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What is a Point of Purchase Display?

If you are new to the container world, there are many terms you probably aren’t familiar with. There are set up boxes, fiber tubes, wooden boxes, ballot boxes, suitcase boxes, a full overlap container, a RSC and the list goes on and on. Most people don’t realize there are all these kinds of boxes. Boxes are more than just a square cardboard container to ship and store things in. What box you decide to use if you are in business can make or break your bottom line. Choose the wrong type of box for your needs and it can mean money down the drain.

Merchandisers and retailers are very familiar with another type of box; a point of purchase display box. The rest of us haven’t a clue as to what this is. A point of purchase display box is a box designed to catch the attention of the consumer as it sits on shelves or counters. You’ve seen them in many retail stores. All those candy boxes at the grocery store register and all the boxes that hold lip gloss and gum at the counter are point of purchase boxes. Larger point of purchase display boxes can be stand up boxes that can be placed in a retail store in a high traffic area to get the optimum exposure to consumers. The larger point of purchase boxes might be at the end of an aisle and hold bread or a piece of sport equipment.

Point of purchase display boxes can be stock or customized. Large or small display boxes come either stock or custom. Stock point of purchase display boxes come in various sizes and are plain with no print, but can be printed if desired. A custom point of purchase display box can be made in any shape desired by the customer. The customized boxes can also be printed with the brand name, business logo or other information as desired. Whatever your vision is for your product it can be made into a reality with the right container company.

You might need some guidance on the exact type of display box you’ll need. What size? Will you need a large quantity or a small quantity of pop displays? Cactus Containers has experienced designers to assist with any information you need. They have invaluable ideas to help make your point of purchase display box a selling force to be reckoned with!

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