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Opt for Eco-Friendly Design Boxes

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When you want to design boxes, you will use for product packaging or shipping, you need to ensure that they are Eco-friendly. This does not refer just to the materials used in manufacturing the boxes, but also the process involved in creating and delivering them to your doorstep. Being Eco-friendly can help minimize your carbon footprint and serve as common ground with consumers who have become more environmentally conscious and inclined to support and patronize businesses that share this same ideal. Here are some ways you can ensure you meet your packaging needs without contributing to harming the environment.


Design boxes packaging designer

While it may seem an unnecessary expense, it is often worth engaging a professional when you want to design box. Such professionals have industry knowledge that will allow them to help you understand your options, more so when it comes to material choice and design concepts that are good for the environment. They can also guide you on how best to limit your costs at a time when raw materials are becoming scarcer and more expensive.

Design boxes tight dimensions

When customizing your packaging, it is advisable to ensure the dimensions are a close fit to the product. this will minimize the material that will be used to construct the box, and thus reduce the cost of production and waste. Making the boxes smaller than what you would get with standard sizing will also reduce the amount of waste generated when the packaging becomes unusable and needs to be disposed of, if not recyclable.

Design box filler

When you design boxes with a tighter fit, there is also the benefit of not needing as much filler. Filler is often necessary when it comes to cushioning and protecting the contents of a box. It fills up spaces and provides extra cushioning. However, some types of filler are not eco-friendly, thus less use is better. Even if they are biodegradable, using less of the material is better for the environment.

Design box supplier

When shopping for packaging suppliers or manufacturers, it is better to do so closer to home. This is to limit how far these materials have to travel as most transport vehicles rely on burning fossil fuels that are not good for the environment.

Advantage of bulk design boxes

Buying boxes in bulk will also reduce the number of times you have to order packaging from the manufacturer. It will not only reduce your costs but also mean less need for transportation to ship the supplies to your premises.

Designing Awesome US Custom Boxes

Custom die cut mailer box

US Custom Box

Custom packaging has become an increasingly popular trend as online shopping gains prominence. In the US custom boxes are easily accessible thanks to the many box manufacturers that even small businesses can contract. Customizing has become the preference as it is affordable and provides an exciting unboxing experience. This means consumers gain more satisfaction from their purchase when it is beautifully presented.

However, for many business owners, there is already enough on their minds when it comes to their core business. Designing a custom box can be especially difficult if you are not artistically gifted. Here are some simple suggestions to get the ball rolling and hopefully lead to amazing creations that are sure to impress.


Using stylish fonts is a good way to set your brand apart from the rest. Rather than standard printing, you can also opt to use embossing and debossing to give your box a more luxurious look. Not only will it make for a more memorable visual look, but also enhance the tactile experience. You can use this not just on wording, but also for logos and imagery.


Introducing artwork is a good way to customize packaging. Box makers are now able to apply digital printing to boxes, making it possible to bring to life anything your imagination can conjure. The process is not prohibitively expensive and allows you to use a variety of online design tools to create eye-catching artwork.

Many of the boxes California businesses use tend to be plain with just shipping information provided on a sticker. This often results in a cool reception. There is greater excitement felt when the box is seen to be colorful and have attractive imagery even before opening. You will want people to be more delighted about receiving your packages as it may encourage them to order again.


Having the product within the box being stabilized by an insert is not uncommon. It helps to protect the product, especially if it is delicate or will travel a longer distance and thus be subjected to more rough handling along the way. However, it is more unusual to have carefully fitted inserts, perfectly tailored to the shape and size of the product rather than standard sizes.

While unprinted cardboard inserts are cheaper, spending a little more on printed options is a good way to incorporate more artwork and better finishing to the box. You can also use the surfaces to add contact information and branding messages. For luxury products, simple touches like adding a fabric lining and fragrance to the interior will also help make for a more glamorous effect.

What To Do With Gift Boxes After Unboxing

Custom mailer box

Custom Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are made to be a sturdier and more attractive presentation for presents. They make for a more enjoyable unboxing experience as their beautiful appearance is meant to delight the recipient of the gift. They help to build up anticipation for what is to come when the gift box is finally opened up.

