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How To Choose A Custom Box Maker

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Whatever business you do that requires you to deliver products to clients will naturally mean that you need packaging. Even for those that run physical stores where shoppers will carry home their own purchases, some type of packaging is expected. The demands are higher when you have an e-commerce platform and have to make deliveries to various destinations. Hence the need for a custom box maker that can match up to you and your shoppers’ demands. Here are a few tips on how to find the right choice of box maker.  

Discuss with Fellow Traders 

Whether your business is online or in a shopfront, you will exist within some type of business community. It is advisable to tap into their experience and knowledge to find out what custom box manufacturer they work with. Focus on those businesses that work within the same sector as you or whose packaging you have seen and admired.  

Online Search 

This is another way you can easily find custom box makers. Many have invested in their online brand image and will have provided plenty of information on what they can do for you, including accommodating custom designs. You can narrow down your search to those suppliers that best fit your needs this way. You may even find that the best options are not based locally. Be sure to verify if the cost of shipping will be affected by this distance.  

Seek Quotes 

Because custom options will vary, you are unlikely to find detailed information on how much the design options you want will cost with just a simple online search. You will need to define the custom design you want and seek quotes from different custom box markers. Compare these prices but do not opt for the cheapest. Consider the reputation of the custom box manufacturer you are considering and carefully examine the sample of the product they provide. You can save money by opting to buy the boxes in bulk instead.  

Customer Service 

You will need a custom box maker that is reliable and responsive. Be sure to consider the customer service reputation of the supplier you choose. This will be an ongoing relationship and you should be confident they will treat your respectfully and be dependable. While mistakes may happen from time to time, the box maker must respond to issues in a timely and effective manner. This requires being communicative and having the capacity to find solutions so that the customer remains satisfied. Look up online reviews and testimonials to see how the manufacturer you are considering handles such concerns.  

Expand Outreach with Custom Box Manufacturing

Custom box maker

Many businesses can benefit from investing in custom packaging over using standard options. Custom packaging is an extension of their product and allows them to ensure customers enjoy a unique experience.

Some may be hesitant to invest in custom box manufacturing. However, any extra cost incurred is often more than compensated for by the benefits derived. Let us discuss further what these benefits are and why businesses should make this choice.

Custom Box Boost Brands

When businesses have greater control over the design of their packaging, it means they can do more to enhance the visibility of their brand. From logos to tag lines, addresses to imagery, there are many ways to tailor the aesthetic of your packing so that customers can easily recognize that it is from your business. Even those not familiar with the brand can become more intrigued when they see the attractive design. Making packaging appear unique and appealing can do much to make the brand more memorable in the minds of those that see it.

Improve Customer Experience

People are naturally pleased when they receive a well-presented package. Even simple designs that are tastefully done can have a strong impact, making for a more enjoyable unboxing experience. Compared to plain boxes, custom boxes make people feel more special and excited to see what is on the inside. If delivering to retailers, many appreciate the clear information on boxes that makes it easier to determine how best to handle, store, or display the products inside.

Tailor Protection with a Custom Box

Many products come in odd dimensions that do not always fit comfortably in standard-sized boxes. When working with a custom box maker, you get to tailor your packaging to your products more precisely and ensure maximum protection. This improves the chances that the product will arrive at its destination intact. When you have more successful deliveries, there is less risk of having to send replacement products to clients and less likelihood of damage to the company’s reputation. Your clients will come to view your brand as dependable.

Cost Saving

With custom-sized packaging, you get to ensure maximum space-saving. This helps to deliver more savings in terms of delivery costs. Being able to indicate if the contents are delicate and require careful handling also helps to reduce the risk of damage in transit and delivery. This in turn reduces the chances of having to send costly replacements.


Hiring a custom box maker that works with green materials can help limit any harmful impact your business has on the environment. Not only is it good for the planet, but it can help to boost your reputation as a company that cares for the environment. Many younger consumers consider this important and are more loyal to businesses and brands that share the same values.

Why Clothing Firms Should Engage A Custom Box Maker

Custom shipping box
The apparel business has become increasingly lucrative thanks to the advent of online shopping. Now, clothing firms that market their brand well can expect to attract buyers from all over the world. These can be from overseas wholesalers, retail stores or end-users. This means having to be prepared for whatever sized order that comes in and ensuring there is suitable packaging available.
For singular orders from end-users or wholesalers and retailers that want samples, a padded envelope is typically good enough. Larger orders, however, require the use of boxes. While you can find such in at retail stores, there are some benefits attached to placing an order for custom boxes in San Diego.


