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Features of Product Packaging Solutions

Product Packaging

When seeking product packaging solutions there are key features you need to look at to ensure you get the right materials to allow safe, easy, and reliable packaging and shipping. Businesses also need to consider additional functions of the packaging materials whether mailer boxes or custom packaging boxes. For instance, you need to find out ways to enhance brand awareness and boost sales of products using tailored print messages on the boxes. That being said, here are three top features you should look at when choosing product packaging solutions: 

Ease of Packaging 

When customers place their orders, they hope that the products will arrive fast. The packaging process can take a lot of time if the boxes are not designed to allow ease of packaging. If you are packaging hundreds of products by hand, you can imagine the time it would take. You need to provide packaging boxes that are easy to erect, fill, and close or seal.  


You don’t want to use a mailer box for the mere purpose of placing items and shipping to the respective customers. There are other ways you can optimize the boxes for the betterment of the business. You can use the boxes to display important sales messages or brand awareness. You can print the slogan and logo of your business or provide details about the products you package.  

Visually Impacting 

The package you use to ship products can give a first impression about a product. If you use a dull-looking box, it can send a negative message about the product inside. Designing visually appealing boxes ensures that you entice the customers to want to buy the product.  It helps grab the attention of customers when they look at the package, prompting them to think of trying the products.  

If you are looking for a cardboard packaging solution for your retail products, think outside the box. Realize that you have the potential to use the boxes to not only box up customer products but also use them as marketing tools. Many people consumer the information you print on the boxes, not just the actual customers. Other people doing their window shopping can read the information and consider buying the products in future. If the products are displayed at point of sale locations, their great design features coupled with the promotional offers can entice customers to purchase the products. The packaging materials help increase your sales if designed creatively.

Product Packaging As Advertising Tool

Have you heard the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”? This may hold true when it comes to you and me, but we can’t help but judge a product according to its inside and outside appearance. Toddlers and young children instinctively know this. They see a cereal box and quickly reach for their favorite characters, colors, or free cereal box toys. When we receive a gift, we assume the nicer the packaging, the more valuable the gift may be. When deciding between two similarly identical products on a store shelf, at times the last deciding factor relies on the color of the box, the high-quality pictures, the strategically placed fonts, and product packaging recognition. Large corporations, top advertising agencies, public relations and marketing departments, etc knows that every detail of their merchandise, including their product packaging can increase profit sales substantially.

As a business, you will want the most exposure by many avenues. Product packaging is one of the many strategies and it is an excellent subliminal marketing tool strategy. It is a chance to brand your company, and increase your profit sales. Product packaging is your perfect opportunity to place your company brand directly into the hands of your consumers.

First off, let’s take a closer look. Why would advertisers jump at the opportunity to spend $140,000 for 30 seconds of air time during the Stanley Cup Finals? “In all, 16.2 million Canadians, or about half the country, watched some or all of the game” The Star, June 14, 2011. Now that’s an exposure in magnitude. Advertisers understand the persuasiveness of product exposure and awareness. Their product packaging involved 30 tiny seconds to captivate their audience, in hopes of making a lasting impression. They understand statistically what this can ultimately do to enlarge their net profits. There is a principle here that is so effective; advertisers will gladly spend for a “30 second”product packaging opportunity. You too can emulate this footprint and apply this principle to your own product packaging strategy!

Let’s think outside the blank box. Why spend all your time and effort improving your merchandise yet deliver your final product in a plain blank box? Visualize this Cactus Containers as your white canvas, ready to be branded by your company. It is your crucial necessary step to start your subliminal marketing. It is your final step in presenting and staging your star. The more effort you put into your product packaging, the more impressionable it will be to the consumer.

How can they be impressed? Use a superior presentation. At times, the first impression is the only impression one can give. Take for instance a typical job interview. You have one chance to impress the potential employer not only by your job skills and abilities, but by how you present yourself. Are you polite and sincere? Is your business attire sharp and pressed? Are you groomed, well-mannered, competent? Employers take into account every detail to your presentation and the same holds true for product packaging presentation.

Consumers make quick judgments on multitude of products. Consumers also take into account every detail about your product packaging. A top-notch eye-catching presentation will keep their attention. Is your product packagingpresentation up to standards? Does it clearly showcase your company name? Does it explain what your merchandise is? Are your logos well branded? Are your fonts easy to read? Their first impression of you may be your only “30 seconds of air time”. Make every second count. Make every detail count.

We want our consumers to be dazzled, pizzazz, impressed. We want to present and captivate. We want to outshine the competitors. We want them to remember us; our logo, our color theme, our name, our product. We want them to remember our company, so the next time they need our merchandise or service, they will think of us. Our ultimate goal is to outshine the competitors, product recognition, and repeat business. It involves a lot of careful planning and creative thinking, but if our product packaging is solid, it can raise our profit sales significantly.

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