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Storing Cardboard Packaging Boxes Safely

Custom cardboard box
It is common practice for businesses today to retain some stock of packaging boxes for shipping. With more consumers shopping online and remotely, businesses need shipping boxes and packaging so they can send out shipments of orders.

Since it is inefficient and uneconomical to have to place orders for shipping boxes from box makers too frequently, it makes sense to store these materials in-house and use them as orders come in. Especially around peak shopping periods when you can have many orders in a single day. Here are some tips on how best to store these boxes so they remain in good shape until you need to utilize them.

Keep flat

Cardboard packaging boxes will typically arrive from box makers when already flattened. They can be opened up and folded correctly to accommodate items before sealing and shipping. The flattened design is very helpful during storage as it is space-saving and makes it easy for several boxes to be shifted at a go. Cardboard boxes are lightweight so this transfer is made even easier. Keep them in this flattened shape so you can store more boxes even in limited storage space.

Organize according to size

Many businesses require shipping boxes of different sizes to accommodate custom orders. Always try to organize boxes according to size during storage. This will make it easier and faster to figure out what is the most appropriately sized box for a particular shipment. It will also ensure that you can easily track the range of boxes you have and make an order for more from the box maker when certain sizes start to run low.

Only pack when needed

Do not remove a box from storage to start packing until when you are getting ready to arrange for shipment. Having many packed boxes around the place long before they need to go out may eat into what limited commercial space you have for your business. Just ensure you leave enough time before the shipments are to be sent out or picked to properly package, seal, and label the boxes.

Regularly inspect

Cardboard material while great for shipping, can also often attract pests. The material can be used as food or for nesting. This is why you should ideally store the boxes away from the floor. You also need to keep inspecting them to ensure they have not been attacked by pests, or come in contact with water that can also disfigure and weaken the material.

Small Cardboard Packaging Boxes

folding carton with window cut out
Whether it is packing for a move or products you will be shipping out to customers, many people often consider small
boxes and packaging to be a minor issue. In reality, there should be as much concern when packing a small box as when packing a large one. Especially if you consider that the contents can often be fragile and heavy. Here are some tips to adhere to when packing small cardboard packaging boxes to avoid the risk of damage while in transit.   

Use for Heavy Items 

Small but heavy items should ideally be packed individually, especially if they are unique. Having them in larger boxes may cause them to rattle around and damage the other less heavy contents. Where possible, pack like items together. For instance, pack items such as books and kitchen utensils on their own.  

Set an Adequate Limit 

Small boxes should not be too heavy. This may compromise the integrity of the box and cause items to fall out. It can also make carrying them around without machinery very difficult. No more than about 50 pounds should be sufficient. Make use of a weighing machine to ensure you do not go over this limit. If you do, consider splitting the contents of the box into even smaller boxes with filler materials or inserts to keep the contents stable.  

No Over Stuffing 

Choose boxes and packaging size that is appropriate to the contents. Do not allow the contents to overflow, forcing you to use extra packing material to hold the contents within. When you use packing materials like tape, it should be just to seal the box, not keep the contents confined within because they want to burst out. You would rather use a larger box and add filler materials like newspaper or packing peanuts to stabilize the contents.  

Stack According to Weight 

Even though it may seem like smaller boxes should be on top, use weight as a guide. The heavier the box, despite its size, the lower it should go. Too heavy a box on top may damage those below and the contents they hold. This kind of stacking also increases the risk of toppling when in transit. These boxes should preferably be placed on a level surface and not on upholstered furniture like sofas. Heavy boxes rubbing against fabric can cause it to tear. The same applies to placing them on fine wood surfaces that can easily be tarnished.  


Safely Dispose of Shipping Boxes

Cardboard packaging boxes- Eco-Friendly

As more consumers opt to shop from home, businesses are being forced to invest more in
boxes for packaging. Thankfully, most packaging used for shipping is affordable, and even where it is not, businesses can add this cost to their pricing to make up the difference and still make a profit. However, with just about every online delivery meaning shoppers are receiving new packaging, the concern then becomes how to safely dispose of them without harming the environment or contravening local laws. Many people lack the space or desire to want to save even a box that is in good condition. Here’s how to dispose of this waste responsibly.  

