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Why Corrugated Boxes Make For An Ecofriendly Choice

Custom cardboard box
We have become increasingly aware of how human activity is affecting the natural environment. This has encouraged many to consumer choices that have minimal impact. The desire to leave the world a better place than we found it has gained momentum.

One way in which businesses are contributing to this cause is through the careful consideration of packaging materials for products. Corrugated boxes have become a popular option thanks to several ecofriendly benefits.


Corrugated cardboard that we find in many shipping boxes is often partly or entirely made using recycled material. That means less dependency on freshly harvested paper material that comes from trees. The recycled material can include old cardboard boxes and newspapers.

These boxes can also in turn be later recycled for the same purpose of making newer boxes. This cycle of repetition is best supported through mindful manufacturing processes that exclude the use of dyes and bleaching products.

Sustainable Sourcing

Many manufacturers of cardboard and other paper materials now make a greater effort to ensure their raw materials come from sustainable sources. These are typically fast-growing trees that are efficiently utilized with minimal waste. For each tree felled, several others are planted to replace it.

The number of trees required has also declined over time. This is thanks to the incorporation of recycled material in the manufacture of new corrugated boxes. Many are made up of about 70-100% recycled material.

Energy Savings

Recycled material requires less energy to process into new packaging. With many cardboard boxes being made this way, there is less consumption of energy resources, which is less demanding on the environment.

It is also noteworthy that manufacturers will try their best to source these recyclable materials from their local areas. The shorter the distance that these materials travel to get to manufacturers, the less energy resources that are expended.


Boxes made from corrugated cardboard are highly durable. This means they can easily be reused several times over without their structural integrity suffering. They are also often used as storage boxes that can keep for several years. Moving companies will often offer to supply their own boxes, some of which will have been used in previous jobs.

This high level of reuse is great for the environment as it reduces the demand for newly made boxes. It is also cost-saving for the box owners. In some places, they may be able to gain some financial consideration for turning in these boxes as recycling.

4 Eco-Friendly Reasons To Choose Corrugated Boxes

Die Cut Corrugated Inserts
For most businesses, the main concern when choosing packaging material is that it should deliver the product to the client safely and affordably. In today’s world, however, businesses are being compelled to be more environmentally conscious of how their activities affect the natural world. Consumers now prefer to support brands that make an effort to minimize their carbon footprint. The use of corrugated boxes helps in this cause for several reasons.

Recyclable Material

These boxes can be manufactured using recycled paper materials like old cartons, cereal boxes, and newspapers. Not only are they made of recycled material, but they can also be recycled again for the same purpose. If the boxes are printed on using ‘green inks’, or not at all, they can also be safely disposed of or decompose without worry they will contaminate the environment as they are biodegradable.


The layered design of corrugated cardboard gives it a rigid and durable form when in use. Even the most basic options that come with just 3 layers can be quite sturdy. Once a customer has taken delivery of the box and removed the contents, they can reuse it for other purposes. They are often a good way to store away items in attics, basements, and storage lockers. They can last for even several years and be safely reused as much as 7 times. And again, when the box becomes too weak and damaged for storage, it can still be safely disposed of.

Sustainable Sources

Besides recyclable material, corrugated cardboard is also typically made from the pulp of tree varieties that are fast-growing and from sustainable forests. Sustainable forests are carefully managed so that as mature trees are harvested, even more are being planted to replace them. This cycle ensures a reliable supply of wood material without depletion of tree life.

Low Energy Costs

The recyclable components of corrugated boxes mean that less energy is used by manufacturers to produce the packaging. Utilizing less energy means that there is more power to spare for other production work. This in turn also means more efficient manufacturing processes that result in less waste and pollution. Because many businesses that buy these boxes prefer them in their plain state, there is often little use of inks and bleaches. This not only means less processing but also a more biodegradable product that will not harm the environment even if it ultimately ends up in a landfill.

Corrugated Cardboard And Its Many Uses

Corrugated cardboard is a type of paper product which uses linerboards, along with corrugated materials to make boxes, including those used for shipping. Corrugated boxes provide extra support for the items packed inside the box which can stand shipping conditions and prevents contents from being damaged while in route to their final destinations. The first uses of corrugated cardboard can be traced back to England, when it was used as a liner to be wrapped around hats before they were placed into paper boxes, during the 1850s. This type of material was not being used for shipping, yet, and it would be about another twenty years before people began using this material for shipping boxes. By the early 1900s, corrugated boxes began to replace the wooden crates and other boxes in use as shipping containers. corrugated cardboard has multiple uses in addition to being used for shipping containers, including entertainment purposes and arts and crafts.

Children will often play in larger cardboard boxes which can be made into forts, castles and other imaginary items. Parents can help children design their play fort by applying paint, marker and other design elements to the cardboard box. Arts and craft projects can use corrugated boxes to create shadow boxes, stage props for children’s plays, costumes, and a wide variety of other uses. corrugated cardboard boxes are beginning to be made out of more recycled materials than they were in the past. As most paper products can be recycled and reused, the creation of corrugated boxes helps to save on our natural resources and reduces our carbon footprint. Recycled corrugated boxes can be printed with the percentage amount of recyclable materials which were used to create the box. corrugated cardboard boxes can be custom designed to fit the marketing needs of an organization. Customized shipping boxes will bear the company name, logo, images or other information as designed which distinguishes these boxes from plain cardboard boxes. 

Products and merchandise which is dropped shipped directly from the manufacturer to the consumer often arrives in a custom shipping box to help the recipient easily identify their product order. Special display stands found in retail establishments featuring new products or sales items, are often made out of corrugated cardboard. Display stands can be custom made to draw customers in by using impact designs featuring graphics, images and other marketing techniques to urge consumers to purchase your products. The use of custom made display stands offers the ability to draw consumers in or have them walk by a generic looking plain display and miss out on a potential sale. Cactus Containers, www.cactuscontainers.com, offers people the ability to create custom corrugated cardboard boxes and display stands. The company provides their assistance with all aspects of the design process including the exact size of boxes or stands needed, while offering affordable solutions to fit any company’s marketing budget. Cactus Containers carries custom cases, box dividers, and packaging supplies which all can be customized. For further information on customizable products and available services, call 888-776-8000.