The clothing business relies heavily on visual presentation. This is why storefront businesses are keen on how they dress and pose their mannequins. Even when sending clothing items by mail, they need to arrive in the most presentable state possible. A custom box is a great way to ensure the neatly folded and pressed garment arrives ready for the buyer to wear or otherwise display. Too big a box will leave room for the clothing to shift from side to side and arrive all creased and crooked. Too tight and it might apply pressure that again makes the garment come out with creases.


Having a custom box maker prepare corrugated boxes is a good way to safeguard your products. They are lightweight, making it easy to carry them around for transport and cheap to ship. Even with bulky orders, these boxes provide good cushioning and support. The construction also helps to prevent moisture and bacteria reaching the contents.
They are also great for protecting the environment as most are made of recycled or green materials. After delivery of the products, the recipients can re-use the boxes for multiple purposes. And once they are disposed of, they are biodegradable.


Just as with many other businesses, it pays to make your brand memorable. Besides ensuring that you are delivering quality products to customers, you also need to be on top of your marketing game. With custom boxes in San Diego, you can create unique packaging that will draw the eye. Whether it is applying your company logo or embellishing with gold foil, you will need to develop a design that is a good representation of what your company offers and why your clients should remember it happily.

Packaging with the Right Custom Box Maker

Custom Box Maker

There are many custom box maker in the market and it can be difficult to gain a partnership with most who offer high prices and low-quality materials. But when it comes to your business needs, nothing is more important than getting the right ally who can provide you with what you need.

Some of the most important things you have to determine before signing a deal are whether they’d be able to meet your demands and whether they have the right technology to manufacture the right amount of boxes based on your demands.

Consider What You Need the Box for

There are lots of things you need to look at before getting into a deal with a custom box maker. The first thing you have to consider is what the box will be used for and how simple the packaging would be. Being able to determine the simplicity or complexity of your packaging will help you rule whether the manufacturer can supply the type and amount of boxes you need.

There are also lots of different box sizes and being specific about the design is crucial to the custom box manufacturing process runs smoothly. Being involved from the initial step to the delivery process will guarantee you get the needed type of box and ensure that it passes through your quality procedures.

Determine the Packaging Features

The overall look and design of your packaging box are dependent on what has to be placed inside. For example, if you have an irregular-shaped item, it can be unique and appealing if you follow the curves of the item and have the box designed just like it’s shaped. This ensures you do not just have a conventional looking product and the custom box maker can devote their time designing a viable packaging for whatever your product is.

Material quality and box design also have to be determined prior to enlisting the help of a custom box manufacturing company. This guarantees you receive your packaging boxes without delays. Manufacturing a customized packaging material is not as hard as it may seem. Considering all of these external factors will help make a smooth transaction and your boxes can be delivered in less amount of time.

As with any other industry, getting the help of a reliable custom box manufacturer doesn’t have to come hard. You just have to understand what your needs are and get the help of a custom box maker who can give you what you need.

Choosing a Custom Box Manufacturer

Custom Box Manufacturer

One of the most cost-effective ways to do both marketing and product physical protection is by getting a custom box for the product. Forming an idea about the proper container for your product is the first step in ensuring that your products arrive at the retail stores or direct to customers safe and sound. The next step would then be finding a good custom box maker that will help you in making custom boxes of excellent quality, both in sturdiness and design. A partnership with a good custom box manufacturer would solve your need for a great packaging service that is tailor fit to your products.

If you are on the fence as to why you should get a custom box manufacturer instead of making the containers yourself, then you need to see the benefits. A custom box maker would give you a lot of advantages such as:

Save Money on Running Capital

Making a container takes materials, labor, machinery and even human resources. All of these can cost you a pretty penny and will really tally up to quite a big hole in your pockets. By partnering with a custom box maker, you will save a lot of cash that you can use for other endeavors. A custom box manufacturer will already have all of the facilities that you need.

