is not appealing to you, how about wrapping it in strings? Use a large paper twine in any color or design you want and glue it to wrap the entire box. Once you’re done, cover the entire thing with mod podge to seal everything and make sure it stays in place. Line the inside with drop cloth and nobody will know that your basket is actually an ordinary cardboard box underneath.

Turn it into labeled storage bins

Storage bins that you can label can greatly help in organizing your things, but they can be pricey if you buy new ones. Instead of spending precious dollars on containers, just buy a chalkboard paint to cover used shipping boxes and chalkboard markers to label them.

Turn it into flower boxes

Beautify your window sill by adding flowers contained in flower boxes made from old printed shipping boxes. Cover the surface of the boxes with sticks then add a bow and your favorite potted flowers inside. The rustic look of the boxes will definitely highlight the colorful flowers and make your home more attractive.

It is important to note that when you consider doing the ideas mentioned above, you will not only practice your artistic skills, but you can even do your part in helping the environment.

Questions when Ordering Printed Shipping Boxes

Printed Shipping Boxes

When ordering printed shipping boxes for your business, you cannot merely call a supplier and ask them to create them for you. You need proper preparation, a lot of planning, and a reputable manufacturer so that your expenses can turn into a worthy investment. Before you start ordering customized shipping boxes, it is important to ask yourself the following questions to guide you on your next steps of action:

  • Does the manufacturing company have the capability to produce the cardboard boxes according to your requirements?

While there are many packaging suppliers in the industry, not everyone can deliver their commitment, which is why you should make sure that the company you are dealing with has the capability, experience, and expertise to manufacture the kind of custom shipping box you want. The supplier should be able to create the shipping boxes as you have designed and visualized it; otherwise, it would be a complete waste of your money.

  • Is the design that you want on your customized shipping boxes possible without sacrificing essential elements of the cardboard box?

While you have the liberty to design shipping boxes according to your taste and liking, you should still ensure that the box would still be able to deliver its basic purpose such as protecting your product during shipping. If the same would be compromised because of the design, it is best that you think of other packaging solutions that would satisfy both creative and protective elements.

  • Can the packaging supplier provide you with environment-friendly options?

Having earth-friendly shipping boxes will significantly improve your brand image considering that a growing number of customers would rather choose to patronize businesses that are mindful of the environment. Use this growing trend to your advantage by partnering with reputable packaging suppliers who provide eco-friendly options.

  • What is your budget per custom shipping box?

Your design team should be completely attentive to the budget allocated for each shipping box so that they will not design something that will exceed it. Keep in mind that every person involved in the design and order of the shipping boxes should always keep the budget allocation for the project in mind.

Needless to say, there are many things that you need to consider before your company starts ordering custom cardboard boxes for your business. At the end of the day, you should make sure that you end up with the most cost-effective and efficient choice since it would be most advantageous for your organization.

Printed Shipping Boxes Get Companies Noticed

The competition for marketing and selling products has become fierce and it requires taking that extra step to stand out from a crowd of similar products and marketing strategies. Even if a product is above average in quality, it takes getting noticed before that product is selected from the myriad of others sitting on the shelf of retail stores or displayed on online shopping sites. This edge of getting noticed is extremely important in today’s market, especially for new companies trying to climb the latter of success or those seeking to keep their heads above water.

One of the edges that up and coming companies can gain is through using printed shipping boxes. A printed shipping box carries the name and logo of your company as well as customized color, shape and any other ploys that will help your business stand out. Everything has to be packaged and/or shipped, so utilizing that space to promote your brand is a smart move in a time when every edge needs to be utilized.

Many successful companies operating today have paved their way in part by using aggressive, eye-catching advertising and design of printed shipping boxes. Every single customer that is exposed to such marketing strategies has the product brand reinforced in their mind. The strategy of using an appealing printed shipping box has become so successful that a majority of customers today actually feel that the company doesn’t really care if products are shipped in plain, boring brown boxes. This often automatically translates into those very same customers feeling that the company must also not care as much about their product quality.

