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What are Custom Setup Boxes?

There are boxes and then there are boxes! The boxes you might be familiar with are plain with no pizzazz. But the boxes, well, they have all the pizzazz you will want to show off your merchandise. A Custom setup box is one of these special boxes. A custom set up box is used primarily for luxury items or items that are more personal, like jewelry or perfume.

Custom boxes come in all kinds styles. They can be made of chipboard or paperboard. They can be laminated for a glossy look. You can have a custom setup box made with a hinged lid and a magnetic closing with custom foam inserts to secure the product from damage. Choose an appropriate color for the box and incorporate your logo. The options are almost endless!

Nowadays you need to grab the consumer’s attention as quickly as possible. Imagine you are looking at a display case of expensive watches. There are probably 50 different watches on display. Which watch is going to catch your eye? Will it be the watch packaged on a plastic holder or the one packaged in a richly colored box lined in velvet or satin? I’m guessing you’ll pick the watch in the more elegant packaging. One way to grab the consumer’s attention is to use custom setup boxes. Taking the care to package your product in an elegant way, lets the customer know if you take care in the packaging, you will take care in the quality of the product itself.

When choosing to use a custom setup box, the design of the box is imperative. The design must be pleasing to the eye as well as functional. Your product might need protection if it is fragile or something that can be damaged if not packed firmly. There are foam insets to add to your setup box to ensure stability without taking away from the overall look of the packaging. Picking a package style that matches the product size is another must when choosing your setup box. Should you choose a square box for a bottle of wine or would a longer, rectangular box be more appropriate? What about squeezing a product into a box that just fits it? Saving money on a smaller box might give the wrong impression to the consumer. Be thoughtful about how to best display your product.

These days when consumers have so many choices to pick from, make sure your product stands out. Design a custom setup box that makes your product pop and your profits will as well.

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