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Printed Shipping Boxes to Protect Your Product

As a business, you likely base the packaging solutions you use on which type of box is guaranteed to get your product to consumers damage-free. Fortunately, there are a variety of double wall and triple wall shipping boxes on the market that can put your mind at ease knowing your merchandise will arrive safely at its final destination. Additionally, you will have the option to customize your packaging solution with printed shipping boxes so that your logo and signage will be prominently displayed on your shipping materials. Find out more information about the features of both double wall and triple wall box options for your shipping needs.

Double Wall Printed Shipping Boxes

Double wall shipping boxes consist of two fluted material pieces that are placed in between three portions of liner. These heavy-duty boxes allow for added protection to your products to ensure that your shipments arrive in one piece and without damage. The double wall protection provides for maximum stacking strength, and many of these boxes are produced from recycled content. When ordering these boxes, they are shipped to you flat and in bundles to allow for compact storage, and they can be assembled in a matter of seconds by simply folding and taping them. Most businesses also appreciate that double wall shipping boxes meet shipping carrier and mailing specifications.

Triple Wall Printed Shipping Boxes

If you are looking for a durable packaging solution as an alternative to standard all-wood crates, triple wall shipping boxes may be your best option. Triple wall shipping boxes consist of three fluted material pieces that are placed in between four portions of liner. They serve as a heavy duty container for shipping that doesn’t add any extra weight, and when they are engineered correctly, these boxes can have the same level of strength as a standard plywood box.

Triple wall shipping boxes have a variety of other benefits for your business. When compared to wood, the triple wall box is 250% lighter and splinter-free. It is great for one-way shipping and is a popular option for bug free shipments internationally. These boxes serve as a low cost shipping solution, as they can result in a 22% cost savings compared to wood on average. They are great for indoor storage and ideal for lower quantity runs, so they should be thoroughly considered when you are looking for a durable yet affordable printed shipping box.

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