Recycle Boxes for Packaging

Most cardboard products are recyclable. More so if they have not been damaged by liquids or oil, as happens with food containers. Your packing materials may also not be recyclable if it has been contaminated by chemicals. If you have a recycling center near where you live, this would be the best place to dispose of old boxes for packaging 

Most towns and cities have such facilities so look up the closest one online and any instructions they give on how to use their services. You will likely be instructed on how to break down the box to remove plastics like packing tape and sections damaged by chemicals, liquids, and oil. You may also need to flatten and fold the box so it can fit into the recycling bin when delivering.  


Cardboard makes for a good addition to compost. If you have your own garden, you can cut up the cardboard into small pieces and soak it in water before adding it to your compost mix. Cardboard is a good source of carbon that will feed the microorganisms in your compost, providing them a source of energy for them to do their work. If you do not have a garden, check with local nurseries or farms that may appreciate this contribution.  

Give for Reuse 

Another option would be to give out the boxes for reuse by someone else. You can check with local community centers to see if they need them. Those that offer arts and crafts courses can often make use of them for projects. Check with local builders and painters. They often have a need for cardboard when doing renovation work as it can help keep the work area clean. Local retail stores can also likely inform you of people who normally check with them for boxes.


Don’t just throw away your shipping boxes after you have received your purchase. Choose the responsible way by recycling along with these two other methods too.  

How to Make Your Packaging Boxes Unique

boxes and packaging
Packaging boxes
have become an important way for businesses to showcase. Many consumers learn about new brands by looking at packages being delivered to people around them. It can also influence people that buy the products or receive them as gifts. With the right packaging design, you can encourage repeat business which accounts for the majority of revenue for businesses.  In an increasingly competitive business environment, it is important to find ways of standing apart from the rest. Here are some handy tips on how to use packaging to bring more attention to your brand.

Packaging Boxes with labels

These are a simple and effective communication tool. You can design in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Customize them to attractively match the image you want of your business. Ensure they prominently display vital information like the business name, location, and website.  You can even use QR codes to connect people to your website or social media sites. They can also be used functionally to ensure proper indication of the delivery address or to further seal the box so the contents do not end up falling out of boxes and packaging.

Packaging boxes inserts

Create colorful and intriguing inserts. It could be a thank you note for patronizing the business, or a professional business card they can keep and remember your brand. Depending on the nature of the product, the amount of effort you want to put in, and your target clientele, you can make these handwritten, or even use QR codes.

Custom packaging boxes

You can have all kinds of designs affordably added to your boxes and packaging. Customizing in terms of color and printing attractive designs can be a big help. Consider adding your company logo and slogan. You can even customize in keeping with the holidays.


We use filler to help stabilize and protect the contents of packaging boxes. Businesses can also use them to make their products and brand stand out. Instead of the usual packing peanuts, opt for printed paper with puzzles, crosswords, or maps. Give the person opening the box a reason to want to explore more. This can make your brand more memorable and likely to attract more business.

Be Creative

While the use of ribbons and self-locking boxes can help provide an elegant look, it is not particularly unique. Go onto sites like Pinterest and Etsy for ingenious and often affordable ways to get your packaging to stand out. From using newspaper as wrapping to twine or yarn in place of ribbons, there are many creative ways you can give your clients a unique unboxing experience.


Choosing the Right Packaging Company

Custom Mailer Box
The packaging of your products is vital. The products must reach your customers in perfect condition. That is what makes choosing the right packaging companies an essential decision for your business. Different companies have different packaging, which makes choosing what suits you a difficult task.

However, there are basic things that you can look out for when making that decision. Discussed below are the things to consider when choosing the right packaging company for your business.

Packaging company budget

This is the initial consideration before you can even begin the search for packaging companies. The extent of your budget determines the design and type of material you can use. Some outstanding designs or high-quality materials can be costly. Your choice of packaging material should not overwhelm your budget. Try as much as possible to accommodate these needs within your budget.