Provide Especially Designed Boxes for Your Product

The containers made by a custom box manufacturer will be of higher-quality compared to those made by the manufacturer of the product that the container protects. This is because a custom box maker has the specialized expertise in designing custom boxes. This would mean that they can give your products improved functionality without having to negatively impact the aesthetic design and marketing power of the customized box.

Have Peace of Mind

A custom box manufacturer will give you time and peace of mind. Not only will your partner custom box maker lessen your cost, they can also free up your time that you would have spent with designing, producing and applying the containers to your product. Deploying the custom boxes takes expertise as well. This will allow you to focus your freed-up time and mental energy on other important matters to grow your business.

Employing a custom box manufacturer for your product container needs is a great idea. The containers will cost less, be of higher quality and can free up your resources to pursue other value-adding activities for your business.

Looking for Custom Boxes?

Custom Boxes

If you are looking for a reputable custom box maker, you can easily conduct a search on the Internet. The company should be proud of their reputation as the place to go for custom boxes. Whether you need small boxes to ship items such as keychains, larger boxes for storage, or ballot boxes for use in your business, they should carry the perfect box for you!

Offering a wide variety of box types as well as numerous options on printing is imperative. You can purchase custom boxes with your company’s logo and contact information pre-printed on the side. Alternatively, if you are interested in the most economical boxes on the market, having a large selection of pre-printed boxes is a necessity.

The choice of which custom box maker to use is actually an important choice: imagine the disaster that could result if you purchase a poorly made box that falls apart in the mail. You could end up losing valuable inventory or irreplaceable family heirlooms, all because you chose a low-quality box.

The top companies in the industry will work hard every day to justify their reputation as the best place to find custom boxes. We believe you will find boxes to be of great quality; what’s more, the leaders in the industry will work hard to keep prices low, meaning that you do not have to choose between quality and cost. You can truly have the best of both worlds.

Do you need help figuring out which custom boxes are the best for you? Utilize their expertise to help you find exactly what you need. Or, perhaps you have decided that you want a custom logo printed on your box, but you’re struggling to come up with the perfect color combination? There are specialists who can assist you with that, too!

Whatever your needs, know that you will need to find knowledgeable, reliable, and helpful people. Choose the top custom box maker of choice for people across the country, and we believe that you will agree with their legions of satisfied customers that they utilize and go for quality, efficiency, and convenience.

Take a few moments to browse the various sites and see if something catches your eye. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, or if you have a question about a particular item, never hesitate to contact them! Remember they work for you and are trying to earn your repeat business!

What Can a Custom Box Manufacturer Offer

Custom Box Manufacturer

If you add the word custom to anything, it is easy to assume that also means more expensive. If something is custom, it is designed for a special purpose and because of that it may cost extra to make. Businesses depend on boxes for many things. They use them to store products and to ship products. A business may wonder if a custom box is something they should consider. It is a good idea to talk to a custom box maker to find out about the costs and what a custom box can offer to a business.

Products are Not Always a Standard Size

When a person wants a box for their product, they may look at what are some standard sizes for boxes. These are boxes that are mass produced and because of that, may be sold at a lower price. The question a business needs to ask is how their product or products will fit inside of a standard size box. If the box is too large, it will require additional packing material to keep everything inside of it safe. If the box is too small, the products may have to be forced inside to fit. Either way, the standard size box may end up costing more because of the extra material or possible damage to the product. A custom box manufacturer can create boxes that fit the products inside of it properly to make sure they are protected during shipment and storage and do not require a lot of extra material inside of them.

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Graphics

A plain cardboard box does not say much. It may have the address of the person that it is being shipped to and it may contain information about what is inside, but it does not do much more than that. A custom box maker is able to add graphics that turn the box from something very plain into a powerful marketing tool for a business. The graphics can be used to provide more information about a product or they can be used to help a business build its brand and make its logo more recognizable. Because people reuse boxes and keep them for a long time, that message can be seen by many different people. For a relatively small cost a custom box manufacturer can create a powerful marketing tool for a business.

Instead of ignoring the positives of the custom box and claiming they are too expensive, it may be worth looking at the benefits and the things they can do for a business at a low cost.

Finding the Right Custom Box Manufacturer

Custom Box Manufacturer

Starting up or expanding into the e-commerce market, you need a unique way to affordably and efficiently ship your product. If you’ve tried going to the local post office, you will find yourself quickly rethinking the idea. Shipping boxes from home improvement stores lack the professionalism you need and may not be saving you any money. Let’s face it; you need a custom box maker.