Once the box is opened and the gift item is revealed, there remains a decision to make on what to do with the box. It would be a pity to have to dispose of a quality box, especially if it was carefully opened up not to damage its construction. Here are a few ideas on what to do with the box, rather than simply throwing it away.

Retain keepsake storage

Many gift boxes can be retained as keepsake boxes as their solid construction makes them durable enough for long-term storage. We all have documents and other items we would like to put away for memory’s sake. Love letters from the past, high school certificates of accomplishment, small childhood gifts, and other memorable keepsakes can easily be placed in such boxes and labeled for storage.

Functional use

These boxes are also a good storage option for more practical items like sewing materials, shoes, and even books. If you lack a suitable space to display or shelve such items, placing them in a gift box of appropriate size and stacking them somewhere can be a more reasonable option. You can still retrieve the items when you need them, but have a controlled storage solution that is long-lasting.


Smaller boxes in particular can make for a good home décor option. If the design is not to your satisfaction, you can likely wrap it in decorative paper to put on display. You can also convert them into other decorative items like a container to hold potpourri, a flower vase, or even a picture frame. Since these boxes are typically made of paperboard, you can easily convert them at home with a little arts and crafts skills. You can even combine them to create a child’s dollhouse or other cardboard construction.


You can also opt to repurpose these boxes for onward gift giving. If you have stock of boxes you already received, you can choose those of an appropriate size to use when gifting other items to your family and friends. You can change their look by wrapping them in new wrapping paper of a different design and others will be none the wiser.

Start with Inspiration to Design Boxes

custom suitcase box Todd parr - Design Boxes – Custom Suitcase – Design Boxes Inspiration

When you want to leverage branding to grow your business, it is important to factor in the use of custom made boxes. Businesses are now having to increasingly invest and design boxes for packaging their products and when making deliveries to customers. New businesses often feel challenged to create designs that are unique and will set them apart from the competition. Even more established businesses will feel the need to occasionally refresh the look of their packaging to keep appealing to the market.  

It can be tough to come up with a new design for your packaging that will be different from whatever else is in the market and also make a good impression on customers. Here are a few ideas on what you can do to find good inspiration for your next design box 

Online Research Design Box

There are many box design samples to be found online. Some basic research will help you discover what designs are commonly used in your market and beyond. This will hopefully inspire you on what will work best for your brand. Look not just at existing packaging on products found online, but also at design ideas you can harness from visual sites like Pinterest and Instagram.  

Visit Stores 

Go out and visit stores that stock the same product you are looking to package. This will give you a chance to more closely examine what your competitors have chosen as the design for their boxes. Focus on competitors that have best sellers as this likely means their packaging is attractive to consumers.  

Design Boxes According to Consumers 

Questionnaires, quizzes, and polls can be a good way to collect information from existing and potential customers on what kind of packaging appeals to them. You can collect this data online through your website or social media. You can even have customers fill out questionnaires at your store or your retailers’ stores in exchange for product samples or other giveaways. Offering them an incentive to give responses can help in collecting a larger amount of data.  

Design Boxes with Manufacturer’s Expertise

Box makers are accustomed to being asked for help with designs by clients and will often even have a dedicated design team. You can consult with them to provide the requirements you need incorporated and let them come up with some suitable options. Remember to compare this with what is already in the market to ensure the design you finally choose is not confused with a competitor. The last thing you want is to be accused of being a copycat. 

How To Design Boxes for Toy Display

Custom Made Folding Boxes

Every product has its target demographic. Toys are typically targeted at children and as such come with packaging that is designed to appeal to their youthful enthusiasm. When you design boxes for toys, there are certain guidelines to adhere to that will help attract and hold their attention. Which is a reaction you want when marketing to kids.  


Toy packaging should have clear plastic windows that easily display the contents within. Children and their parents want to see exactly what they are buying. Good visibility is also more tempting to kids than just a picture on the box. For instance, with dolls, kids are more tempted to ask for the toy if they get to see the actual hair and other features they get to play with on the doll itself rather than a picture on the side of the box.  