You can look for options through a packaging supplier to determine which companies offer affordable alternative materials. The point is to create a balance between your packaging needs and the budget.

Packaging company operation

You need to find out if the company uses standardized packaging materials. The company should be reputed for providing quality material procured through the proper channels. Packaging required the following the correct process. The company should do this regularly to maintain the required standard.

A good company’s operation also offers excellent customer service by supporting you towards your business’s success. Your chosen company should be reachable at all times to clear your concerns.

The Type of Materials They Use

When it comes to packaging material, quality should be above everything else. It will be futile to have a good design that does not end up serving its purpose. As stated elsewhere in this article, good packaging should ensure that products reach desired destinations in perfect condition. It also helps if the company used environmentally friendly materials.

Packaging company capabilities

You might want to consider a company with the capability of producing custom-made packaging whenever you are in need. You don’t have to need the services right away, but it is good to know that the service is available whenever you need it.

Make an informed Choice

Finding the right company to package your products may not be easy at first. Good research can often lead to enlightening findings. The easiest way to know a company’s reputation is from customer reviews left on their websites and social pages. There you might also get to know their packaging supplier and other helpful information.

Why Partner With An Environmentally Conscious Packaging Company

Custom cardboard box
If you look up a packaging company in your city, chances are a long list will come up. But not all packaging companies are made equal. It has become increasingly important to identify those that share the same values as your own. And one value that should be key in today’s climate is environmental consciousness.

We exist and rely on this world for our survival. We are therefore obligated to care for it, not just for ourselves, but also for future generations that will be impacted by our actions. It has become clear that how we consume has a significant impact on the environment. From the food we eat to how we travel, it all matters.

Businesses are having to increasingly invest in product packaging. This is mostly due to online shopping that is more convenient and safer. Items that would previously be picked from the shelves by shoppers now have to be wrapped and boxed up before being handed over to carriers. In choosing this packaging, it is best to go with an eco-friendly packaging company.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Ecofriendly packaging companies work hard to reduce their carbon footprint. They try to sell the bulk of their ware to local businesses to cut back on carbon emissions from shipping. They also advise clients on optimal dimensions for packaging. This reduces the amount of wasted space within boxes that means extra shipping costs, and less material going into construction.

Recyclable Products

Recyclable packaging is great for the environment as it means less waste ending up in landfills. The recycled boxes can be easily broken down and used to manufacture new boxes. This manufacturing process utilizes far less energy than when having to process raw materials.

Lower Cost

Environmentally conscious packaging companies that recycle suffer lower production costs. As said, the cost of processing recycled materials tends to be lower. The packaging solution designs they create also tend to be well engineered. They are thinner and tougher, meaning less material use and cost. These savings are passed on to their customers who enjoy lower pricing on their packaging material orders.


At the end of their life cycle, these packaging products can easily degrade. This means that even if thrown out into the environment, they easily disintegrate without much emissions or other lingering waste. Water resources and soils are also left undamaged as compared to traditional packaging like plastics that have proven problematic. Ecofriendly packaging is not printed on with toxic inks or coatings, hence no leaching of dangerous chemicals into the environment.

The Merits Of Custom Packaging For Farm Produce

Fruit Box Cardboard
Farming has become a growing business for many households across the globe. Now that people are staying home more, those with some land to spare are taking up this activity as a way to keep busy, save money on groceries, and make money. Those with a surplus that allows them to sell may find it beneficial to invest in some custom packaging for their produce.

Light in Weight

A cardboard custom box is quite lightweight and easy to handle. No matter the size. And if you are selling farm produce, you need packaging that will not add too much to the scale and is not tough to lug around.

Customizable Design

You can work with your box manufacturer to have any variety of designs applied to the custom box. From images to italicized writing, you can find different ways to make the packaging appealing and personalized. This can be done using non-toxic inks that would ensure your produce remains healthy and safe to consume even if they come in contact.

