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Use Custom Boxes to Promote Your Product

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Are you considering sending out free samples to potential customers or former clients in order to promote a new product? This is a great way to get your new items noticed, and sending out your samples in a custom made box can help you to get the most out of this marketing strategy. Find out why you should be using custom boxes to send out your free samples and to improve your business.

Why You Should Send Out Free Samples?

Sending out samples, especially when the goods are branded with your name or logo, is a great way to market yourself to a wider audience. Many companies use this method in order to deliver samples as well as other items like custom mugs, stationary, or T-shirts. There are a variety of potential benefits to sending out free samples:

  • Builds brand recognition
  • Drives traffic to your website or physical location
  • Gains interest in your products, services, or goods
  • Requires no risk or investment from the consumer
  • Builds immediate awareness of your service or product

Why Custom Boxes Are Best for Sending Out Your Free Samples

Custom boxes are a great way to send out your free samples to new and past customers, as there are a variety of benefits to choosing this packaging method:

  • Differentiation. Your customers will be impressed by receiving a free sample in a custom made box with your logo or high-end customized print on it. A standard brown box from UPS isn’t likely to achieve the same, positive effect.
  • Brand reinforcement. Each time that a potential customer opens a box that arrives in a custom made box, they will be greeted with your logo, an image, or other graphic that reinforces your brand. This will make them more likely to associate your product and generosity with your brand name.
  • Promoting your environmental awareness. By choosing custom boxes that are made out of recyclable materials, you can give yourself the opportunity to brag about the fact that your company is green. Many customers are now looking to do business with organizations that are environmentally conscious and aware.
  • Provides for easy ordering. If you are hoping that your free sample will encourage your clients to place more orders, you can provide instructions, your web address, QR codes, and any other information that you want within your custom boxes to help them find their way back to your company.

Custom boxes are a great solution for sending out any of your products, including free samples. By taking the time to create a unique packing solution and to send out free samples, you’ll be sure to get your business noticed.

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