Colorful displays strongly appeal to kids. They are playful and when creatively tailored, can help to make your product stand out on the shelf. Some research on what competitors are already offering can help you pick out more unique shades and shapes that will be more noticeable and appeal to your target audience.  


The design box you settle on should be functional. This means that it should clearly display what the contents are and where possible, offer a way for your target audience to try it. Like a mini piano toy that allows kids to press down on the keys. It should also be easy for the parent or guardian to open up the packaging and offer the toy to the child.  


However way you design boxes for toys, you need to factor in the age of your target demographic and their limitations. For instance, with small children under the age of 3 years, you will want to be wary of allowing them access to packaging that puts them at risk of suffering suffocation or choking. Anything that places children at risk of cutting themselves is also to be avoided. Know that parents pay attention to such details even when making repeat purchases.  


Eco-friendly packaging is considered safer not just for the environment, but also for human handling. Stick to safer natural packaging materials from sustainable sources that can be recycled. You can also indicate this information on the packaging as a way to better appeal to the adults paying for the toys. It will help give your business a better image while also helping protect the environment.  

How to Design Boxes for Baby Products

custom suitcase boxBaby products are a category that covers a wide range of items, from food and clothing to toys and diapers. It is a market niche that is continually evolving as consumers become increasingly demanding in knowing more about what they use on their kids. This makes how businesses in the industry design boxes for their products quite important as this is the first aspect consumers notice when shopping.

They are mainly concerned with issues of health and safety and will often discuss with friends and family which products they found to be best and those they did not like. For businesses to attract customers in this market, certain factors must be covered when designing packaging.

Product Protection

There is a high standard of protection that is expected when it comes to baby products. Because of how vulnerable babies are, it is important to avoid any contamination of their products. The products should be properly sealed to prevent penetration of any dirt and of sturdy enough design to withstand a bit of rough handling. Be careful to avoid anything that could lead to chemical transfers from the packaging. While most will wash their hands before handling baby products, it can still be risky if the product packaging itself is made using chemicals that may be harmful.

Clear Labeling

As mentioned, those that buy baby products like to be well informed when it comes to the ingredients and safety of the products. They want to ensure whatever they end up using does not harm their child. A design box that fosters this should incorporate detailed information on the packaging. Details such as ingredients, how to safely use the product, and what safety certifications have been achieved are all helpful.


Taking care of a baby can be time-consuming and requires ample effort. To make things easier for parents and guardians, it is important to provide a product that can be conveniently handled and is of practical use. Toys need to be easily assembled and provide the much-needed distraction and comfort babies need. Food needs to be nutritious and suitable for their age. Diaper packs and other hygiene products need to be packaging that can be easily and quickly opened as needed. Businesses must design boxes and other packaging that meets this standard of functionality.


Most items that are bought for baby care tend to adhere to a playful theme. Parents want cartoon and storybook characters on clothing, diapers, and toys so that they lend a cheerful atmosphere around the baby. Even for packaging that will be quickly disposed of, this desire for an attractive playful design does not go away. Using this on a design box can even help a product stand out on the store shelf and make a parent more likely to purchase it.

Gift Box Extra Protection


Custom gift boxGift Box

There are many reasons to want to send a gift box. It could be to a loved one or in appreciation of a beneficial business relationship. Whatever the reason behind it, you will want to be assured that the contents in the gift box arrive at their destination in good condition so the recipient can well appreciate the thought and effort that went into the gift-giving. However, the safe arrival of your gift is mostly dependent on the choices you make as the gift giver in preparing and sending the parcel on its way. Here are a few things you can do to safeguard your gift and ensure it arrives in pristine condition. 

Gift Box Perfect Size

Custom gift boxAlways ensure the gift boxes you use are neither too small, nor too big for the items that will be packed within. Choosing a box of an appropriate size will better protect the contents within as they will not be left with so much room to rattle around in, nor have to be boxed so tight they may be in danger of bursting out the confines of the box while in transit.  

The Best Gift Box Packing Materials 

Most items are rarely in the exact shape of the box they are contained in. Even with a right-sized box, there may be some small space that is left empty. Some small space is ideal in many cases so you can pad the interior and provide better security for the contents. Make use of packing materials like bubble wrap and packing peanuts to fill up these gaps.  

