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Using Custom Boxes to Boost Business

folding carton with window cut outThe key to business success lies in being able to grow. The more revenue and profits you generate, the longer the business can be sustained and expanded. However, this growth relies very much on being able to make your brand more visible and viewed favorably by existing and new clients. The packaging that you use can play a significant role in branding and therefore growing your business.

Artistic Touch

The visual appeal of your packaging will be key in making your brand memorable and recognizable. When deciding on the design of your custom boxes, it is advisable to use motifs, imagery, font, and colors that best relate to what impression you want to give of your brand and the type of products you offer. Keeping in line with the expectations of clients is vital. While you should generally stick to toned-down shades and artwork for formal businesses, you can also be more vibrant when dealing with a more open-minded and younger clientele.

Provide Communication Links

With the rise of e-commerce, it has become much easier to connect with existing and new clients. From web addresses to QR codes, you can easily display a link that leads to your business platform on a customized box. Even the more traditional telephone numbers, physical and mail addresses can also be easily indicated on the boxes themselves or on simple labels you can stick on.

Box Design

Once you have the aesthetics down, you also need to factor in the design and functionality of the box itself. There are many different box designs to choose from, including mailers, suitcase boxes, and cut-out wraps. Depending on the type of product, you will need to consider what type of custom boxes to invest in for your business. Consider such factors as cost, appearance, ease of use, function, and shipping needs. Consult with the box manufacturer to figure out which designs will be of most benefit to your brand.

Work with Professionals

This is particularly important where your business is new and you are trying to cut out a niche for yourself in the market. Conduct your own market research but also work with professionals who can guide you on such issues as what designs to try. Manufacturers that also provide design services are a good option as the cost can be lower and they have likely worked with many such clients in the same field. Come in with your own ideas and let them help you shape them into a refined final design that will make your products stand out in the market.


Benefits of Investing in Custom Printed Boxes

custom printed box, set up box

A customized box can come at a cost, but it speaks volumes about your business. There are many ways in which the packaging of your products is important to your customers. Custom designs and packaging are a way of letting customers know you care about how they view your brand. There is no doubt that your product’s quality matters more, but custom printed boxes set you apart from the crowd.

Regardless of the type of business you run, look at the benefits of investing in customized printed boxes.

It Meets Customer Expectations

From state of the art website designs to product labels, a customer today expects a lot more than in previous years. The outward appearance of a package can be either appealing or a bore. If you make your packaging attractive, it becomes more noticeable.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to please your customers and potential customers. It can translate to increased sales and therefore higher profit margins.

It Builds Brand Awareness

Imagine the long journey packages travel to various destinations and how many people see or interact with it. There is a possibility that a large amount of people see the package before it reaches its destination. A customized box is crucial for ensuring that the brand image imprints on people’s minds. Human curiosity will drive some people to want to know more about your brand.

It’s an Automatic Marketing Tool

You don’t have to pay for a billboard to market your products or brand any longer. The cost of advertising can be hefty. You can focus your energies on good packaging. Custom printed boxes are an excellent marketing tool. The social platforms love unique packaging, and your popularity can skyrocket in a day. There is a high likelihood that a customer will share photos of either good or bad packaging. Should this happen to be you, it is safer if it is on the positive side.

Your Product’s Quality Will be Perceived Differently

Most people expect the outward appearance of something to match its quality. It’s more of what you see is what you get. When you improve the quality of packaging with some custom design and color, most people will have a better perception of the product. Making your custom packaging look high-end positively affects how customers view your products.

Branding is essential for the growth of a business. Plan for and include product packaging as a way of marketing your brand. Besides, opening a well packaged product feels good.

3 Basics in Using a Custom Printed Box

Custom shipping regular slotted carton box

Probably you may be asking yourself, “Why does packaging exist, in the first place?” There are many reasons why manufacturers, retailers, and shipping companies used packaging boxes. Also, the applications or purposes of the packaging boxes are evolving. In the past, you could have boxes used to just package a product with the aim of protecting it and ensuring it arrives in good shape. With time, the users of the packaging products have discovered ways in which they can utilize them more productively – like using a double-sword approach – to protect items and inform the consumers. If you have a custom printed box you will use it to protect what you have put inside among other uses like promoting the brand.

So, what are the main aims of today’s packaging boxes?

1. Protecting Items or Products Inside

The principal reason you order for a packaging solution is to place the products to protect them. There is a lot of activity in the distribution chain – a product moves through different locations and needs protection. Even when it’s placed on the shelves in the retail store, it should be protected from mishandling or unexpected falls. A packaging box will help serve this purpose and ensure during the shelve-life of the product or during shipment, it is in proper form and doesn’t suffer damages.

2. Delivering the Product Safely

When talking about the delivery of a product, it simply implies transportation. When a product is in transit, it is exposed to many risks, including damage from weather, poor handling, and other elements. A packaging box helps ensure that the product is transported safely to the destination – whether via land, sea, or air transport. During the time products are being transported or shipped, they need to be packed properly. So, it’s not just about the packaging, but how you do it. You need to ensure the items don’t move around the box. You can use various techniques to ensure the packaged products are held firmly in place without movements.

