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Types of Custom Printed Display Boxes

For many manufacturers, getting their product noticed on store shelves is imperative. It has to compete with a vast number of other products to catch the eye of the consumer. It would do no good to blend into the background when a potential customer browses by. It has to be creative and colorful enough to pop up and say “pick me”! To do this there are many different kinds of custom printed display boxes.

One kind of display box is the custom display counter top display box. When displaying your merchandise on a shelf or counter this display box will get the job done. There are custom paperboard displays and corrugated cardboard displays. Both types can be completely customized. The boxes can be die cut to the size and shape desired and shipped flat for you to assemble into your unique counter top display. The box can be custom printed with a process for up to 4 colors to display your brand name or logo.

Another type of custom printed display box is a counter top shipper display box. These display boxes usually hold more of an item and are displayed so the customer can pick the desired amount. The beauty of these boxes are, they serve two purposes; they are the shipping container and the display box. These are custom printable just like the counter top display boxes. They are both sturdy and attractive. This type of display box also comes flat and is assembled to form the display box.

A stand up floor display is another example of a custom printed display box you might use to display your products in a store. The styles of a stand up floor display are many. You might choose one that holds books or brochures. Another style might be like a big bin that would hold basketballs or soccer balls. What about one that is made to have spaces for toys to fit in? The ideas are endless. Customizing these display boxes draws attention to your product. Imagine the profits from the increased business you will attract!

Trying to come up with an idea that is appropriate for your product might seem overwhelming. Don’t sweat it. Cactus Containers has an experienced and knowledgeable staff to guide you through the process. From helping you with the type of custom display box to the style of printing you want. They are with you every step of the way to help guarantee your success.

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