If the item being gifted also has a hollow space, like with a wine glass, also be sure to fill this up. It further adds to the protection of breakable items. This can also often provide good insulation that some items that are vulnerable to temperature change may be affected by. Choosing eco-friendly packing materials is also a good way to protect the environment while remaining corporate responsible. 

Label the Gift Box Right 

Label the gift box properly so that those handling it along the way know there is a delicate item within. You can have your box maker incorporate symbols for this in the box design. Alternatively, you can make the labels yourself and make sure they are prominently displayed before shipping.  

Track Your Parcel 

To ensure your gift is on its way to its recipient and arrives in good time, choose a shipper that provides tracking services. The service usually does not cost any extra amount. It will allow you to check on progress at any time and do follow up if there is a problem. There should also be confirmation made when the final delivery is made.  

California Business and California Boxes Are a Perfect Pair

die cut mailer with insert kraft e flute

Many businesses that deal in physical products typically need different kinds of packaging. Boxes are often a common requirement, requiring most businesses to set a budget to acquire them. Today, it is quite easy to source packaging materials from just about anywhere in the world. But why go the distance when you can get what you need locally? For businesses in and around the California area, it makes sense to focus on local suppliers for several reasons.

Cheaper Sourcing

The closer you are located to your supplier or box manufacturer, the shorter a distance your order has to travel. Lower shipping costs can therefore help make for good savings for your business. If your business is based within California, then sourcing boxes in California where there are ample suppliers ensures better affordability than going further afield.

Guaranteed Quality

When dealing with a local manufacturer, you are better able to ensure the quality of the boxes you order meets industry standards. California boxes are required to meet certain standards in terms of material use that overseas suppliers may not be able to match up to. Opting for a local supplier helps reduce the risk of running afoul of certain regulations.

Easy Sampling

When it comes to ordering customized boxes, it is important to get a manufacturer that can meet your demands and provide samples in a timely manner, especially if you will be making changes to box designs every so often. Working with a local supplier makes it easier to visit their facility in person and ensure they have the requisite capacity, machinery, and skilled labor to generate the order you want. It also makes it quicker for you to take delivery of samples, have whatever adjustments you want made, and have the final order fulfilled.

Production Matched to Local Market Demand

Different kinds of markets have different kinds of expectations. When you have a box manufacturer that caters to the same local market, they are more likely to have a stronger understanding of these expectations and advise their clients well. From trending box design to local regulations, you can get better recommendations that will ensure the order fulfilled will meet the demands of your target market.

Environmental Benefit

When the boxes you order are being delivered from a local facility, it means less stress on the environment. This is because the shorter distance traveled means less pollution from transport vehicles. Being environmentally conscious is vital for businesses in an atmosphere where more people are demanding greater care and concern for the world around us.

Local Employment

Partnering with local businesses also boosts their revenues and capacity to grow. This means more employment for the local population and economic growth for the industry. Buying local products can circle back to empowering local populations that can be your own clients.

Benefits of Investing in Custom Printed Boxes

custom printed box, set up box

A customized box can come at a cost, but it speaks volumes about your business. There are many ways in which the packaging of your products is important to your customers. Custom designs and packaging are a way of letting customers know you care about how they view your brand. There is no doubt that your product’s quality matters more, but custom printed boxes set you apart from the crowd.

Regardless of the type of business you run, look at the benefits of investing in customized printed boxes.

It Meets Customer Expectations

From state of the art website designs to product labels, a customer today expects a lot more than in previous years. The outward appearance of a package can be either appealing or a bore. If you make your packaging attractive, it becomes more noticeable.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to please your customers and potential customers. It can translate to increased sales and therefore higher profit margins.

It Builds Brand Awareness

Imagine the long journey packages travel to various destinations and how many people see or interact with it. There is a possibility that a large amount of people see the package before it reaches its destination. A customized box is crucial for ensuring that the brand image imprints on people’s minds. Human curiosity will drive some people to want to know more about your brand.

