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Ideas to Reuse Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping rsc box
A custom shipping box has a lot of uses apart from containing products during transfer. It can serve as a great marketing tool for manufacturers in various industries while at the same time protect the items inside it. However, if you are not involved in the manufacturing or shipping business but you have tons of printed shipping boxes lying around, here are some creative ways you can make ordinary cardboard boxes benefit you as well:

Turn it into a practical pet bed

Carve a “door” in one of the phases of the cardboard that is large enough for your pet to comfortably enter. After cutting, you can paint the shipping boxes to any color that you or your pet wants. Line the “floor” with comfortable beddings or any fluffy fabric to serve as a bed. Accessorize the house with trinkets and other decorative pieces to increase its aesthetic appeal.

Turn it into attractive containers

Cardboard shipping boxes are often used as containers in attics and garages. To make these boxes suitable for use in your living room or bedroom, cover them with fabric. You can mix and match colors, so you can use them as containers and room décor as well.

Turn it into functional baskets

If wrapping a custom shipping box with fabric is not appealing to you, how about wrapping it in strings? Use a large paper twine in any color or design you want and glue it to wrap the entire box. Once you’re done, cover the entire thing with mod podge to seal everything and make sure it stays in place. Line the inside with drop cloth and nobody will know that your basket is actually an ordinary cardboard box underneath.

Turn it into labeled storage bins

Storage bins that you can label can greatly help in organizing your things, but they can be pricey if you buy new ones. Instead of spending precious dollars on containers, just buy a chalkboard paint to cover used shipping boxes and chalkboard markers to label them.

Turn it into flower boxes

Beautify your window sill by adding flowers contained in flower boxes made from old printed shipping boxes. Cover the surface of the boxes with sticks then add a bow and your favorite potted flowers inside. The rustic look of the boxes will definitely highlight the colorful flowers and make your home more attractive.

It is important to note that when you consider doing the ideas mentioned above, you will not only practice your artistic skills, but you can even do your part in helping the environment.

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