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Creating Your Custom Cardboard Packaging

Software packaging box

If you are a home-based business who thrives by selling personally made products on Etsy or other online marketplace platforms, you should not be satisfied by merely creating good products. Even if you are alone in your venture and you don’t ship products by the thousands, you should pay close attention to your packaging. To help you out, here are tips to create your own custom cardboard packaging to boost your business:

Customize every inch of the box

While you may be inclined to only focus on the outside look of your corrugated packaging, you should consider all available spaces to increase its appeal. For instance, if your product is girly, you can line the interior of the box with dainty floral patterns. This small change and attention to detail can make your product appear more upscale.

Remember that simple works best sometimes

Before considering using bold and loud colors, see first if a simple design would work. Most of the time simplicity is key, especially if the kind of product you are selling dictate so.

Think about creating an unboxing experience for your customers

Nowadays, consumers care about the “unboxing experience” as much as they care about the product you are selling. If you are unconvinced, search for unboxing videos on YouTube and you will be surprised to see that such videos earn millions of views. To create this effect, placing your item inside a box would not do the trick. You can use a “layering” technique to add appeal. You can place your product in a separate container like a pouch or in a much smaller box.

Make sure that your design complements your product

The primary consideration for your packaging design is your product. Before you start thinking about design concepts and colors, focus on the product that you are selling. For instance, if you are selling food products, you should customize your boxes using colors that stimulate the appetite and designs that appeal to your target audience.

The tips above are just some of the most important things that can help you get started. Customizing your cardboard packaging will surely help in setting your brand apart from the competition. You do not have to be a large organization to attract customers. You just have to make them realize that you sincerely care about them and your customized packaging can effectively express it.

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