It’s an Automatic Marketing Tool

You don’t have to pay for a billboard to market your products or brand any longer. The cost of advertising can be hefty. You can focus your energies on good packaging. Custom printed boxes are an excellent marketing tool. The social platforms love unique packaging, and your popularity can skyrocket in a day. There is a high likelihood that a customer will share photos of either good or bad packaging. Should this happen to be you, it is safer if it is on the positive side.

Your Product’s Quality Will be Perceived Differently

Most people expect the outward appearance of something to match its quality. It’s more of what you see is what you get. When you improve the quality of packaging with some custom design and color, most people will have a better perception of the product. Making your custom packaging look high-end positively affects how customers view your products.

Branding is essential for the growth of a business. Plan for and include product packaging as a way of marketing your brand. Besides, opening a well packaged product feels good.

Making Your Easy Fold Mailer Boxes More Striking

Custom mailer box
Mailer boxes are a great way to package products before shipping them out. Their self-locking designs and solid construction make them one of the most secure options that do not require additional packing materials. Thanks to the double-sided walls of these boxes, you are assured of better durability when compared to ordinary cardboard boxes. Easy fold mailer boxes can be customized in a variety of ways to help make them more appealing to customers. Here are a few great ideas you can apply to make the most of your mailer boxes.

Add A Sticker

Mailer boxes can be cheaply sourced in plain designs. But you do not need to send them out to customers this way. You can promote your brand and share all kinds of marketing messages by applying stickers to the box. This can be done both inside and on the outside of the box. You can also use small stickers to help seal the box. You can display different kinds of messages and contact information on these stickers to help inform your customers about your brand. Play around with different seasonal themes, colors, and imagery to make it more interesting.

Use Inserts

When it comes to stabilizing your products within mailer boxes, your best option is inserts. Cardboard inserts for big volume mailers tend to work well when it comes to smaller products and are quite affordable. You can make them more interesting by contrasting colors or adding imagery for a better visual effect. You can also design them to hold samples of other products you wish to promote to the customer.

Add A Personalized Message

Smaller businesses can easily impress clients by adding personalized messages within their easy fold mailer boxes. It could be anything from thanking them for making a purchase to letting them know you are supporting a charity by contributing a percentage of their purchase. You can also use this is to boost sales by offering a discount code on a new product or just letting them know of upcoming launches. The messages you can share are endless and will help to keep your clients informed about what your brand is up to.


While you can use your box for all types of branding, you can also opt to go the opposite direction. Sometimes less can be more. Minimalist designs tend to work well for companies that prefer to make the impression that their brand likes to keep things simple. Here the focus would be on the product contained within the box, with less busy artwork or wording on the packaging.

Cutting Costs on Custom Mailer Box Orders

Custom Mailer Box Cookie Crate
The custom mailer box is an excellent choice when you have a product you wish to present to clients attractively. They are come with a handy self-locking design and make for a great way to display products. They also work well in keeping items stable and protected when in transit. This makes it more likely the items will arrive in as good a condition as they left the premises. Their solid construction also makes it likely that customers will end up storing them for reuse. An attribute that is appreciated by those that support eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

However, all these benefits may not be enough justification for businesses to choose this particular type of box for their merchandise. The main consideration for many has to do with cost and its impact on their profits. Let’s look at a few reasons why custom printed mailer boxes can also prove beneficial in creating cost savings.

Order In Bulk

Box manufacturers have a common policy of offering discounts on bulk orders. Whatever the type of box, the larger the order, the more of a discount that is provided. This can be a big benefit to businesses as it means a lower cost per unit of box ordered. This goes directly towards lowering expenses and boosting profit.

Buy Small

Smaller sized boxes tend to make more economical sense for businesses. First, because for retail businesses, most orders tend to be small. Therefore, these are the boxes that will get the most use. Second, even for larger orders, it can make more sense to break them down into smaller sized boxes rather than one large box. This helps to distribute the weight better and reduce the risk of damage from items bumping into each other while in transit. Thirdly, breaking them up into smaller packages can make for lower shipping costs.

Track Pricing

Like many other commodities in the market, paper products will from time to time suffer price fluctuations. Keeping track of these fluctuations can provide an opportunity to make good savings. Especially if you order in bulk and do not have an immediate need for a new supply. You can afford to wait longer while tracking prices and make your order when there is a dip.

