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DisplayYour Company Logo On Custom Boxes

Custom Box with Logo - Nitro
Product packaging is more than just about ensuring products arrive safely at clients’ premises. It is also a great opportunity to use the exterior of custom boxes to capitalize on branding and make a positive first impression.

There are many things you print on boxes to help with your branding efforts. One of the most important features to include is your company logo. logos are a strong representation of the image of the business and should be carefully displayed to create the desired impact.

It is an image that your clients will come to recognize and may inspire them to either make repeat purchases or recommend you to other potential customers. Here are a few ways you can better design custom boxes with logo to generate a better return on their investment.

Use Color

It is often economical and easier to stick to plain brown boxes for your business. To add some distinction, you can opt to have the logo design in color. Pick colors that are synonymous with your brand identity. Like how we have come to recognize the use of red, white, and sometimes black in Coca-Cola merchandise.

You can use color in just the name of your brand and the logo itself. Alternatively, you can use color for the background effect, just around the name and logo. Do not make the design too complicated to ensure easy recognition.

Give Your Logo Space

Ensure that you leave a reasonable amount of free space around your logo. Do not allow this branding to be closely located to other information like the packaging label or list of box contents. This will reduce the chance of confusion.

Leaving free space around the logo design will also make it more noticeable even to a casual observer. This is a good way to add recognition as it will draw the eye. The consensus is that you should have a border that is at least 10% of the total width of your logo at any time, be it when applied to custom boxes or your business cards.

Be Unique

It is bad business to allow any confusion or ideas of plagiarism to arise concerning your logo. You need to ensure that your custom boxes with logo are not just simple, but also unique. It should be a design that is new yet can grow to be easily recognizable and relevant to your industry.

Be sure to check that it is not similar to competitors or other prominent businesses in your area. You do not want to have disputes with anyone over an image you trying to attract customers with and encourage brand loyalty.

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