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Printed Shipping Boxes: Attractive and Secure

The quality of your printed shipping box is important, but so is the customization. You want to make sure every package that goes out to consumers represents your business and brand. Regular slotted containers (RSC) boxes are the most popular boxes used to ship items.

These boxes can hold a variety of items, even those weighing 1300 pounds or more, depending on the box construction. These printed shipping boxes typically come with:

  • Single Walls
  • Double Walls
  • Triple Walls

Various layers of material make up the corrugated box. These layers are necessary to hold the items inside of the box. The boxes come in different shapes and sizes, such as:

  • Cubed
  • Long
  • Shallow
  • Tall

The types of items you are shipping will determine what type of custom printed RSC box you need. Heavy duty boxes are necessary to hold large and heavy items. If you have a specific product, such as printer supplies, you can purchase printer’s boxes. The depth and shapes of these boxes are designed specifically for printer supplies and items.

Even though these boxes are just for shipping, the visual appeal is still important. Choose a theme that represents your brand or your product. You can have artwork printed on your custom RSC box, such as company logos. If you want to attract more customers, print your website on the outside of the box. When these boxes are shipped all over the world, individuals will be able to see your company or brand.

Shipping boxes can be great marketing tools. There is no better way to sell your custom printing business than to have attractive custom printed shipping boxes. Consumers will see how great your box looks, and they will see how dependable the package is.

Your main objective is to get your products from one place to another, safely. You want to make sure that the RSC box you choose is durable and can carry the items that are inside without compromise. Even if you have a great look, clients will not be pleased if their items are damaged. The boxes are meant to deliver products in a managed way.

When you customize RSC boxes, you are giving the boxes a great look, with all of your company information. You are also taking the time to use the right material for the package. When the consumer receives their box, it will look great, and the product will be secure!

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