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How To Choose A Custom Box Maker

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Whatever business you do that requires you to deliver products to clients will naturally mean that you need packaging. Even for those that run physical stores where shoppers will carry home their own purchases, some type of packaging is expected. The demands are higher when you have an e-commerce platform and have to make deliveries to various destinations. Hence the need for a custom box maker that can match up to you and your shoppers’ demands. Here are a few tips on how to find the right choice of box maker.  

Discuss with Fellow Traders 

Whether your business is online or in a shopfront, you will exist within some type of business community. It is advisable to tap into their experience and knowledge to find out what custom box manufacturer they work with. Focus on those businesses that work within the same sector as you or whose packaging you have seen and admired.  

Online Search 

This is another way you can easily find custom box makers. Many have invested in their online brand image and will have provided plenty of information on what they can do for you, including accommodating custom designs. You can narrow down your search to those suppliers that best fit your needs this way. You may even find that the best options are not based locally. Be sure to verify if the cost of shipping will be affected by this distance.  

Seek Quotes 

Because custom options will vary, you are unlikely to find detailed information on how much the design options you want will cost with just a simple online search. You will need to define the custom design you want and seek quotes from different custom box markers. Compare these prices but do not opt for the cheapest. Consider the reputation of the custom box manufacturer you are considering and carefully examine the sample of the product they provide. You can save money by opting to buy the boxes in bulk instead.  

Customer Service 

You will need a custom box maker that is reliable and responsive. Be sure to consider the customer service reputation of the supplier you choose. This will be an ongoing relationship and you should be confident they will treat your respectfully and be dependable. While mistakes may happen from time to time, the box maker must respond to issues in a timely and effective manner. This requires being communicative and having the capacity to find solutions so that the customer remains satisfied. Look up online reviews and testimonials to see how the manufacturer you are considering handles such concerns.  

Choosing a Custom Box Manufacturer

Custom Box Manufacturer

One of the most cost-effective ways to do both marketing and product physical protection is by getting a custom box for the product. Forming an idea about the proper container for your product is the first step in ensuring that your products arrive at the retail stores or direct to customers safe and sound. The next step would then be finding a good custom box maker that will help you in making custom boxes of excellent quality, both in sturdiness and design. A partnership with a good custom box manufacturer would solve your need for a great packaging service that is tailor fit to your products.

If you are on the fence as to why you should get a custom box manufacturer instead of making the containers yourself, then you need to see the benefits. A custom box maker would give you a lot of advantages such as:

Save Money on Running Capital

Making a container takes materials, labor, machinery and even human resources. All of these can cost you a pretty penny and will really tally up to quite a big hole in your pockets. By partnering with a custom box maker, you will save a lot of cash that you can use for other endeavors. A custom box manufacturer will already have all of the facilities that you need.

Provide Especially Designed Boxes for Your Product

The containers made by a custom box manufacturer will be of higher-quality compared to those made by the manufacturer of the product that the container protects. This is because a custom box maker has the specialized expertise in designing custom boxes. This would mean that they can give your products improved functionality without having to negatively impact the aesthetic design and marketing power of the customized box.

Have Peace of Mind

A custom box manufacturer will give you time and peace of mind. Not only will your partner custom box maker lessen your cost, they can also free up your time that you would have spent with designing, producing and applying the containers to your product. Deploying the custom boxes takes expertise as well. This will allow you to focus your freed-up time and mental energy on other important matters to grow your business.

Employing a custom box manufacturer for your product container needs is a great idea. The containers will cost less, be of higher quality and can free up your resources to pursue other value-adding activities for your business.

Selecting a Custom Box Manufacturer

Custom Box Manufacturer

If you are currently looking for a new custom box manufacturer for your business, it is important that you set the terms and that you only shortlist reliable cardboard packaging companies that can truly address your packaging needs. Below are several factors that you need to consider so that you can be assured of selecting a reputable packaging company to partner with:

Reputation in the Industry

If you do not want to encounter issues later on with your packaging supplier, it is critical that you find a dependable firm to meet your needs. You can do so by conducting a simple background check on the company. For one, you can find out how long it has been operating in the industry. The longer the years, the better since it implies experience and stability. You should also talk with their former and current clients to have a more accurate information on how the company conducts its business.

Packaging Capability

Make sure that the custom box manufacturer offers a wide range of packaging options to deliver your current and even yet to be identified future needs. Suppliers who provide numerous packaging solutions know the demands of various businesses in any industry. This will work to your advantage since you will have several options to choose from.

Price Estimates

A reputable packaging manufacturer can instantly provide you with price estimates and even complete packaging assessment at no cost. If the company cannot readily provide free quotes and takes some time to answer your inquiries, ditch them immediately since their failure to deliver simple requests mean they do not have the capability to deliver what they are promising.

Customer Service

Make sure to learn about how the company deals with its customers. Learn if they will assign a point person specifically for your company and if this person can be reached anytime and any day, especially during emergencies. A reputable company knows the value of their clients and find ways to provide high-quality service at all times.

Company Guarantee

An organization that is confident in its ability to deliver high-quality products has no qualms in providing guarantees. Make sure to find out what guarantees are provided in case of failure to deliver commitments.

