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Getting Rid of Your Cardboard Packaging Boxes Responsibly

Cardboard packaging boxes- Eco-Friendly

Cardboard packaging boxes are something many of us find ourselves hoarding. With more transactions taking place online, we are receiving deliveries in cardboard boxes more than ever before. However, we do not as instinctively get rid of the boxes in the trash. Often, when the box is barely damaged, we feel the need to keep them for reuse.

But with time, the number of boxes can get a little out of hand. After all, we have limited storage space to work with. In other cases, it could be the boxes have become damaged, maybe due to exposure to moisture, meaning you have to get rid of them anyway. Here are a few ways to carry out this task responsibly.

Give Cardboard Packaging Boxes Out for Free

Many people require cardboard packaging boxes but do not want to go through the expense of buying them. Those moving house or office will often need boxes. You can connect with such people in your community by putting up an ad at a local store noticeboard or using online classified. This is a good way to ensure they get reused before any disposal.


Where you have a recycling center in your area, you can opt to drop your boxes here. Depending on where you live, you may receive a small consideration, receive nothing, or even be charged for the service. Be sure to inquire before you load up your vehicle for delivery.


Cardboard boxes will easily degrade when composted. Their layered design can also be very useful in certain types of farming that call for sheet composting. This helps to prevent weeds from coming up, making for less work and easier tending.

Shop Responsibly-Use a Cardboard Packaging Provider

Shop at stores that offer recyclable packaging. Younger shoppers have become more passionate about environmental concerns and are happier to shop from brands that are similarly inclined. Every business needs to partner with a cardboard packaging provider that makes recyclable products that final consumers will appreciate.

D.I.Y. Projects

You can use cardboard material for all kinds of D.I.Y. projects. From restyling them into colorful storage boxes to using them as a protective cover for your carpet when repainting a room, there are many ways to make use of cardboard. They are a cheap yet effective resource you can apply to a variety of projects. If you have no plans to use them, you can talk to family or friends.  Also, talk to handy-type neighbors that would make good use of the materials.

Benefit from Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Those that require custom boxes or sturdy boxes for the baked goods and extras that they are offering will want to use the right boxes for the occasion. You can ensure that the cardboard packaging boxes are there to provide not only both of these needs but when they are custom made for your bakery or shop, they are ones that are professional and sleek looking, giving your shop, business or bakery a great image for those that see them.  

Benefits of Packaging Boxes for a Bakery 

There are a number of benefits that come from packaging boxes, such as being able to showcase the work that you do, but also have a solid and sturdy place for you to place the items you make for others.  

There are other benefits that come from these packages, such as being able to have the right sizes made for the baked goods that you are making for others. You can specialize the boxes based on the baked goods that will be going into them.  

The packaging is something that you need to think about as someone that ships or offers items that need them. Whether you want something lighter weight or something heavier to ship in, you can be sure that they come custom made with your business information on it. You can choose the logo and information that is put on them, putting you in control of how the boxes turn out before giving them to customers. 

Cardboard is a sturdy material that provides everyone with the look and feels that you want, but it also provides the ability to package items and neatly make them something that not only is presented nicely but also presented with the company’s brand on it. You can find this when working with the best cardboard packaging that is out there, but also packaging that was made specifically for your company. Everyone benefits, plus you look much more professional with their help.  

When you want to take advantage of the custom packaging that is provided to the shop or bakery, then you can do so with the help of ones made specifically for your brand name. This makes things even better for you. Find out exactly what is needed when the time comes to take the next step and order custom boxes for your business. Whether you are boxing baked goods or products, these boxes can definitely come in handy.

Potential of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Custom Boxes

Cardboard packaging boxes powerful packing material that has been in use since the 1890s. It is light, affordable, and eco-friendly. Cardboard boxes are made up of corrugated Box and work as a cushion for packaged material.

Majority of delivery services use cardboard material for transport because it is cheap and can be customized based on specifications. A cardboard packaging box is recognized for its cost-effectiveness in terms of production, prize, and labor. It has been used all over the world because it has proven itself to be the top packaging material.

  • Highly Affordable – cardboard boxes are extremely affordable, readily available and all in all, a cost-effective packaging material.
  • Provides Protection – cardboard boxes are designed like a fibreboard. They work like a cushion for packaged materials by providing safety against mechanical shocks, vibration, and jerks.
  • Light Weight – Cardboard boxes being made up of paper material, makes them easy to handle and move during packaging.
  • Eco-Friendly – Cardboard boxes are eco-friendly. They can be reused and recycled over and over since it is customizable to any shape.