However, when printed shipping boxes are used that are attractive, well designed, fit the product well and are easily accessible, people tend to remember the pleasant experience and return to that company to make other purchases. Positive experiences have been proven to affect memory and spark an internal desire to repeat that same pleasant experience again. Pleased customers also tend to share their positive experiences with family members and friends and most business owners are keenly aware of the power of word-of-mouth advertising.

Customizing and producing an appealing printed shipping box may seem to be a difficult endeavor. However, working with an experienced and successful custom box company can make the process much less painful a lot more successful. The results of customers taking notice of your efforts over plain box competitors are sure to make the effort worthwhile.

Why Turn to Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

If you have a business that ships products to its customers, you have an opportunity to use custom printed shipping boxes. Some businesses may look at these boxes as unnecessary. All they are looking for is a box that fits the products that need to be shipped and one that can keep the contents protected during the shipping process. They will take these generic boxes, slap a shipping label on them and will be happy to have a satisfied customer. They will also be missing out on a great opportunity to build the brand of their business.

In order to understand how printed shipping boxes can help a business, it is a good idea to look at the process of shipping the products.

  • At the shipping plant – The printed boxes will remind the employees that are packing the products about the business they are serving. It can help instill pride in their work as they are representing the company.
  • During the shipping process – While the product is being shipped, the printed shipping boxes will be seen by a lot of different people. If these people see the brand of the business on the box, they may start to recognize it. A well designed box can be a great way to build brand recognition even with people that have not ordered the product. When they see the box, they see the business name or logo.
  • After the shipping – When the customer sees the printed shipping box arrive, they will become excited to see what is inside. The recognition they get from the outside of the box causes that excitement. It is a great way to make the customer recognize the business brand and what they are doing.
  • When the box is done – Even after the box has fulfilled the purpose of shipping the product, it is not done. Most of the shipping boxes are used over and over again by many people. That means the graphics on the custom printed shipping boxes will continue to be seen for a long time to come. That is a marketing tool that is difficult to measure, but it should not be ignored.

There are plenty of benefits to using printed boxes for shipping. Although there is an extra expense when compared to generic boxes, the benefits of being seen by many people far outweigh the additional costs. Marketing is essential for every successful business and this is a marketing tool that should not be ignored.

Assess your Printed Shipping Box Needs

Small and boutique businesses may find that their shipping needs are unique. This is common. In order to troubleshoot and suggest some creative solutions that will really set a business apart from others, let’s take an example of a business, based on one that exists, and delve into their particular needs. Most likely it will mimic many other small to mid-sized businesses in one way or another.

Jerry and his wife Rita began a small glass art studio and retail shop many years ago. They make glass jewelry and they have kilns and a small glassblowing facility where they make bowls, vases, and all kinds of unique glass art. Their retail store is small and is in a not-so-ideal location for window shoppers. They only barely got by until the last ten years. Their children convinced them that they should go online and sell their work there. This meant not only selling through their own website, but venturing into E-bay and other websites where they could have a regular opportunity to be found by those browsing for glass all over the world. Pretty soon they realized that their glass art was very popular. They eventually hired a part-time staff member to manage just all the ins-and-outs of E-bay, as well as selling on their website.

This is a good example of a business that would benefit from custom made, printed shipping boxes. They begin to look at the possibility of having a printed shipping box that they would use for particular items that are a specific size. In glass art, this can be easy to do if you have sold enough to be able to tell what items are popular. Once they had a number of years of experience, they could tell that making certain seasonal items available, like Christmas tree ornaments or glass pumpkins, would sell so many items at certain times during the year. They could count on it because they see the trend and for several years, that trend has been consistent.

So they can estimate they are going to sell X number of Christmas ornaments between Halloween and Christmas every year. Their children convince them that printed shipping boxes would really add a zing to their items. And they could see the benefits. They are beginning to see regular customers, so adding some customization to their packages could help seal some people as those regular customers that know Jerry and Rita will be around to sell them a fresh, completely unique Christmas ornament every year. It can become a tradition. Jerry and Rita are beginning to see this take shape.

