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Custom Boxes Business Advantages

Custom Mailer Box 1 colour print

Cactus Containers – Custom Mailer Box

It comes as no surprise that custom boxes are not a top priority for small businesses. Many start out on shoestring budgets that do not easily accommodate anything customized. Their founders will try as much as possible to limit expenses so that they can start earning a profit early on. However, this approach, however financially logical as it sounds, it may be doing more harm than good to your business. Here is why you should consider custom packaging for your business.

Custom boxes can boost sales

In the US custom boxes help give the perception that a product is of high quality. With good branding, these boxes leave a better impression on observers and recipients than when a box is plain. When people see more of the branding on the packaging, they become more inclined to try out the products or buy them for others. This helps to boost sales, which is what all small businesses should be looking to do.

US custom boxes are affordable

Although custom boxes do give the impression of superior quality than those that are plain, it does not mean they are expensive to order. Shopping around from different box makers will allow you to figure out what deals there are to be had. Many provide even design services for free so that you can more affordably come up with a unique design that will allow your brand to stand out from the crowd. Always ask about bulk discounts which can be substantial.

Custom boxes can reduce shipping costs

This can be very helpful to businesses that have distinct products that are typically bought in small quantities. You can have your boxes customized to exactly fit the dimensions of the orders you usually receive. The better a fit the box is, the lower the shipping costs you would have to deal with. Especially if standard-sized boxes are usually bigger than you need. Given that shipping costs are pegged on sizing and weight, cutting down on sizing can ensure lower shipping costs.

Custom boxes support marketing efforts

Brand custom boxes with logos, slogans, business URLs, QR codes, and other information that will help market your brand. You can even use it to tempt people into looking up your social media or visiting your e-commerce site. The more attractive the packaging, the more impressed people will be with the brand and want to see the products they offer. It can also encourage those that are ardent social media users to record unboxing experience videos.  This can further boost marketing efforts as well.

Using Custom Boxes to Boost Business

folding carton with window cut outThe key to business success lies in being able to grow. The more revenue and profits you generate, the longer the business can be sustained and expanded. However, this growth relies very much on being able to make your brand more visible and viewed favorably by existing and new clients. The packaging that you use can play a significant role in branding and therefore growing your business.

Artistic Touch

The visual appeal of your packaging will be key in making your brand memorable and recognizable. When deciding on the design of your custom boxes, it is advisable to use motifs, imagery, font, and colors that best relate to what impression you want to give of your brand and the type of products you offer. Keeping in line with the expectations of clients is vital. While you should generally stick to toned-down shades and artwork for formal businesses, you can also be more vibrant when dealing with a more open-minded and younger clientele.

Provide Communication Links

With the rise of e-commerce, it has become much easier to connect with existing and new clients. From web addresses to QR codes, you can easily display a link that leads to your business platform on a customized box. Even the more traditional telephone numbers, physical and mail addresses can also be easily indicated on the boxes themselves or on simple labels you can stick on.

Box Design

Once you have the aesthetics down, you also need to factor in the design and functionality of the box itself. There are many different box designs to choose from, including mailers, suitcase boxes, and cut-out wraps. Depending on the type of product, you will need to consider what type of custom boxes to invest in for your business. Consider such factors as cost, appearance, ease of use, function, and shipping needs. Consult with the box manufacturer to figure out which designs will be of most benefit to your brand.

Work with Professionals

This is particularly important where your business is new and you are trying to cut out a niche for yourself in the market. Conduct your own market research but also work with professionals who can guide you on such issues as what designs to try. Manufacturers that also provide design services are a good option as the cost can be lower and they have likely worked with many such clients in the same field. Come in with your own ideas and let them help you shape them into a refined final design that will make your products stand out in the market.


How Custom Boxes Make Deliveries Safer

Mailer Box ISSI
With businesses increasingly shifting to e-commerce, home and office deliveries of commodities have become more common. Many people now prefer to do their shopping online and wait for the convenience of doorstep delivery. It certainly helps that many businesses do offer these deliveries as a free service.

Most items cannot however be transported without some level of separation and protection. Custom printed mailer boxes have become an essential aspect of the process. Businesses can easily source for custom boxes in a variety of sizes and designs that will safeguard the contents until arrival at the client’s delivery location. these boxes manage to protect their contents due to several factors.


It is rare to find deliveries being done singularly. Delivery providers will often load up a van with multiple deliveries and have the driver make drop-offs along their route. The best way to distinguish one delivery from another is to have them individually packaged and labeled.

