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Phone: (760) 471-1000

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Boxes and displays are MADE IN U.S.A.


A Top Quality Custom Box Maker

We are a proud custom box maker and can offer a wide variety of ideas and solutions that cannot be found everywhere. We offer different tubes, prints, designs, displays and supplies and can be considered a one stop shop for your packaging needs. We can design and create close to anything when it comes to storing shipping and protecting goods. There is no project that is too small or too large and best of all, we deliver!

The most common concern when it comes to shipping anything is the safety and protection of the item being shipped. This goes for businesses and for personal items alike. Product damage has the tendency not to discriminate when it strikes and can occur in many different forms. Major categories that damage can be broken down into are structural damage, the integrity of the item and box at time of arrival, blemishes occurring during shipping, as well as pilferage. When you go to a custom box manufacture, their expertise and knowledge of these damage categories can easily assess your situation and create the right solution for the application in which you are seeking. Here at Cactus, we ensure that every customer is handled as if they were part of the immediate family and as if they were sending out personal items.

Not only do we have the know-how and equipment required to make custom boxes, prints and displays, we can offer a sense of security and protection over your items. Remember all boxes and tubes that are purchased are durable enough to be used time and time again, which will overall save money for all parties involved. A custom box manufacturer can offer an innate sense of security accompanied by quality, as well as, allow their clients to play a part in the actual design process.

If you are seeking out a company that can help you market your brand – look no further. We can assist and have many ideas on how to package your products to get your name out there and the product recognition that you are seeking. All this and more can be yours at a fraction of the cost. Do you have a special someone that you are looking to send a gift too? Utilize our capabilities to create a truly unique and once and a lifetime box to ship your present out in. Whatever packaging needs you have, do not fret – we can easily accommodate your desires and will far exceed your expectations of us.

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