So there you have it. You may just find that this particular example may ring true, at least in part, and may encourage you to consider shipping options that you may not have considered before.

Printed Shipping Boxes to Protect Your Product

As a business, you likely base the packaging solutions you use on which type of box is guaranteed to get your product to consumers damage-free. Fortunately, there are a variety of double wall and triple wall shipping boxes on the market that can put your mind at ease knowing your merchandise will arrive safely at its final destination. Additionally, you will have the option to customize your packaging solution with printed shipping boxes so that your logo and signage will be prominently displayed on your shipping materials. Find out more information about the features of both double wall and triple wall box options for your shipping needs.

Double Wall Printed Shipping Boxes

Double wall shipping boxes consist of two fluted material pieces that are placed in between three portions of liner. These heavy-duty boxes allow for added protection to your products to ensure that your shipments arrive in one piece and without damage. The double wall protection provides for maximum stacking strength, and many of these boxes are produced from recycled content. When ordering these boxes, they are shipped to you flat and in bundles to allow for compact storage, and they can be assembled in a matter of seconds by simply folding and taping them. Most businesses also appreciate that double wall shipping boxes meet shipping carrier and mailing specifications.

Triple Wall Printed Shipping Boxes

If you are looking for a durable packaging solution as an alternative to standard all-wood crates, triple wall shipping boxes may be your best option. Triple wall shipping boxes consist of three fluted material pieces that are placed in between four portions of liner. They serve as a heavy duty container for shipping that doesn’t add any extra weight, and when they are engineered correctly, these boxes can have the same level of strength as a standard plywood box.

Triple wall shipping boxes have a variety of other benefits for your business. When compared to wood, the triple wall box is 250% lighter and splinter-free. It is great for one-way shipping and is a popular option for bug free shipments internationally. These boxes serve as a low cost shipping solution, as they can result in a 22% cost savings compared to wood on average. They are great for indoor storage and ideal for lower quantity runs, so they should be thoroughly considered when you are looking for a durable yet affordable printed shipping box.

Printed Shipping Boxes: Attractive and Secure

The quality of your printed shipping box is important, but so is the customization. You want to make sure every package that goes out to consumers represents your business and brand. Regular slotted containers (RSC) boxes are the most popular boxes used to ship items.

These boxes can hold a variety of items, even those weighing 1300 pounds or more, depending on the box construction. These printed shipping boxes typically come with:

  • Single Walls
  • Double Walls
  • Triple Walls

Various layers of material make up the corrugated box. These layers are necessary to hold the items inside of the box. The boxes come in different shapes and sizes, such as:

  • Cubed
  • Long
  • Shallow
  • Tall

The types of items you are shipping will determine what type of custom printed RSC box you need. Heavy duty boxes are necessary to hold large and heavy items. If you have a specific product, such as printer supplies, you can purchase printer’s boxes. The depth and shapes of these boxes are designed specifically for printer supplies and items.

Even though these boxes are just for shipping, the visual appeal is still important. Choose a theme that represents your brand or your product. You can have artwork printed on your custom RSC box, such as company logos. If you want to attract more customers, print your website on the outside of the box. When these boxes are shipped all over the world, individuals will be able to see your company or brand.

Shipping boxes can be great marketing tools. There is no better way to sell your custom printing business than to have attractive custom printed shipping boxes. Consumers will see how great your box looks, and they will see how dependable the package is.

Your main objective is to get your products from one place to another, safely. You want to make sure that the RSC box you choose is durable and can carry the items that are inside without compromise. Even if you have a great look, clients will not be pleased if their items are damaged. The boxes are meant to deliver products in a managed way.

When you customize RSC boxes, you are giving the boxes a great look, with all of your company information. You are also taking the time to use the right material for the package. When the consumer receives their box, it will look great, and the product will be secure!

Give Cactus Corrugated Containers Inc. a call today; you will be glad you did!