3. Communicating to Audiences

Today, brands are using packaging boxes to pass across their brand messages. You have boxes that are printed with highly curated messages about a brand. They are used as a marketing tool for a business or brand. Depending on what you want to communicate with the customers, you can have a customized message printed on the boxes. An important thing to mention here is that brands are getting more creative so that they distinguish themselves from their competitors. The area of communication is one of the design aspects companies capitalize on to place them above the competition.

When designing the boxes, businesses need to understand their customers. They need to know their audiences and what they expect to see as brand information on the packaging boxes. It’s likely that customers don’t have all the time to read every other detail placed on the box, so being smart, precise, targeted, and to the point is a good idea.

A packaging box can make or break a brand in different ways. If you have a box that isn’t firm enough, it can expose the products to damage. The product could arrive in a box that is tattered or torn out giving a bad impression about your brand. Also, if the design isn’t attractive, it could give a plain, or just-the-ordinary feeling to the customer who receives the products. You can spruce up the unboxing experience customers have when they receive your products by having customized box designs. The simple changes in packaging box designs can help you create an emotional attachment between the customer and the product you sell.

Product Shipping with a Customized Box

Customized Box

Packaging of products is something that businesses and product manufacturers should thoughtfully think about. When you are shipping products, you don’t just want to deliver them to the customers, you also want the customers to have a unique unboxing experience. The kind of packing material you use can make or break that experience the customers gets when he or she first opens the boxes to access their product. Custom print boxes come in handy when you want to ship a product in style while also ensuring great protection and enhanced customer experience.

Specialty Box Designs

Custom shipping boxes can be designed to have a variety of logo print options. It’s exciting when the long-awaited package gets to your doorstep with a distinctive logo. There are many ways you can customize the design aspects of your packaging materials from regular cardboard with 2-color prints to the more premium-grade printing done across the entire packaging box. You will be able to give the package an unmistakable look. When ordering the packaging material, you can search the style you want and even include specialty designs like die-cut boxes and display boxes or windowed boxes.

Custom Shipping Tape

You don’t have to use the same, boring clear or brown color for the shipping tape. There are great choices of tapes you can get having a brand logo and colors. You can have shipping tapes with branding features printed on them. They can also be designed with great looking colors to offer the visual appeal you need for the customers.

Mailer boxes with Cushioning and Inserts

When designing packages for products, you can use box insert pieces to help protect the product while shipping or in storage spaces. When you’re shipping products like perfumes, for instance, you want them to not only sit on the box firmly held but also appear elegant. Things like inserts in the boxes to make your products appear unique and create a better experience for the customers. If you are running a monthly mailer service, for instance, you can have custom top-folded boxes with numerous inserts designed to cushion the products you are shipping while also offering display. The inner dividers may be customized depending on the product you ship.

The responsibility of shipping products safely and securely lies with the seller. You need to make sure you protect the package from things like mishandling and misuse by having the right packaging material. The structural integrity of the customized box is something you need to keep in mind when designing the packing materials.

Color and your Custom Printed Box

Custom Printed Box

Did you know that color psychology is a big reason why some companies succeed while others suffer? The way that the mind perceives and responds to different colors can help define your product, your company, and whether consumers want to open your customized box or not.  

Take for example restaurants. There is a reason why many nice dining restaurants use red to decorate. When people are enjoying a fine dinner, they tend to linger for a long time and talk. One way to resolve this is by surrounding patron’s in red which raises blood pressure and irritability levels to a point where a customer is subconsciously ready to leave. In restaurant terms that means they get people in and out. The same can be said for your customized box and designs.  

Here are four colors and why they are so important to your custom printed box.  


Have you ever walked into a retail store that was blindingly white? White indicates purity, cleanliness, and a sense of space. So, when your customer receives a white yet uniquely custom printed box, they may have a sense of freedom and openness similar to embarking on a fresh adventure.   


Depending on the product you are shipping it is important to find a color to display the emotions you want your customer to feel. Blue provides calmness, serenity, loyalty, and wisdom. Much like the saying that you can never be upset with anyone dressed in blue, the same thought process goes behind a customized box that is predominantly blue.  


You’ve probably noticed a lot of orange on boxes lately. This is a color popular with Millennials as it indicates an optimistic spirit full of energy, warmth, and stimulation. In addition, orange is commonly used in food products as it stimulates the mind to release chemicals that cause you to feel hungry. So, if you sell mixed nuts or chocolates, orange may be the way to go.  


Green can trigger two emotions. The first is one of prosperity or wealth and the second is naturally one of harmony, tranquility and calmness. As the world becomes a greener place so does our marketing. A custom printed box with an emphasis on green helps your customer feel connected with you as an eco-friendly sign of prosperity.  

Color psychology can help your business grow as long as you understand the needs of your customers and the emotion that your product – and custom printed box – should draw.  

