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Benefits Of Custom Boxes And Custom Tubes

Custom Mailing Tubes

The Regular Slotted Container (RSC) boxes are just one example of custom boxes that are cost effective solutions for safely shipping and storage purposes. They are more economical than die-cuts and they combine functionality with protection in a single package. It has the body with its two outer flaps of the box meet at the center of the box when folded. They can also be customized by printing the company name and logo in a single color or artwork in four colors.

Custom Boxes

Custom boxes are able to be quickly and easily produced. You could opt to have a series of boxes made various departments throughout your company. This is incredibly useful for companies that are expanding or moving to additional locations and do not wish to confuse the supplies from one department with another.

Custom Boxes and Shipping

Custom boxes can also be used to make shipping products easier. They can be designed to specification, and made thicker or thinner, based on the size, shape and weight of the products it would be carrying. This allows you to get the right size box, for the right price, without having to worry about compromising quality for your customers and clients. In today’s market, everyone is scrambling to find quality, low cost solutions for their shipping and storing needs. Nothing is more cost effective than custom designed boxes. Time is money and by having a box that easily fits your products, without any additional cutting or wasted material to fill the box by your employees, you are saving money and increasing productivity.

Custom Tubes

Custom tubes are also available for those who are looking to ship, store or protect items such as posters, painting, blueprints and other important documents that need to be kept safe. You can get the tubes designed to fix any specific type of product, although allowing some extra room for the end caps and any other materials that are put inside, would be a good thing. They can be printed as well.

This allows you to place a warning label on the tubes expressing how fragile they are, as well as your company logo and information. Customizing these tubes now only allows you to make your products easily identifiable, they also add a touch of class, sophistication and sensibility to your products. These features alone, express the level of professional care taken by you or your company to ensure they the client or customer is getting exactly what it is they wanted and expected.

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