Customizable Size

If supplying stores and other sellers, you will likely want boxes that can fit on standard pallets. This can also work if you are direct selling produce that is loosely packed. You can also offer prepackaged products for retail sale. You can have custom boxes made to smaller specifications for this.

Soft Construction

While cardboard can have a good tensile strength that makes it able to support much heavier weights, it is also somewhat soft. The walls of these boxes have a cushioning effect. This is very useful with farm produce that can easily be bruised or otherwise damaged in transit. You can ensure your produce gets to market in the kind of unblemished state that appeals to shoppers.

Support Local Business

Custom cardboard packaging can often be found locally. It is ideal to choose a manufacturer that is locally based for multiple reasons. It is good practice to support local businesses like your own. It is a boon to the local economy and helps keep jobs around. It also means less hipping of the boxes to their ultimate destination of use. This is good for the environment as it means a lower carbon footprint.

Low Cost

Custom packaging that is made of cheap material like cardboard is easy to afford. For small businesses or farms with little money to spare, this is a benefit. Even if they make a small order of custom packaging from the manufacturer, the purchase cost should still be low. If they decide to pass on this expense to shoppers, it rarely adds much to unit prices.

Why Source For Packaging Companies Online

food packaging folding cartons
E-commerce has made it so individuals and businesses can source for just about anything online. People can make inquiries and place orders remotely. It is a convenient and efficient way to execute transactions.

One can however still visit offices and stores in person. Despite the trend towards online transactions, some still prefer this face-to-face interaction. Even when it comes to sourcing packaging materials. Many businesses would like to visit the premises of packaging companies to see for themselves how they operate. It helps them gauge the professionalism and capacity of the supplier. This is however unnecessary when you consider the benefits of choosing a packaging firm remotely.

Easy Communication

Contacting various cardboard packaging companies is easy to do in this day and age. Most will offer several channels of communication including a telephone number, email, website contact form, and social media. You can use any of these to make inquiries and get a quick response.


Most packaging companies are happy to provide samples of their product to interested customers. you will need to specify exactly what you want. Including if you require packaging design services. This can be important to any branding or marketing effort. The company will simply send you the samples so you can get a feel for the quality of their work.

Comparison Shopping

When you reach out to the various suppliers, then you can source for multiple quotes. This is typically done for free. You need only give them relevant details such as the particular type of boxes, dimensions, and quantity.

Remember to also request information on bulk discounts. This can be a big saving as unit price tends to be lower the larger the order. Also, note that shipping costs may vary depending on the location of the packaging company. Ensure this is factored into the quote.


Capacity is a common concern for buyers. they will want to know the company can deliver as promised whenever ordered. Chances are the packaging company you engage will become a repeat supplier. Without visiting the facility, a simple way to be assured is to contact other customers.

Many cardboard packaging companies will happily provide a listing of past customers that you can contact and verify such details with. Some will make the list available on request, or have the information posted somewhere on their website.

It is important to note that at times such as pandemics, movement should be limited. This is to limit exposure and safeguard the health of everyone involved. Conducting your business online can still be safe and effective when you take sensible precautions and inquiries.

Tips for Heavy Items In Double Wall Shipping Boxes

Heavy Duty Shipping Box
Whether you are looking to ship products to customers or just want to pack up your home for relocation, knowing how to handle heavy items is important. Many items will require boxing up rather than just wrapping. And using double wall shipping boxes will become necessary as we will explain below.

Double wall box strength

When organizing your packing materials, especially boxes, you need to ensure they can cope with the weight of the contents. Tensile strength will determine how well protected and your items will be. It refers to the maximum stress the walls of the box can endure before tearing apart. Corrugated cardboard material is the best for heavy-duty double wall shipping boxes and varies in terms of the weight they can handle.

Double wall box size

If ordering boxes for products that you sell and intend to ship to clients, you will likely be able to determine specific dimensions and order accordingly from a box manufacturer. For personal shipping needs, you should have more varied options based on the items you are packing for the move.