Custom boxes provide labeling information that allows for this to be easily organized. The driver can arrange the items within the van in such a way that they can systematically remove them and drop them off as per the delivery route.

Custom Fit

When customized, these boxes are configured to securely fit the item they enclose. Some items may require additional padding like foam inserts or bubble wrap. However, even with this, it should fit well inside the box, with no room for movement.

This ensures that the contents do not get jarred and are therefore more likely to arrive at their destination in good condition. This is also especially important when handling delicate items like glassware or electronics.

Corrugated Walls

Customized boxes are often made using corrugated cardboard material. This is the best material for making secure boxes. The extra layers provide extra protection against impact and even water damage.

Corrugated boxes also tend to stand up well to the pressure of overhead weight when stacked. This makes arranging the boxes safer when they are in transit in shipping containers or vans.


Being customized means that businesses can order these boxes with additional writing. Besides branding, boxes can also be labeled for careful handling.

Images can be used to ensure the boxes are marked for their upright positions. They can also indicate the contents so delivery personnel know the contents may be delicate. Or simply have the box printed with words like ‘handle with care’ or ‘breakable contents’.

Types of Custom Boxes

If you are looking to create a custom box for your business and products, you may be overwhelmed by the number of choices that are available to you. When searching for the best box, presentation, cost, and durability are all important, as you want to effectively market your business and product while ensuring it arrives at its final destination safely. By learning more about some of the custom box options that are available to you, you can choose the right one for your business.

Custom Boxes: Die Cut Boxes

A die cut box is designed to accurately fit your product, and the fact that they are produced based on the product shape makes them completely different from one another. These custom boxes are made through the use of cards or smooth paper, and they are useful for packaging almost any item, including jewelry, watches, pens, and even larger items.

Custom Boxes: Box Mailers

Box mailers are a great option for mailing wedding invitations or other important announcements in order to provide the recipients with a unique presentation. They can be customized to accommodate stationary and envelopes of any size, and they are offered in a variety of colors so that they fit with the theme and décor of any event.

Custom Boxes: Folder Boxes

Folder boxes may also be useful for shipping your products. These boxes involve one more combined board pieces that create an unobstructed bottom surface. The rest of the board can then be scored in order to fit around the product.

Custom Boxes: Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes consist of three pieces: two end panels that are identical and one body piece that folds in order to create the side panels, the top, and an unbroken bottom. The end panels will be attached to the box body through the use of special equipment, and the flaps needed to create the joints can be on the body, end pieces, or both.

Custom Boxes: Display Boxes

Display boxes are a great option for promoting your items at commercial and retail locations. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and they allow customers to see your items showcased in an organized form. They may work best for smaller items, such as candy, makeup, and small toys, and they can also feature your company logo and other marketing flair in order to increase the recognition of your business brand and product.

Looking for Custom Boxes?

Custom Boxes

If you are looking for a reputable custom box maker, you can easily conduct a search on the Internet. The company should be proud of their reputation as the place to go for custom boxes. Whether you need small boxes to ship items such as keychains, larger boxes for storage, or ballot boxes for use in your business, they should carry the perfect box for you!

Offering a wide variety of box types as well as numerous options on printing is imperative. You can purchase custom boxes with your company’s logo and contact information pre-printed on the side. Alternatively, if you are interested in the most economical boxes on the market, having a large selection of pre-printed boxes is a necessity.

The choice of which custom box maker to use is actually an important choice: imagine the disaster that could result if you purchase a poorly made box that falls apart in the mail. You could end up losing valuable inventory or irreplaceable family heirlooms, all because you chose a low-quality box.

The top companies in the industry will work hard every day to justify their reputation as the best place to find custom boxes. We believe you will find boxes to be of great quality; what’s more, the leaders in the industry will work hard to keep prices low, meaning that you do not have to choose between quality and cost. You can truly have the best of both worlds.

Do you need help figuring out which custom boxes are the best for you? Utilize their expertise to help you find exactly what you need. Or, perhaps you have decided that you want a custom logo printed on your box, but you’re struggling to come up with the perfect color combination? There are specialists who can assist you with that, too!

Whatever your needs, know that you will need to find knowledgeable, reliable, and helpful people. Choose the top custom box maker of choice for people across the country, and we believe that you will agree with their legions of satisfied customers that they utilize and go for quality, efficiency, and convenience.

Take a few moments to browse the various sites and see if something catches your eye. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, or if you have a question about a particular item, never hesitate to contact them! Remember they work for you and are trying to earn your repeat business!

