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Storing Cardboard Packaging Boxes Safely

Custom cardboard box
It is common practice for businesses today to retain some stock of packaging boxes for shipping. With more consumers shopping online and remotely, businesses need shipping boxes and packaging so they can send out shipments of orders.

Since it is inefficient and uneconomical to have to place orders for shipping boxes from box makers too frequently, it makes sense to store these materials in-house and use them as orders come in. Especially around peak shopping periods when you can have many orders in a single day. Here are some tips on how best to store these boxes so they remain in good shape until you need to utilize them.

Keep flat

Cardboard packaging boxes will typically arrive from box makers when already flattened. They can be opened up and folded correctly to accommodate items before sealing and shipping. The flattened design is very helpful during storage as it is space-saving and makes it easy for several boxes to be shifted at a go. Cardboard boxes are lightweight so this transfer is made even easier. Keep them in this flattened shape so you can store more boxes even in limited storage space.

Organize according to size

Many businesses require shipping boxes of different sizes to accommodate custom orders. Always try to organize boxes according to size during storage. This will make it easier and faster to figure out what is the most appropriately sized box for a particular shipment. It will also ensure that you can easily track the range of boxes you have and make an order for more from the box maker when certain sizes start to run low.

Only pack when needed

Do not remove a box from storage to start packing until when you are getting ready to arrange for shipment. Having many packed boxes around the place long before they need to go out may eat into what limited commercial space you have for your business. Just ensure you leave enough time before the shipments are to be sent out or picked to properly package, seal, and label the boxes.

Regularly inspect

Cardboard material while great for shipping, can also often attract pests. The material can be used as food or for nesting. This is why you should ideally store the boxes away from the floor. You also need to keep inspecting them to ensure they have not been attacked by pests, or come in contact with water that can also disfigure and weaken the material.

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