Boost Your Company Credibility through Packaging Box Customization

If you own a small or large business, giving a strong impact on your customers is very important. Have you ever felt that something is missing in your product? Advertising your products also need to be eye-catching. Cardboard packaging boxes are known to be customizable and can be manufactured in any shape and size. Being made up of paper material, it can be printed with designs and logos according to your business needs.

You can advertise your product effectively through the use of customized boxes with custom printed designs. Many large companies make use of the flexibility of these boxes to promote their brands and increase sales. Most of these companies have imprinted their brand in the people’s minds simply by using a customized packaging box.

Promote your Product with Good Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Packaging is a powerful tool to promote your products. Cardboard packaging boxes are customizable from design to shape giving the flexibility you need. Almost every company in the world use this packaging material from the tech industry, fast food and restaurant chains, and the transportation of expensive fragile products.

A packaging box more than just houses your product, it can be a good way to promote what you have to offer. By allowing people to read the message, you can get your voice heard and brand stand out.

The History of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

The usefulness and simplicity of cardboard packaging boxes would sometimes make us think that it has always been there. What we often fail to realize is the fact that despite its plainness, it has a wonderful and dynamic history.

Did you know that in the past, repacking is an unusual seen to witness? It was only after the 1st and 2nd World War that packaging was noticed since it was modified to lengthen the shelf lives of the food made for soldiers out in the war zone.

How Cardboard Packaging Boxes Came About

Robert Gair is the man behind the discovery of these packaging boxes. He originally thought of the idea of creating boxes out by folding cardboard panels which were pre-cut. It was at this moment that the packaging industry was revolutionized. Since it is easier to transport goods with the use of boxes as packaging and also because of its cost-efficiency, modern packaging came about. It was only a matter of time after more sophisticated and better packaging solutions were discovered and utilized.

After boxes, transparent cellophane were invented in 1920. There were various technical innovations that followed after this until aerosol was discovered and released in 1952. Such phenomenon contributed to the use of aseptic cartons and the explosion of the carbonated drinks industry. Aseptic cartons were then used to lengthen the shelf-lives of milk.

Boxes and Packaging in the Modern Era

Boxes and packaging have gone a long way since its first conception during Robert Gair’s time. Currently, retailers, businesses, and corporations engage the services of custom packaging companies to come up with a packaging solution that is appropriate for the kind of business these companies and individuals have.

Some packaging methods available in the market include the following:

  • convoluted foam packaging

  • custom foam insert

  • folding cardboard boxes

  • double wall shipping boxes

  • corrugated folding cartons

  • custom printed shipping boxes

  • folding corrugated boxes

For more delicate and smaller items that need to be packed or repacked, the following packaging options are available:

  • small quantity mailers

  • printed shipping boxes

  • custom printed mailing boxes

  • custom mailer box

  • corrugated pop displays

For fragile and delicate goods, heavy duty shipping boxes are the most suitable option.

The reason why most businesses spend time conceptualizing their packaging design is that this is also a very good way for them to directly communicate with their customers and make their respective brand, products, and services known.

Customizing Your Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

As a businessperson, it is easy to focus all your resources on developing your product. After all, it is your product — the item that you want people to buy. While having a terrific product is critical, you must remember that your cardboard packaging boxes also matter. Gone are the days when the sole purpose of packaging is to protect the product you are selling. Today, your product packaging is also a tool to attract potential customers and to grow your business.

Many research studies have shown the positive connection between packaging and consumer buying behavior. Customers tend to buy using their eyes, which proves how custom packaging is as important as the item you are selling. Apparently, when it comes to selling, the adage, “don’t judge the book by its cover,” does not apply as customers are easily influenced by the design and overall appearance of your cardboard packaging boxes.

If you are looking for ways to ensure that your product packaging boxes will create an impact on your customers, here are some practical tips that you may want to consider:

Aim for Your Target Market

Just because a particular color or design work for other brands does not mean it will work on yours. Instead of getting ideas from the packaging designs of other businesses, you should look at your target market. Get to know what design, concept, and packaging boxes would be most appealing to them and try to take these things into account when customizing your boxes.

Create an Experience

The millions of unboxing videos on social media sites and their countless followers prove the high interest of consumers on the packaging box as much as the product itself. This trend is something that you need to take advantage of. Make sure that your product packaging would create a pleasant unboxing experience so more people would be attracted to buy your product.