There are many cardboard packaging companies out there and all of them promise outstanding service, which is why it is up to you to find the most suitable and reliable manufacturer that will satisfy your requirements. Take into consideration the factors above and you can be sure to find the right company in no time.

What Can a Custom Box Manufacturer Offer

Custom Box Manufacturer

If you add the word custom to anything, it is easy to assume that also means more expensive. If something is custom, it is designed for a special purpose and because of that it may cost extra to make. Businesses depend on boxes for many things. They use them to store products and to ship products. A business may wonder if a custom box is something they should consider. It is a good idea to talk to a custom box maker to find out about the costs and what a custom box can offer to a business.

Products are Not Always a Standard Size

When a person wants a box for their product, they may look at what are some standard sizes for boxes. These are boxes that are mass produced and because of that, may be sold at a lower price. The question a business needs to ask is how their product or products will fit inside of a standard size box. If the box is too large, it will require additional packing material to keep everything inside of it safe. If the box is too small, the products may have to be forced inside to fit. Either way, the standard size box may end up costing more because of the extra material or possible damage to the product. A custom box manufacturer can create boxes that fit the products inside of it properly to make sure they are protected during shipment and storage and do not require a lot of extra material inside of them.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Graphics

A plain cardboard box does not say much. It may have the address of the person that it is being shipped to and it may contain information about what is inside, but it does not do much more than that. A custom box maker is able to add graphics that turn the box from something very plain into a powerful marketing tool for a business. The graphics can be used to provide more information about a product or they can be used to help a business build its brand and make its logo more recognizable. Because people reuse boxes and keep them for a long time, that message can be seen by many different people. For a relatively small cost a custom box manufacturer can create a powerful marketing tool for a business.

Instead of ignoring the positives of the custom box and claiming they are too expensive, it may be worth looking at the benefits and the things they can do for a business at a low cost.

Finding the Right Custom Box Manufacturer

Custom Box Manufacturer

Starting up or expanding into the e-commerce market, you need a unique way to affordably and efficiently ship your product. If you’ve tried going to the local post office, you will find yourself quickly rethinking the idea. Shipping boxes from home improvement stores lack the professionalism you need and may not be saving you any money. Let’s face it; you need a custom box maker.

Before the Search

Each custom box manufacturer is different. They may offer a lot of similar services, but different equipment can be used for printing, and they may or may not have certain machinery on the premises. Because they each bring their strengths and selling points to the table, it is important to know what you are looking for in a package. What size packaging are you going to need? Is your product fragile and require adequate filler protection? What is your budget for customization?

Let the Search Begin

Once you have a good idea of what type of services your business needs, you can start to narrow down your choices. Why not take advantage of the internet? Your local custom box maker may not be your best option. Just like the person ordering from you may be hundreds or thousands of miles away, the best bang for your buck may be in another state or country. Many of the custom box manufacturers will gladly send you a small sample of their material or print quality so you can make a more informed choice.

Take Your Time

Your packaging material is like a first impression. You don’t want to cut corners. Even if your budget only has room for a small logo printed on a plain mailer tube, you want it to be the best. It is okay to wait a couple weeks while samples come in, and you get the chance to talk with the manufacturer about pricing. They usually don’t put that info on their websites because each client presents with unique shipping needs. What you think you need may not be what you need.

Review Your Top Picks

Finding out what others have to say about the custom box company can provide valuable insight into common issues or frequent praises. These are other business professionals who value their time and money just like you. It never hurts to come back and add your review after your experience.

Once you have settled on the right one, make the call and get started on the exciting journey of watching your vision become a reality. It is a landmark move in the starting up or expanding of your business that will pay off.

Custom Box Manufacturing: What You Need to Know

The box…it’s a topic most people don’t think about, or think is not even worth thinking about. For most people, boxes have always been thought of as simple containers to put stuff in – something to store, ship and mail things in – without thinking about their design. We’re here to tell you that box design and construction are crucial, especially to businesses both physical and online.

Eye-Catching Style

Today, custom boxes are becoming very popular for packaging of retail goods. Custom boxes can help to reliably hold items in place for shipping or storage. They can also be used to display and showcase the item that it encases. Brick-and-mortar stores are using custom boxes to display their items for sale. Custom box manufacturers can also print on their boxes, whether it’s your company’s logo or attractive graphics of the product.


Box styles and materials have changed over the years. Corrugated cardboard is very popular as it is stronger than regular cardboard. As a business owner looking for durable and reliable packaging, one should also consider a box’s wall construction: there are single, double, and triple-wall construction options. Partitions or dividers can also be considered for multiple items, further enhancing the security and dependability of your custom box.

To get the right box for your needs, trust a custom box manufacturer with experience in the industry.

How Custom Box Manufacturers Can Help Your Business

We’ve all heard of the cliché ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ but in the business world, you can’t deny that packaging is important. The box an item comes in is often just as important as the thing that goes inside it. From physical store displays to world of online shopping, unique packaging is the key to selling all kinds of merchandise.

The best way to get unique packaging for your items is to work with a custom box manufacturer. They will work with you to create a unique and personalized box that is perfectly suited to your business, providing a professional, eye-catching and safe way to package your goods.