Getting a good fit is best to ensure optimal use of filler material and minimal movement when the double-wall box is in transit. If the items move easily when shaken it increases the risk of damage. Try to ensure a space of about 5 cm between the contents and the inner walls of the box to leave space for filler.

Box Filler

While you can get boxes in a variety of size dimensions, not all items you will pack will be box-shaped. Box fillers are materials you can use to fill up the empty space in boxes and provide extra padding that will reduce the risk of damage in the event of an impact.

Where possible, you should leave just little room around the contents for filler. Options such as bubble wrap, old newspaper, and Styrofoam chips and inserts are good options. They are quite lightweight and should not significantly add to the cost of shipping.


Once you have safely boxed up your heavy items, the next consideration should be how to secure it. A standard double wall box will have an openable top and bottom. Before you send the box out for shipment, you need to seal it properly to avoid items falling out.

Even before packing items into the box, it is best to seal the bottom side. Using a wide acrylic adhesive sealing tape is highly recommended. Run several overlapping strips over each edge for the best results.

How Small Businesses Should Optimize The Use Of Custom Packaging

Custom Mailer Box
Small business owners work hard to keep their expenses at a minimum. That often makes sense as they often have smaller budgets to work with and are still growing. But trying to minimize costs does not necessarily mean you have to go with the cheapest options. Sometimes spending a little extra can help deliver a higher return and increase sales.
Custom packaging is often seen as the preserve of higher-end businesses. It can however be a worthwhile investment for smaller businesses looking to build their brand. Here is how such businesses can make optimal use of this resource.

Keep It Simple

When choosing the design of your packaging, ensure that you remain focused on making your brand visible. Avoid busy designs that do not easily share information nor raise awareness on what you have to offer.

In many cases, less is more. Keep the imagery to a minimum and include only text that imparts key information like brand and product name. You can share a web address or incorporate a QR code as a means of leading customers to more information about your brand.

Go Premium

Not all packaging is made equal. While you can easily use a brown paper bag to pack your customers shopping, there is a stronger impact made when you use custom packaging. Whether it is a branded shopping bag, mailer box, or folding carton, shoppers are always impressed with quality packaging. They will better remember the brand and can recommend it to others who also see the packaging.

Customized packaging does not even need to be expensive. Sourcing quotes is a good way to find an affordable cardboard packaging provider who can offer good value for money. Remember that you can also make some savings by opting to buy your packaging materials in bulk. Finding a provider that also offers design services can further aid in achieving your goals without spending additionally.

Be Eco-Friendly

Today’s young consumers are more environmentally conscious and prefer to align themselves with brands that demonstrate the same level of responsibility. When choosing your packaging, it helps to select materials and designs that reflect this. your packaging should ideally be recycled and/or recyclable, from sustainable sources, and can easily decompose without leaving toxic remnants.

Discuss your options with your cardboard packaging provider to ensure they meet these standards. Ensuring that your packaging is eco-friendly can help boost your brand, encourage customer loyalty, positive reviews, and repeat business.

Why Manufacturers Should Invest In Custom Packaging Materials

selecting the right packaging materials
Packaging products can seem an expensive investment. More so for manufacturers who may find competitors that do not spend on the same. However, the return that can be gained from this investment often more than makes up for the associated cost. Custom packaging is a great way to uplift the visibility of your brand and protect your products. Let’s discuss these benefits in more detail below.

Safeguards Products

Having your products in a box is a good way to protect them from being damaged when on display. More so when you have a display window so customers can look at the product within. A box will not only provide a barrier against people handling the product, but it will also safeguard the contents during transport. Choices like corrugated cartons can withstand the pressures of stacking and rough handling, ensuring products arrive at their destinations in pristine condition.

Also in a time when there are contagious viruses, you will want to have your products in packaging that can be easily wiped down and decontaminated. If exposed, cleaning may be much more difficult after customers have severally handled even just one item.

Adds Prestige

A product that has been well packaged does tend to stand out on the shelf. With a beautiful design to the box and carefully chosen packaging materials, you add a touch of class and give your product an edge over less presentable competing products.

