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The different Uses of a Custom Display Box

These boxes are unique because they are made to fit the preference and demand of the customer. Boxes are the easiest way to keep products organized. The customized box can be made into whatever type of box you want and be made into accessory holders, scrap bin, gift box, product keeper or anything. A custom display box does not have to be any specific size or shape and can be used like any other box such as a cosmetic box, die cut box, candy box, cube box, shipping boxes, display box and any other box you want. You can design it and use it however you want.

The custom box is a way to design an everyday box either for personal or business that will be useful. It can also be used to present samples to clients who will admire the service and way of presenting the samples to the others which will cast a good impression to others. For personal use the custom display boxes can be used by artists to display their pictures, to commemorate a special occasion where adding a simple photo on the box can change the appearance to fit a seasonal theme.

The boxes are not made using tapes or staples in their formation. They are formed using a flat paper or cards for the packaged product. The packaging material is made available in a cutting form which can be used again. The steps used in the packaging material of the custom boxes is a stock of 12pt or 14pt with a cardstock of 100lb or 120lb. It is in the printing process where full CMYK or PMS (Pantone Matching System) color schemes that are 100% eco-friendly – made from vegetable and soy – are applied to the paper. The UV coating on the papers or cards is optional which is given to protect the print. There is also a lamination cover that is applied in two types, mate and glossy.

Custom display boxes are simple ways to promote products and an easy way of catching a customer’s attention when displaying the product. It is also a way of building the company’s brand as visual merchandising is key to any good marketing plan to ensure that the company’s product stands out. Gifting someone a custom display box is a sure way of putting thought to a gift. The custom display boxes are also reusable which makes them eco-friendly.

Different Types Of Custom Display Boxes

Displaying products is one of the easiest and fastest ways of reaching clients by promoting and selling itself, especially, if it is going to sit on the store shelves. It can be through brochures or credit application forms or as a standup floor display for larger items. A custom display box is one of the most effective ways of reaching the customers. They can be custom fit to the product easily and through the customized printing, make it a very handsome point of sale display. It can be used for cutlery, CD’s, or DVDs’. Getting attention on a counter is hard, but with the different ways of display, it gets easier and the customers will be impressed. The displays can range from the small bin type or multi-level with sculptured header cards. The displays include:

Stock Counter-Top Displays have dozens of sizes to choose from. They can either be plain or customized with printing on the header or the entire box. Since they are small, they are extremely affordable and can even come in the form of die-cut boxes. They have trays and tiers that can be used to create your own custom display.

Custom Counter-Top Displays offer displays in any color, shape or size that you could ever ask for. There are different styles, like the stock counter top display box, which includes a side brochure holder, counter display or a counter top display.

The Custom Counter-Top Shipper Displays offer displays in any size, shape or color. Since it is customized, it will cost a little more than stock displays. They come in different styles like the shipper display, custom counter-top shipper display.

The Custom Stand-up Displays are designed and made to stand out from the internal pieces to the supports. There are many styles of this display like the Custom Display, 24-Cell Stand Up Display.

The Stock Stand-up Floor Displays are an economical way of displaying your products since it is so economical. It can come either plain or be customized through printing. The displays can come from just one tray or tier, which serves as the holder of the products, to several trays or tiers.

The materials used to make these custom display boxes range from corrugated cardboards, paperboards, chipboards and E-flute boards. The prints used to customize the display boxes range from the one color flexographic, two color process, four color lithographic laminate to the full color prints.