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How is a Custom Built Box Made

Custom Suitcase Box NuBest
The design of most boxes is relatively straightforward. It takes a piece of cardboard that is cut in such a way that it creates six sides that can be folded together into a box shape. The size of the box can vary, and it can be made of different materials, but the basic cardboard boxes are very similar. A basic cardboard box is not the only type of box that can be found. It is also possible to find a custom built box as well.

Why Turn To A Custom Box

The first question some businesses may ask is why they should turn to custom boxes. They may think that any box will be able to handle their packaging and shipping needs. This is not an entirely wrong assumption, but it does not take into account what a custom made box offers.

The custom box is able to fit the product that it holds better, plain and simple. It is the right size, shape and design to protect the contents and to display the contents once they arrive at their destination. It is also possible to add custom printing to the boxes. This can be an excellent and low-cost marketing tool for the business. Once a company can see the advantages of a custom built box, they may want to find out what the process is for getting them.

The process

The process of designing the boxes takes several steps.

  • The contents – The contents the box is going to hold plays a large role in the design. It can help decide what type of box will be needed. These can range from ballot boxes to display boxes to suitcase boxes. It is important to choose the right type of box to fit the product.
  • The size – Determining the size is the next step. It will depend on what the box is supposed to hold and how much it should hold. It also depends on where the box will be stored or displayed.
  • The design – It is fairly common for custom boxes to include a custom printed design on it as well. Coming up with the design depends on what the purpose of the box is.
  • The quantity – While it is true that the more boxes a business orders, the lower the price will get that does not mean that a business cannot find affordable smaller quantity boxes. This will allow them to purchase only what they need and not have to store extra boxes.

Business large and small can benefit what the boxes that are custom made can offer them.


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