The different Uses of a Custom Display Box

These boxes are unique because they are made to fit the preference and demand of the customer. Boxes are the easiest way to keep products organized. The customized box can be made into whatever type of box you want and be made into accessory holders, scrap bin, gift box, product keeper or anything. A custom display box does not have to be any specific size or shape and can be used like any other box such as a cosmetic box, die cut box, candy box, cube box, shipping boxes, display box and any other box you want. You can design it and use it however you want.

The custom box is a way to design an everyday box either for personal or business that will be useful. It can also be used to present samples to clients who will admire the service and way of presenting the samples to the others which will cast a good impression to others. For personal use the custom display boxes can be used by artists to display their pictures, to commemorate a special occasion where adding a simple photo on the box can change the appearance to fit a seasonal theme.

The boxes are not made using tapes or staples in their formation. They are formed using a flat paper or cards for the packaged product. The packaging material is made available in a cutting form which can be used again. The steps used in the packaging material of the custom boxes is a stock of 12pt or 14pt with a cardstock of 100lb or 120lb. It is in the printing process where full CMYK or PMS (Pantone Matching System) color schemes that are 100% eco-friendly – made from vegetable and soy – are applied to the paper. The UV coating on the papers or cards is optional which is given to protect the print. There is also a lamination cover that is applied in two types, mate and glossy.

Custom display boxes are simple ways to promote products and an easy way of catching a customer’s attention when displaying the product. It is also a way of building the company’s brand as visual merchandising is key to any good marketing plan to ensure that the company’s product stands out. Gifting someone a custom display box is a sure way of putting thought to a gift. The custom display boxes are also reusable which makes them eco-friendly.

Why Choose Custom Boxes?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you are packaging an item and things just do not fit properly? Have you ever tried to think of a great way to market a good and something was just missing? Look no further because with a customized box, all your needs can be met and more. Custom boxes can offer you so much more than just durability and protection. Think about all of the holidays that occur throughout the year. Wouldn’t it be nice to put a present in a customized box just to make the occasion a little more memorable and special?

The high demand for shipping within the business world is skyrocketing, and let’s face it, cutting costs without sacrificing quality is highly important. Shipping items can become costly and especially when you purchase pre-made sized boxes, they may not perfectly accommodate your needs either. At Cactus Corrugated Containers, you can choose the size, color and type of box as well as box accessories. More companies are conducting research because they are trying to meet their strict budget. Luckily for everyone, customized boxes are easier to come by than one may think.

One of the greatest benefits of a custom box over your run of the mill typical brown cardboard box would be branding and marketing. First impressions are everything, if you see two of the same item – you will naturally be more drawn to the item that is packaged and presented in a bright and innovative way. Now you are given the opportunity to propel your brand into high gear and increase the visibility of your product!

As far as size goes, with a custom box – you can ensure that your product will perfectly fit within and will reach the desired party safely. Please feel free to contact us to help you choose what particular type of box would best suit your needs. Not only will you be saving money, you will not need to worry about wasting materials or space which typically occurs when using standard boxes.

Customized boxes can be easily broken down and put together as well. After finding out the proper dimensions in which you will need, the rest is smooth sailing. Whether you work for a large/small business or need customization for personal use; let us handle the technicalities while you sit back and wait for your high quality, reasonably priced customized boxes.

Custom Print Boxes and Their Different Types

A box doesn’t have to be boring. A box doesn’t have to be plain. They aren’t necessarily all square or rectangle. There are actually many different types of boxes. It’s not one size or look fits all. Gone are the days when you package something in a box that’s too big and stuff it full of paper to try and ensure a safe shipping journey. Today you can design your own customized box.

All types of boxes can be customized. Shipping boxes can be customized in size to accurately match the size of the product being shipped. They can be of different weight cardboard for extra strength when packaging heavier products. The box can be closed using different types of end flaps. And the outside of the box can be printed with your company’s logo or colors.

There are customized specialty boxes that help showcase your product. These custom print boxes allow your product to stand out from all the rest. These boxes can be made from various types of cardboard materials, fiber or even wood. By placing a custom insert in these boxes you can ensure the stability and protection of your product. These specialty boxes can be designed with different types of closures including magnetic or Velcro. To give your customized printed specialty box a high end look it can even have a high gloss film laminate applied. An absolutely beautiful presentation!

You can custom print a die cut box for your product. These boxes are cut exactly to your specifications. The size, cut and number of folds are all determined by your needs. These boxes are ideal for ballots, gift boxes, mailer boxes, suitcase style boxes and cut out wrap boxes. All die cut boxes can be custom printed with your choice of colors and your logo to make them pop.

You can customize any box you need. The reasons to customize are many. Custom print boxes have your company name right on the outside for product name recognition. They draw attention to your product raising your bottom line. Designing a customized box might sound difficult. If you have a product name, company logo or color choice that represents your product you’re over halfway there. Our design team will work with you to design the perfect customized box for you. It’s as easy as a phone call. What are you waiting for?