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The Advantages of Folding Cardboard Boxes

Shipping boxes, display boxes, die cut boxes and any other type of box you can think of can help to solve your problem of storing, shipping or displaying your merchandise. These boxes can be plain or custom printed to enhance the product and get your name out there. These boxes solve a multitude of problems for business owners, merchandisers and retailers. The one big problem can be the boxes themselves.

What exactly do you do with all the boxes you need prior to putting them into use? Most business owners, merchandisers and retailers have limited space. It’s necessary to make the most of every inch of room available to them. Boxes, piled up one on top of another, will soon consume any extra space available. And space equals dollars spent. The folding cardboard box is the answer to this dilemma. Imagine how much room you could save storing folding boxes versus a container that’s pre-assembled.

Folding cardboard boxes come in many styles and shapes and are made of various materials. Some folding corrugated boxes have solid cardboard sides. Your product inside is secure and protected behind the strength of the box. Other folding boxes have an acetate window. The window is a great way to display your product. Both types are used when displaying products on retailer’s shelves for customers to see.

You don’t need to think of a folding cardboard box as being a plain boring box. They can be custom printed! Your logo or product description can be printed on the box in up to a 4 color process. There’s no need to sweat coming up with an eye-catching design, the experienced designers at Cactus Corrugated Containers will be happy to help you pick the perfect design and finish coating for your folding box!

Saving space, saving money and displaying your product. There are many advantages to using a folding corrugated box. There isn’t a downside to these boxes at all. Although many of these boxes need to be assembled before using, it’s simple, not a complex assembly. There aren’t pages of complicated instructions to read through. They come flat; cut and scored to show how the box is folded into the display or storage container you need. With your custom printed design on them these boxes are made to show off your product to the customer. Let us show you the many eye-catching styles we have.

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