Before the Search

Each custom box manufacturer is different. They may offer a lot of similar services, but different equipment can be used for printing, and they may or may not have certain machinery on the premises. Because they each bring their strengths and selling points to the table, it is important to know what you are looking for in a package. What size packaging are you going to need? Is your product fragile and require adequate filler protection? What is your budget for customization?

Let the Search Begin

Once you have a good idea of what type of services your business needs, you can start to narrow down your choices. Why not take advantage of the internet? Your local custom box maker may not be your best option. Just like the person ordering from you may be hundreds or thousands of miles away, the best bang for your buck may be in another state or country. Many of the custom box manufacturers will gladly send you a small sample of their material or print quality so you can make a more informed choice.

Take Your Time

Your packaging material is like a first impression. You don’t want to cut corners. Even if your budget only has room for a small logo printed on a plain mailer tube, you want it to be the best. It is okay to wait a couple weeks while samples come in, and you get the chance to talk with the manufacturer about pricing. They usually don’t put that info on their websites because each client presents with unique shipping needs. What you think you need may not be what you need.

Review Your Top Picks

Finding out what others have to say about the custom box company can provide valuable insight into common issues or frequent praises. These are other business professionals who value their time and money just like you. It never hurts to come back and add your review after your experience.

Once you have settled on the right one, make the call and get started on the exciting journey of watching your vision become a reality. It is a landmark move in the starting up or expanding of your business that will pay off.

Choosing a Custom Box Maker

A box is not just a box; especially when that box is customized! Businesses use corrugated boxes to ship to their clients and customers in various parts of the world. Having these boxes customized allows a business to stand out amongst its competitors, and other businesses. You could also need a custom box to send personal gifts in. Although what is inside of the box is important, the box itself may be just as important – and a part of the actual gift. This is why you need to hire a custom box maker to place your logo, contact information, or personalized design and message on the box.

Making a box more attractive is possible for your business or personal use when you order through a professional custom box maker, such as Cactus Corrugated Containers, Inc. This is the company that should handle all of your personalized needs when you want custom boxes in San Diego.

More than Traditional

When you choose Cactus Corrugated Containers, Inc., you will have a variety of boxes to choose from – not just traditional box sizes and designs. Choose the box that coincides with the product or item that you are shipping – even those products with unique shapes and sizes. You can choose from a variety of custom boxes with this San Diego company, including:

  • Specialty Boxes – If you can think of it; they can make it, so be creative.
  • Box Accessories – Keep your accessories safe and secure while being shipped.
  • Shipping Boxes/RSC – Regular slotted container boxes are cost effective when shipping items and products.
  • Die-Cut Boxes – Allows you to cut the boxes to meet personal specifications, including styles, sizes, folds, and more.

If you choose a custom box maker in San Diego, choose Cactus Corrugated Containers, Inc. They will not only work to customize the boxes exactly how you want them, but they will work within your budget.

Custom Boxes Ship for Free

Cactus Corrugated Containers, Inc. is the custom box maker that will ship your boxes for free, within the Southern California area. This is one of the reasons so many people use this company when searching for custom boxes in San Diego. However, you can have boxes ordered from this company, regardless if you live in San Diego or not. You need the customization, and they can provide it for you.

Do not wait another moment deciding if you need a custom box maker; call and request a quote today. Give your boxes the customization they need!

A Top Quality Custom Box Maker

We are a proud custom box maker and can offer a wide variety of ideas and solutions that cannot be found everywhere. We offer different tubes, prints, designs, displays and supplies and can be considered a one stop shop for your packaging needs. We can design and create close to anything when it comes to storing shipping and protecting goods. There is no project that is too small or too large and best of all, we deliver!

The most common concern when it comes to shipping anything is the safety and protection of the item being shipped. This goes for businesses and for personal items alike. Product damage has the tendency not to discriminate when it strikes and can occur in many different forms. Major categories that damage can be broken down into are structural damage, the integrity of the item and box at time of arrival, blemishes occurring during shipping, as well as pilferage. When you go to a custom box manufacture, their expertise and knowledge of these damage categories can easily assess your situation and create the right solution for the application in which you are seeking. Here at Cactus, we ensure that every customer is handled as if they were part of the immediate family and as if they were sending out personal items.