Presentation and differentiation matter a lot in capturing the interest of potential buyers. Try to keep the design attractive yet simple for the most positive impact.


Packaging products can seem expensive but is often more affordable than most businesses think. Especially when the resources being used to make the box and packaging materials are paper-based. Since manufacturers produce in bulk, they can also order for boxes in bulk and take advantage of deep discounts that further reduce this expense.

If shipping these boxes from a local supplier, the transport costs can also be driven down. For those that opt to pass on this cost to the customer by marking up their prices, you will find the increase to be minimal.

Branding and Information Sharing

Packaging boxes are a good place to display your branding. You can display logos, the company name, and address. You can also provide all kinds of useful information on the product including its benefits, ingredients, and other specifications.

This can be great for marketing purposes and providing disclosure. Customers appreciate being able to make informed purchasing decisions thanks to manufacturers that are open about pertinent details.

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Custom Packaging

Custom mailer box
It is not uncommon to see boxes of deliveries branded with familiar logos, names, and company colors that allow us to instantly know where they come from. Many major brands understand the value of having their packaging customized. Smaller enterprises may, however, be unsure as to whether this is a worthwhile investment. Let’s look at some key benefits that small businesses may be missing out on by not opting for custom packaging.

Custom packaging engagement

There is much benefit in eliciting a visceral reaction from customers. From the moment they first see the box in its colorful or otherwise branded appearance, there is a sense of excitement that builds up. Not so much when it is just a plain brown box. Custom packaging gives a special air that builds anticipation. No matter how plain or unusual the item is within, unique packaging manages to make the experience more enjoyable. It also makes the customer more familiar with your brand. If delighted by the contents, there is a good chance they will remember your company when next deciding to make a similar purchase.

Custom packaging contents

For businesses that deal with items that require careful handling, customized packaging can be an easy way of ensuring they are delivered intact. Rather than just buy standard-sized boxes, you can have them configured to the exact dimensions of your products, with whatever appropriately sized inserts to hold them in place. You can even have the packaging material made waterproof to help contain spillage.

Environmental Conservation

You can opt for customized packaging that is made from reusable materials and have them marked accordingly. This can encourage your clients to find alternative uses the boxes, which is great for the environment thanks to the reduced wastage. Opting for custom packaging made from green materials is also beneficial to the environment. This means the sources are sustainable and they easily decompose, making for a lighter carbon footprint. With an increasing number of consumers being environmentally conscious, you can appeal to this demographic by demonstrating how you share the same values.

Custom packaging affordability

Contrary to what many small and medium-sized businesses may believe, opting for customized packing boxes is not all that more expensive. More so when your products are smaller sized than standard options. Many manufacturers offer great deals on bulk purchases that can further add to savings, especially when compared to retail prices.
Custom made packaging can help boost your business, especially in this era of online shopping where people expect their deliveries to boxed up. For small businesses, these benefits can build a stronger and more recognizable presence in the market.

Features of Product Packaging Solutions

Software packaging boxWhen seeking product packaging solutions there are key features you need to look at to ensure you get the right materials to allow safe, easy, and reliable packaging and shipping. Businesses also need to consider additional functions of the packaging materials whether mailer boxes or custom packaging boxes. For instance, you need to find out ways to enhance brand awareness and boost sales of products using tailored print messages on the boxes. That being said, here are three top features you should look at when choosing product packaging solutions: 

Ease of Packaging 

When customers place their orders, they hope that the products will arrive fast. The packaging process can take a lot of time if the boxes are not designed to allow ease of packaging. If you are packaging hundreds of products by hand, you can imagine the time it would take. You need to provide packaging boxes that are easy to erect, fill, and close or seal.  


You don’t want to use a mailer box for the mere purpose of placing items and shipping to the respective customers. There are other ways you can optimize the boxes for the betterment of the business. You can use the boxes to display important sales messages or brand awareness. You can print the slogan and logo of your business or provide details about the products you package.  

Visually Impacting 

The package you use to ship products can give a first impression about a product. If you use a dull-looking box, it can send a negative message about the product inside. Designing visually appealing boxes ensures that you entice the customers to want to buy the product.  It helps grab the attention of customers when they look at the package, prompting them to think of trying the products.  