The Process of Making a Custom Made Box

Custom Made Box

People take boxes for granted. They often think they are just something that is used to hold something else. To most people, a box is just a big piece of cardboard that has been cut a little bit and then taped back up to form a cube. Most people are not aware of all of the steps that go into making a box. If it is a custom made box, there are additional steps.

What Makes a Box Custom Made

Custom boxes are similar to the boxes that people are used to. The difference is that they are made to fit a specific product and come in different sizes. Most boxes come in a standard size and shape, but the custom made box does not have to do this. Many custom made boxes can also include graphics and print that make the box even more special.

How They are Made

A custom box starts with the design. Many times the design of the box will be based on the product that will be put inside of it. The designer of the box will typically use software that allows them to come up with the perfect box. The graphic designer will work on the print that can be added to the box. Once the design is complete, the boxes can then be manufactured.

The manufacturing process starts with the cardboard for the box. There are several types of cardboard that can be used that vary in strength and protection that is offered. After the cardboard is made, it is cut into the size of the box. Additional cuts are made that will allow the box to be folded together.

Once the shape of the box has been made, the graphics can be added on. The graphics can be printed or some other method can be used to apply them to the box. At this point, the manufacturing of the box is often complete. Now the custom boxes are flat and are easy to store until they are needed.

When the box is needed, it will be folded together and the joints will be connected. Tape is the most common way to seal the joints, although glue is also used. The completed box is now ready for the product it is designed for.

In the end, not all boxes are the same. It is not that difficult to a custom made box to fit the needs of a business.

Steps to Creating a Custom Made Box

Custom Made Box

Many businesses are starting to realize the advantage of a custom made box. While some businesses may think that the added expense involved in using custom made boxes is not worth it, there are plenty of others ones that see the value that these boxes offer. In order to learn how to best use the custom made boxes, it is necessary to learn the steps involved in creating them.

  • Start with the Product – One of the best things about custom boxes is their ability to properly fit the product they can hold. The boxes can be shaped into many different forms and can be opened or closed in a variety of ways. When the box is the right size and shape for a product it can offer more protections during shipping and storage and it will require less packing materials. That can often end up making the custom box more cost effective.
  • Think about the material – Custom boxes can use different materials to make them. Corrugated cardboard is more difficult to shape, but offers more protection and better durability. Chipboard boxes can easily be transformed into whatever shape is needed, but they do not always offer the strength of other materials.
  • Design the graphics – One of the most important advantages of the custom designed box is the ability to add custom graphics to the box. The graphics can accomplish anything that the business wants. They can help build brand recognition and they can provide information about the product or instructions about how it is to be used. Much of the time creating these boxes I spent designing the graphics for them.
  • Determine the quantity needed – One of the reasons that standard sized boxes are less expensive is because they are made in larger numbers. The ability to manufacture larger numbers can reduce the cost of the box. Some may worry that they will not be able to order a custom box if they do not order a sufficient quantity. They may worry that they will have to invest too much money in the inventory of boxes because they have to order a minimum amount. What they may not realize is that many manufacturers offer small quantity custom made boxes. This allows businesses to figure out what they need and not order more.

A custom made box may not be for every business, but it is something that is worth looking at. It may surprise many businesses to find out how effective they can be and that in the long run they may end up helping make more money for the business.

How is a Custom Built Box Made

Custom Built Box

The design of most boxes is relatively straightforward. It takes a piece of cardboard that is cut in such a way that it creates six sides that can be folded together into a box shape. The size of the box can vary, and it can be made of different materials, but the basic cardboard boxes are very similar. A basic cardboard box is not the only type of box that can be found. It is also possible to find a custom built box as well.

Why Turn To A Custom Box

The first question some businesses may ask is why they should turn to custom boxes. They may think that any box will be able to handle their packaging and shipping needs. This is not an entirely wrong assumption, but it does not take into account what a custom made box offers.

The custom box is able to fit the product that it holds better, plain and simple. It is the right size, shape and design to protect the contents and to display the contents once they arrive at their destination. It is also possible to add custom printing to the boxes. This can be an excellent and low-cost marketing tool for the business. Once a company can see the advantages of a custom built box, they may want to find out what the process is for getting them.

The process

The process of designing the boxes takes several steps.