An attractive customized box design will present your products in the way you want them to be presented – whether it’s in a slick professional way or a more down-to-earth feel. Whatever you’re going for, your packaging will give your company a recognizable brand and allow it to stand out from your competitors.

The Importance of Branding

Branding is crucial for any business because it is basically the first point of contact that any potential customers will have with your company, be it through word of mouth, advertising or otherwise. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to include the design of your boxes in your branding strategy. We all have brands that we love and can rely on for quality, so cultivating your own brand with a custom box manufacturer is a great way to increase both sales and customer loyalty.

Give Your Goods a Good Home

As if the benefits of a good brand weren’t enough, it also makes good business sense to invest in customized boxes because they will guarantee your product is being shipped and stored in a suitable container. This will not only provide the best protection to keep your products safe and secure, but also give people the message that your product is important and that your brand is interested in providing the best possible service.

Partnering with a custom box manufacturer is essential for any business, and will help create a recognizable brand while keeping your products protected. With a custom box manufacturer like Cactus Containers on your side, your products will be packaged and presented in the best possible way – the way you want it.

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The Right Custom Box Manufacturer Can Boost Your Business

It can be difficult sticking to budget in today’s aggressively competitive world, and tough shipping demands don’t help. Requirements by both the shipping industry and increasingly demanding customers is resulting in small, medium and large businesses alike needing to turn to custom boxes in order to maintain or achieve business goals.

Custom shipping boxes are not that difficult to find since numerous companies offer them. However, locating the right custom box manufacturer can be more trying and yet well worth the effort. The right manufacturer doesn’t simply fill an order, but takes those extra steps of assuring that designs meet packaging, shipping, display, advertising and budget needs. These extra steps can result in better sales and greater revenue to companies which are a vital aspect for beating out the competition for those important sales dollars. Properly designed and manufactured boxes reflect your professionalism, add important eye-catching appeal, accurately fit the product and provide complete protection.

Cactus Containers has built its reputation on being the right custom box manufacturer. They produce small quantities of customized boxes that include simple cartons to more complex die cut designs. Cactus has been creating and delivering San Diego custom boxes for many years, but the business has grown since the rise of internet popularity. They now do nearly 85 percent of business via their website and internet referrals.

Besides servicing an array of clients requiring San Diego custom boxes or customized cartons shipped around the country and the world, Cactus Containers also receives custom requests from big name brands. They have provided small quantity custom boxes and printed boxes for such names as National Geographic, Amazon.com, Disney on Ice, Coors Brewing Company, Jockey Underwear and The Discovery Channel. Their client list speaks volumes about their ability to provide exemplary product quality, high level employee operations and outstanding customer service.

Cactus is the right custom box manufacturer because they increase your branding presence, effectiveness and advantage through the provision of quality custom-made packaging products. Whether you require San Diego custom boxes or those shipped to another location, you can expect to receive the proper size and customization, protection and durability and exceptional customer service throughout the entire process. All of these qualities are held high by Cactus and result in boosting your business performance and image which is a valuable asset in today’s tough marketing environment.

What A Custom Box Manufacturer Can Offer

A custom box manufacturer has various box styles and designs that are customized in a way that they work with the products and services. They are also in accordance with the customer’s specifications. From New York to San Diego, custom boxes are how business is done. They include:

Shipping Boxes or the Regular Slotted Cartons, which are cost effective solutions for shipping products or storage. It is made in accordance to the size of the product to fit it and minimize shipping damage. It is of low cost, which can be plain or customized with prints and even the company logo or theme color. They can include the full overlap cartons, five panel wraps, telescoping boxes, double cover, RSC with overlapping flaps and Half-Slotted Box with Cover.

The Die cut boxes provide flexibility to the customer by designing a custom-made box with the person’s specifications in mind, such as size, design styles and or additional folds. They include ballot boxes, mailers, gift boxes, bin boxes, suitcase boxes and cut out wraps.

The specialty boxes are high-end boxes where there is no limit to the design. They are unique and creative through their designs. They are used in applications such as to catch attention in sales, trade shows, promoting a web site or company or marketing through designs. They are of a little more expensive than traditional boxes, as they have a professional image. They include the folding cartons, setup boxes, software, telescoping boxes, and wooden boxes.

The Box Accessories are cost effective and speed up the packing of the products while also being protected during the shipping. The box accessories come in several different types such as box dividers, corrugated trays and corrugated pads.

The fiber tubes come with friction fit plastic end plugs or a metal end closures. The shipping canisters can be reused. They can be printed with one, two color print or four color lithographic label and provide an upscale appearance. The canisters are great for cosmetic packaging and promotional items. The tubes can be made open ended or telescopic to give a more secure and higher end look. The types of tubes include, color print tube, economy tube, telescoping Lithographic tube with metal ends, heavy walled telescoping tube, straight tube and telescoping tube with metal ends.

The non-printed tubes are an economical version of the fiber tubes. The shipping canisters can be reused and have a lot of different wall thicknesses to choose from. They are not printed. They are of low cost and are of the same type of material as the printed tubes.