Packing Material Vs Inserts

Comparison pricing should not just be about the custom mailer box alone. While you should seek quotations on this from different manufacturers, also consider how you will be packing products within. Check on how much packing materials are costing you and consider this against having the manufacturer provide inserts for your products instead.

How To Customize Corrugated Mailer Boxes

Die Cut Mailer
Corrugated mailer boxes are a popular choice in the retail market thanks to their lightweight yet sturdy design, and convenient self-locking mechanisms. They retain their shape well and are highly durable. Being eco-friendly and biodegradable further adds to why businesses often make them an essential part of their packaging supplies.

Another key reason these boxes are highly sought after is their ability to be customized. Customizations help businesses to ensure that the products they package this way enjoy a more unique appearance and can be well branded. This is however down to what features they can tweak to create the desired result. Let’s look at the various ways options like Kraft mailer boxes can be tailor-made.


There are typically limited color options for corrugated and Kraft mailer boxes. Depending on the material of the mailer, you may find that graphic colors are not an option here. The cardboard may however be imprinted with images. Simple black and white imagery often works well here. Those made with flute can however be customized to a wider range of colors on both the inside and exterior surfaces of the mailers.

Litho Laminate

This customization allows for a high-quality litho laminate to be applied onto the surface of corrugated mailer boxes. This coating paper is excellent for printing graphics. Where graphic printing of designs is needed at an affordable and fast rate, this is the way to go.


Several types of coatings can be applied to create different finishing. The basics are UV, gloss, and matte coatings. The results can vary from shiny and smooth to unpolished. Matte is plain, gloss is shiny, while UV is can go either way. It all depends on what visual effect you wish to achieve through the mailers’ presentation.


This relates to the shiny lettering or presentation of the logo you can have applied to the mailer. It can even be embossed for a more elegant look. The colors typically vary between gold and silvery shades. This customization is used on high-end products where is desirable to give a luxurious feel.


Mailer boxes can be made with windows. This is a side that is die-cut or with a PVC window through which a person can see into the box. It allows customers or gift recipients to see the product within without even having to unbox. Can be especially useful for collectors’ items that recipients would want to preserve or in food packaging.

How Custom Boxes Make Deliveries Safer

Mailer Box ISSI
With businesses increasingly shifting to e-commerce, home and office deliveries of commodities have become more common. Many people now prefer to do their shopping online and wait for the convenience of doorstep delivery. It certainly helps that many businesses do offer these deliveries as a free service.

Most items cannot however be transported without some level of separation and protection. Custom printed mailer boxes have become an essential aspect of the process. Businesses can easily source for custom boxes in a variety of sizes and designs that will safeguard the contents until arrival at the client’s delivery location. these boxes manage to protect their contents due to several factors.


It is rare to find deliveries being done singularly. Delivery providers will often load up a van with multiple deliveries and have the driver make drop-offs along their route. The best way to distinguish one delivery from another is to have them individually packaged and labeled.

Custom boxes provide labeling information that allows for this to be easily organized. The driver can arrange the items within the van in such a way that they can systematically remove them and drop them off as per the delivery route.

Custom Fit

When customized, these boxes are configured to securely fit the item they enclose. Some items may require additional padding like foam inserts or bubble wrap. However, even with this, it should fit well inside the box, with no room for movement.

This ensures that the contents do not get jarred and are therefore more likely to arrive at their destination in good condition. This is also especially important when handling delicate items like glassware or electronics.

Corrugated Walls

Customized boxes are often made using corrugated cardboard material. This is the best material for making secure boxes. The extra layers provide extra protection against impact and even water damage.

Corrugated boxes also tend to stand up well to the pressure of overhead weight when stacked. This makes arranging the boxes safer when they are in transit in shipping containers or vans.


Being customized means that businesses can order these boxes with additional writing. Besides branding, boxes can also be labeled for careful handling.

Images can be used to ensure the boxes are marked for their upright positions. They can also indicate the contents so delivery personnel know the contents may be delicate. Or simply have the box printed with words like ‘handle with care’ or ‘breakable contents’.