  • The contents – The contents the box is going to hold plays a large role in the design. It can help decide what type of box will be needed. These can range from ballot boxes to display boxes to suitcase boxes. It is important to choose the right type of box to fit the product.
  • The size – Determining the size is the next step. It will depend on what the box is supposed to hold and how much it should hold. It also depends on where the box will be stored or displayed.
  • The design – It is fairly common for custom boxes to include a custom printed design on it as well. Coming up with the design depends on what the purpose of the box is.
  • The quantity – While it is true that the more boxes a business orders, the lower the price will get that does not mean that a business cannot find affordable smaller quantity boxes. This will allow them to purchase only what they need and not have to store extra boxes.

Business large and small can benefit what the boxes that are custom made can offer them.

Use Custom Boxes to Promote Your Product

Custom Boxes

Are you considering sending out free samples to potential customers or former clients in order to promote a new product? This is a great way to get your new items noticed, and sending out your samples in a custom made box can help you to get the most out of this marketing strategy. Find out why you should be using custom boxes to send out your free samples and to improve your business.

Why You Should Send Out Free Samples?

Sending out samples, especially when the goods are branded with your name or logo, is a great way to market yourself to a wider audience. Many companies use this method in order to deliver samples as well as other items like custom mugs, stationary, or T-shirts. There are a variety of potential benefits to sending out free samples:

  • Builds brand recognition
  • Drives traffic to your website or physical location
  • Gains interest in your products, services, or goods
  • Requires no risk or investment from the consumer
  • Builds immediate awareness of your service or product

Why Custom Boxes Are Best for Sending Out Your Free Samples

Custom boxes are a great way to send out your free samples to new and past customers, as there are a variety of benefits to choosing this packaging method:

  • Differentiation. Your customers will be impressed by receiving a free sample in a custom made box with your logo or high-end customized print on it. A standard brown box from UPS isn’t likely to achieve the same, positive effect.
  • Brand reinforcement. Each time that a potential customer opens a box that arrives in a custom made box, they will be greeted with your logo, an image, or other graphic that reinforces your brand. This will make them more likely to associate your product and generosity with your brand name.
  • Promoting your environmental awareness. By choosing custom boxes that are made out of recyclable materials, you can give yourself the opportunity to brag about the fact that your company is green. Many customers are now looking to do business with organizations that are environmentally conscious and aware.
  • Provides for easy ordering. If you are hoping that your free sample will encourage your clients to place more orders, you can provide instructions, your web address, QR codes, and any other information that you want within your custom boxes to help them find their way back to your company.

Custom boxes are a great solution for sending out any of your products, including free samples. By taking the time to create a unique packing solution and to send out free samples, you’ll be sure to get your business noticed.

How Does Custom Box Manufacturing Work?

Businesses that make products and businesses that ship products to other businesses or consumers depend on boxes. They need to put their products into something that will allow them to get it from one place to another. The box may also be used to store the product until it is needed. The box is expected to keep the product from becoming damaged. It also may be needed to display the product. Boxes are important, but they are not all the same.

While many people believe that all boxes are the same, they typically assume that there are standard sizes and that the materials that are used are all the same, but that is not the truth. As more people and businesses learn about shipping products, many are turning to custom boxes that fit their needs. In order to determine whether getting a custom made box is the right choice, it would be a good idea to learn about how the custom box manufacturing process works.

Designing The Box

Custom boxes can come in all shapes and sizes. The first step is trying to figure out what the size and shape of the box needs to be. It could be a long and flat box or it may need to be a box that is known as a regular slotted carton. The right box will depend on what is being held in it, whether it is being shipped or not and how it will be used when the contents of the product are removed. All of these things can be taken into consideration as the box is being designed.

In addition to determining the size and the shape of the box, the material that is used can be chosen. Regular cardboard is a typical choice, but corrugated cardboard is also popular due to its added strength. Choosing single, double or triple wall construction is another decision that will be made.

Many businesses will add custom graphics to their boxes. The graphics can be used to build brand recognition or to provide other types of information. They can help make a box stand out to the consumer. It is a cheap marketing tool that should not be ignored.

When planning custom box manufacturing, the quantity of boxes that will be needed should be taken into account. The more that are made, the cheaper the cost per box will be. Fortunately, there are some companies that can handle both large and small quantity orders. They are ready to help anyone that decides having a custom-made box that is designed just for them is the right choice.

What are Custom Boxes?

A box is defined as a container that typically has four sides that are perpendicular to a base and also having some type of top to enclose the container. A box is not the most spectacular thing that people will talk about for a long time. It is a utensil that serves a very useful purpose. The container is able to hold things that people or a business wants. Boxes can be reused and can hold many different things before they are finally discarded. While a box may seem like a simple thing, it is not always that way. When people learn about custom boxes, they soon find out that the simple box is not always so simple.