If you are looking for a cardboard packaging solution for your retail products, think outside the box. Realize that you have the potential to use the boxes to not only box up customer products but also use them as marketing tools. Many people consumer the information you print on the boxes, not just the actual customers. Other people doing their window shopping can read the information and consider buying the products in future. If the products are displayed at point of sale locations, their great design features coupled with the promotional offers can entice customers to purchase the products. The packaging materials help increase your sales if designed creatively.

Benefit from Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Those that require custom boxes or sturdy boxes for the baked goods and extras that they are offering will want to use the right boxes for the occasion. You can ensure that the cardboard packaging boxes are there to provide not only both of these needs but when they are custom made for your bakery or shop, they are ones that are professional and sleek looking, giving your shop, business or bakery a great image for those that see them.  

Benefits of Packaging Boxes for a Bakery 

There are a number of benefits that come from packaging boxes, such as being able to showcase the work that you do, but also have a solid and sturdy place for you to place the items you make for others.  

There are other benefits that come from these packages, such as being able to have the right sizes made for the baked goods that you are making for others. You can specialize the boxes based on the baked goods that will be going into them.  

The packaging is something that you need to think about as someone that ships or offers items that need them. Whether you want something lighter weight or something heavier to ship in, you can be sure that they come custom made with your business information on it. You can choose the logo and information that is put on them, putting you in control of how the boxes turn out before giving them to customers. 

Cardboard is a sturdy material that provides everyone with the look and feels that you want, but it also provides the ability to package items and neatly make them something that not only is presented nicely but also presented with the company’s brand on it. You can find this when working with the best cardboard packaging that is out there, but also packaging that was made specifically for your company. Everyone benefits, plus you look much more professional with their help.  

When you want to take advantage of the custom packaging that is provided to the shop or bakery, then you can do so with the help of ones made specifically for your brand name. This makes things even better for you. Find out exactly what is needed when the time comes to take the next step and order custom boxes for your business. Whether you are boxing baked goods or products, these boxes can definitely come in handy.

Avoid Damage with These Packaging Box Tips

Packaging Box

packaging company will do a lot to ensure that a packaging box is prepared to handle your product as well as protect your product from damage during warehousing, distribution, and transportation. Though, while your boxes may help, there are additional considerations to ensure that your product gets to your customer damage free. 

Here are three ways to make sure your packaging box not only protects your product but can withstand those unforeseen bumps and bruises along the way.  

Use the Right Closure 

Packaging box closures ensure that your product will not bust open at the seams, nor where the box opens and closes. The most popular types of closures are glue, staples, and tape. But, how do you know which one is right for your package?  

Tape: Tape is a common option that comes in a lot of variety regarding everything from strength to its ability to handle extreme environments. As an overall sealer, tape is inexpensive and can handle lightweight jobs.  

Glue: Glue provides a better overall appearance as it provides good bonding strength yet remains hidden. 

Staples: Staples are the strongest of sealers, easy to apply and handles temperature extremes better than tape or glue. However, staples also require more work to open and often the box is destroyed in the process.  

Find Inserts that do the Job 

The right inserts will help to keep your items from moving around in the box and collecting dings or actually destroying the product. For electronics and fragile items, it is recommended that you find inserts which securely hold your items in place. Common inserts are pre-made and formed-to-fit plastic products or Styrofoam. A packaging company may be able to recommend of manufacture custom inserts for your product. Other alternatives are newspaper, peanuts, and bubble wrap that provide extra protection and a little give against the outside of the packaging box.  


The type of flute that your packaging company uses in producing your boxes is important. A smaller flute provides good crush resistance, while a larger flute is better at shock absorption and can provide more overall protection. You can also layer corrugated shipping boxes to provide two different types of flutes.  

When shipping out your packaging box, few things are as important as providing added protection that matters. So, remember to use closures that work for your product, identify the right inserts, and ensure your box is strong enough for your shipping needs.  

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