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Product Shipping with a Customized Box

Customized Box

Packaging of products is something that businesses and product manufacturers should thoughtfully think about. When you are shipping products, you don’t just want to deliver them to the customers, you also want the customers to have a unique unboxing experience. The kind of packing material you use can make or break that experience the customers gets when he or she first opens the boxes to access their product. Custom print boxes come in handy when you want to ship a product in style while also ensuring great protection and enhanced customer experience.

Specialty Box Designs

Custom shipping boxes can be designed to have a variety of logo print options. It’s exciting when the long-awaited package gets to your doorstep with a distinctive logo. There are many ways you can customize the design aspects of your packaging materials from regular cardboard with 2-color prints to the more premium-grade printing done across the entire packaging box. You will be able to give the package an unmistakable look. When ordering the packaging material, you can search the style you want and even include specialty designs like die-cut boxes and display boxes or windowed boxes.

Custom Shipping Tape

You don’t have to use the same, boring clear or brown color for the shipping tape. There are great choices of tapes you can get having a brand logo and colors. You can have shipping tapes with branding features printed on them. They can also be designed with great looking colors to offer the visual appeal you need for the customers.

Mailer boxes with Cushioning and Inserts

When designing packages for products, you can use box insert pieces to help protect the product while shipping or in storage spaces. When you’re shipping products like perfumes, for instance, you want them to not only sit on the box firmly held but also appear elegant. Things like inserts in the boxes to make your products appear unique and create a better experience for the customers. If you are running a monthly mailer service, for instance, you can have custom top-folded boxes with numerous inserts designed to cushion the products you are shipping while also offering display. The inner dividers may be customized depending on the product you ship.

The responsibility of shipping products safely and securely lies with the seller. You need to make sure you protect the package from things like mishandling and misuse by having the right packaging material. The structural integrity of the customized box is something you need to keep in mind when designing the packing materials.

The Different Styles of Custom Print Boxes

Today, custom boxes are made in such a way that they suit the customer’s need. They can be made plain or with any number of customizations. Most of them are customized through printing. Printing can be done either on the header or on the entire box. They are, however, different ways that the custom print boxes can be printed. The prints include:

The one color floodcoat is a style of print used on Counter Displays, which is made from corrugated cardboard.

The one color flexographic is a print used in Stand Up Display boxes and Counter Display boxes. The material it is used on is corrugated cardboard.

The two color flexographic matte finish print can be used on the Counter Display boxes with a side brochure holder. The material the print is used on is the corrugated white B Flute. It leads to the customers being able to easily pick up and view the product to the point of taking the brochure.

The two color lithographic laminate print style is used on the Custom Counter-Top Shipper Display boxes on the paperboard material. The other print styles that use these boxes and materials are the two color process and two color spot lithographic laminate.

The four color process of custom printed boxes used with Shipper Display boxes use the four color process print style. The material it uses it on is chipboard or paperboard.

The four color lithographic laminate is a print used on the Custom Counter-Top Display box. It is also used on the stand up displays. The print is used on the corrugated cardboard.

The Custom Counter-Top Shipper Display box type uses the four color process Lithographic Laminate which works best on the E Flute corrugated board material.

The four color header print is used in the Custom Display boxes. The materials the print works on are the corrugated cardboards.

The four color spot litho laminate is a print used on the paperboard material. The box type that uses this print includes paperboard.

The full color print is used on the Custom Counter-Top Shipper Display box types. It is used on the corrugated material.

The four color lithographic laminate and flood-coated print is used on the Counter Display box type. It is used on corrugated materials.

The different prints enable one to customize their boxes which can be use for display, storage or shipping to attract clients and show how much effort they have taken into their presentation.

Custom Print Boxes and Their Different Types

A box doesn’t have to be boring. A box doesn’t have to be plain. They aren’t necessarily all square or rectangle. There are actually many different types of boxes. It’s not one size or look fits all. Gone are the days when you package something in a box that’s too big and stuff it full of paper to try and ensure a safe shipping journey. Today you can design your own customized box.

All types of boxes can be customized. Shipping boxes can be customized in size to accurately match the size of the product being shipped. They can be of different weight cardboard for extra strength when packaging heavier products. The box can be closed using different types of end flaps. And the outside of the box can be printed with your company’s logo or colors.

There are customized specialty boxes that help showcase your product. These custom print boxes allow your product to stand out from all the rest. These boxes can be made from various types of cardboard materials, fiber or even wood. By placing a custom insert in these boxes you can ensure the stability and protection of your product. These specialty boxes can be designed with different types of closures including magnetic or Velcro. To give your customized printed specialty box a high end look it can even have a high gloss film laminate applied. An absolutely beautiful presentation!

You can custom print a die cut box for your product. These boxes are cut exactly to your specifications. The size, cut and number of folds are all determined by your needs. These boxes are ideal for ballots, gift boxes, mailer boxes, suitcase style boxes and cut out wrap boxes. All die cut boxes can be custom printed with your choice of colors and your logo to make them pop.

You can customize any box you need. The reasons to customize are many. Custom print boxes have your company name right on the outside for product name recognition. They draw attention to your product raising your bottom line. Designing a customized box might sound difficult. If you have a product name, company logo or color choice that represents your product you’re over halfway there. Our design team will work with you to design the perfect customized box for you. It’s as easy as a phone call. What are you waiting for?