A custom box can start out as a simple box. It is still a container, but it is a container that is designed for specific purposes. Custom boxes can have handles on the lids to make them easier to carry. They can be shaped in such a way that allows them to hold the product inside more securely. The boxes can be folded to divide the interior of the box into sections. It is possible to fold boxes into almost any shape and configuration that people and businesses would want.

The boxes that are custom designed are also often used to display items once the box has been opened. This makes it easier to put products in front of people. It takes less time to display everything and is a less expensive way to do it.

Custom printed boxes take the idea of having something unique one step further. Adding the graphics to the boxes can help a business let people know what is inside or where the items are coming from. It is a great way to create brand recognition. Taking the time to add graphics to the box is an opportunity that many businesses miss out on.

Custom printed boxes are great when used for displays. They can inform everyone about what is being displayed and why it is being displayed. The more people that get to see the graphics, the more the message that is on the box will spread.

The biggest reason that businesses and people will say they do not use the custom designed boxes or boxes with graphics is the cost of the boxes. They assume that the boxes will cost more, but the reality is that packaging products in boxes that fit the product is worth the extra money that it will cost.

Benefits Of Custom Boxes And Custom Tubes

The Regular Slotted Container (RSC) boxes are just one example of custom boxes that are cost effective solutions for safely shipping and storage purposes. They are more economical than die-cuts and they combine functionality with protection in a single package. It has the body with its two outer flaps of the box meet at the center of the box when folded. They can also be customized by printing the company name and logo in a single color or artwork in four colors.

Custom boxes are able to be quickly and easily produced. You could opt to have a series of boxes made various departments throughout your company. This is incredibly useful for companies that are expanding or moving to additional locations and do not wish to confuse the supplies from one department with another.

Custom boxes can also be used to make shipping products easier. They can be designed to specification, and made thicker or thinner, based on the size, shape and weight of the products it would be carrying. This allows you to get the right size box, for the right price, without having to worry about compromising quality for your customers and clients. In today’s market, everyone is scrambling to find quality, low cost solutions for their shipping and storing needs. Nothing is more cost effective than custom designed boxes. Time is money and by having a box that easily fits your products, without any additional cutting or wasted material to fill the box by your employees, you are saving money and increasing productivity.

Custom tubes are also available for those who are looking to ship, store or protect items such as posters, painting, blueprints and other important documents that need to be kept safe. You can get the tubes designed to fix any specific type of product, although allowing some extra room for the end caps and any other materials that are put inside, would be a good thing. They can be printed as well.

This allows you to place a warning label on the tubes expressing how fragile they are, as well as your company logo and information. Customizing these tubes now only allows you to make your products easily identifiable, they also add a touch of class, sophistication and sensibility to your products. These features alone, express the level of professional care taken by you or your company to ensure they the client or customer is getting exactly what it is they wanted and expected.

Why Choose Custom Boxes?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you are packaging an item and things just do not fit properly? Have you ever tried to think of a great way to market a good and something was just missing? Look no further because with a customized box, all your needs can be met and more. Custom boxes can offer you so much more than just durability and protection. Think about all of the holidays that occur throughout the year. Wouldn’t it be nice to put a present in a customized box just to make the occasion a little more memorable and special?

The high demand for shipping within the business world is skyrocketing, and let’s face it, cutting costs without sacrificing quality is highly important. Shipping items can become costly and especially when you purchase pre-made sized boxes, they may not perfectly accommodate your needs either. At Cactus Corrugated Containers, you can choose the size, color and type of box as well as box accessories. More companies are conducting research because they are trying to meet their strict budget. Luckily for everyone, customized boxes are easier to come by than one may think.

One of the greatest benefits of a custom box over your run of the mill typical brown cardboard box would be branding and marketing. First impressions are everything, if you see two of the same item – you will naturally be more drawn to the item that is packaged and presented in a bright and innovative way. Now you are given the opportunity to propel your brand into high gear and increase the visibility of your product!

As far as size goes, with a custom box – you can ensure that your product will perfectly fit within and will reach the desired party safely. Please feel free to contact us to help you choose what particular type of box would best suit your needs. Not only will you be saving money, you will not need to worry about wasting materials or space which typically occurs when using standard boxes.

Customized boxes can be easily broken down and put together as well. After finding out the proper dimensions in which you will need, the rest is smooth sailing. Whether you work for a large/small business or need customization for personal use; let us handle the technicalities while you sit back and wait for your high quality, reasonably priced customized boxes.