Not only do we have the know-how and equipment required to make custom boxes, prints and displays, we can offer a sense of security and protection over your items. Remember all boxes and tubes that are purchased are durable enough to be used time and time again, which will overall save money for all parties involved. A custom box manufacturer can offer an innate sense of security accompanied by quality, as well as, allow their clients to play a part in the actual design process.

If you are seeking out a company that can help you market your brand – look no further. We can assist and have many ideas on how to package your products to get your name out there and the product recognition that you are seeking. All this and more can be yours at a fraction of the cost. Do you have a special someone that you are looking to send a gift too? Utilize our capabilities to create a truly unique and once and a lifetime box to ship your present out in. Whatever packaging needs you have, do not fret – we can easily accommodate your desires and will far exceed your expectations of us.

How to Find a Quality Custom Box Maker

The search for a custom box maker might take you on an interesting journey. Many people will first opt for the yellow pages. Yes, the yellow pages are still actually in use. The thought process might be to find a custom box manufacturing company that is nearby. While that might seem like the best option for starting a relationship with a custom box maker, there probably aren’t too many custom box manufacturers in your neighborhood.

The next step might be to search the internet. There are many, many manufacturers of cardboard boxes out there on the web. But when you look at all those choices, it might seem overwhelming. How do you research all of them to find the one that will be a match for your needs? It would take hours to look through each one. One other way might be to ask other businesses that use custom made boxes for a recommendation. That’s always a good place to start. After getting several names of box makers, researching them on-line isn’t such a daunting task.

A quality custom box maker will offer many styles and designs. After all, isn’t that what a custom box maker does? You’ll need to think about what kind of custom box your business needs. Does this company supply that type of box? Is it possible to get your custom box design printed with a custom design if desired? And if so, does this company have designers to help you with the design process? If you don’t have the slightest idea where to begin with the design of your box, the designers should be able to make that process painless.

When researching a quality custom box manufacturer, you should always check the testimonials from other business owners that have used their product. The companies you are considering should give you contact information of others that have done business with them. Some other information you’ll need will be about the set up costs for your box, shipping costs and refunds, if the boxes are damaged or not what you were expecting. You want all the information up front, no surprises.

A reputable custom box manufacturer will answer all your questions and supply you with all the information necessary to make an informed decision. Cactus Containers is one such manufacturer. Give them a call today and find out just how easy it can be to get quality custom boxes made for your products.

Qualities of a Reputable Custom Box Maker

Look on the internet and you can find hundreds and probably thousands of companies selling the same type of products. This is true of custom box makers. With all this influx of information, how do you separate the facts from the fiction? How can you tell if a company is reputable or not? Here are some tips to help you in your search.

Many companies will list reviews from previous customers. Sometimes a less than reputable company might fabricate these accolades. A reputable company will be more than happy to provide lists of satisfied customers that you can check with to ensure they are legit. Also keep in mind to check the Better Business Bureau website. This site will show any complaints logged by customers.

Another area to check out when searching for a reputable custom box maker is to look at the services they offer. Are they involved in the whole box making process? Do the company representatives sound knowledgeable on all aspects of box manufacturing? What materials are offered? If custom printing is offered, do they have a design team to assist with your ideas? Will the team assist with color choice and artwork design if needed? If packaging is a concern, can the company offer solutions to your problems? It’s imperative to make sure the manufacturer can offer the services you need.

When you are looking at the products available by a custom cardboard box manufacturer, check to make sure the types of containers available for your product are offered. Do you need display boxes to show your products at trade shows? What about setup boxes? These boxes offer a “classy” look to your products, making them more appealing to customers. Die cut boxes, fiber tubes and counter displays are other boxes to consider. If possible, look at a sample of the box you are thinking about for your product to check for overall quality.

Of course, the box manufacturer should keep your bottom line in consideration. Are they overpriced? What services can you get discounted or even free? Many reputable custom cardboard box manufacturers will offer free estimates. Some others offer free shipping to local destinations. Box manufacturers often carry accessories and packing supplies like custom printed packing tape, box dividers and foam inserts to ensure protection of your merchandise against enthusiastic shippers.

Do all your homework and you will surely find a custom box maker like Cactus Containers to help your products hit the shelves and be noticed!