Look for Environment-Friendly Options

Surveys show that consumers tend to choose brands that work to create a positive social and environmental impact. Considering this result and the growing global interest in saving the environment, using environment-friendly packaging boxes would surely entice customers to try your product, especially if your competitor is not using one.

At the end of the day, you can create an impressive custom packaging by remembering how it is supposed to communicate with your customers rather than just serve a protective purpose. Essentially, your packaging box is also your product as customers will associate this with your brand, which means you need to make it count.

Cardboard Packaging Boxes History

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Do you know that cardboard packaging boxes have a dynamic and wonderful history? You may as well have noticed before that your grandfather dragged those wooden and heavy boxes when moving things. Before, it was uncommon seeing a lot of repacking. Packaging was once noticed around the 1st and 2nd world war. The packaging scene was changed to protect the food of soldiers in the battle zones.

Discovery of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

It was Robert Gair who discovered cardboard packaging boxes. He thought of pre-cut cardboard panels folded to create a box. It was during this time that the industry of modern packaging really started. The ease of transportation and cost-effective price made it the most used process of packing. After several years, better and more sophisticated packaging was discovered.

In 1920, transparent cellophane was invented, which became the next step in the industry of packing. Later on, a lot of technical innovations were discovered.

In 1952, the discovery and the release of aerosol became popular on the market. Cans also followed and exploded on the soft drinks industry. Then, aseptic cartons that were invented in 1961 were used in the preservation of long-life milk.

Modern Times of Boxes for Packaging

In the modern times, boxes for packaging have truly become a new art form. You just need to look for a specific box that will meet a specific task. Will the boxes be useful in protecting the products from shock, vibration, and heat? Does the packaging help stop decay? Do you need packaging for the purpose of security measures? Do you still need to re-pack the products into small-sized units? Will it be essential for the packaging to be easy to store, pack or open?

Small Role to Play in the Modern Society

Cardboard packaging boxes have played their role in the modern society. These are also proven to be valuable when it comes to minimizing loss and conserving all resources. Through these boxes, you will be able to manage all your resources. You will also be able to plan for a long-term. Truly, modern packaging changed the industry of logistics. It has also simply affected the chain of supply of modern organizations. It is just so easy to transport precious belongings and works of art to far places.

In all these, cardboard packaging boxes have become an essential part of our lives – not only in our business but in our day to day affairs.

Cardboard Packaging Boxes with Logos

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Within an era of empowered consumerism, the importance of customization within a brand’s marketing plan can’t, at any cost, be underestimated. Customization has gotten to a point that it’s offering individuals the option whether to add chocolate syrup onto their ice cream – or not. This plan is being pursued more and more by several businesses to gain a competitive edge. As a matter of fact, these days, a fairly high amount of customization is used in nearly all industries.

Custom packaging increases brand loyalty

Customized cardboard packaging boxes will increase brand loyalty and bring traffic; therefore, a boost in productivity is obvious. It’ll elevate customer engagement and loyalty. Individuals notice the custom-made box because it’s designed with entrancing artwork. Beyond the size of the opportunity, research has shown that consumers are more engaged with a company which sells using customized boxes; it has increased productivity and boosted sales. Brands increase loyalty during a time of the year when it’s required the most.

No wasted space with custom packaging

In using custom made boxes for packaging, you’ll ensure that there isn’t any wasted space. Moreover, you also will be sure that you are saving funds by not spending on wasted materials or standard box space. Consumer satisfaction is expected to rise with the improved fit in between the customer requirements and product offering, provided a manufacturer may facilitate customization using a reasonable price.

Custom boxes have logos

Custom boxes that have logos is one other method of differentiating various products. Individuals are willing to pay 20 percent more for the packaging.

Custom boxes provide durability and solid construction

Custom boxes provide durability and solid construction, and ensures that your product gets to the consumer securely and as it does and the consumer is satisfied, more loyalty and sales is guaranteed, meaning your productivity will rise.

Custom packaging shows an increased level of care

As a package gets to the customer inside a customized box, it’ll show an increased care level on the merchant’s behalf. It’ll create a positive impact which not just will augment the branding and packaging efforts, it’ll help the consumer feel like they’re having a special shopping experience from start to finish. Due to this positive experience, they’re more likely to buy from the exact same retailer and share their experience with family and friends. Family and friends will also share on social media and increase traffic even more!

Recycling of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Packaging Boxes

There is a lot of talk about how important it is to take steps to protect the environment. One of the catch phrases in America is the three r’s. Not reading, writing and arithmetic, but another three r’s that people are talking about. These “R’s” are reduce, reuse and recycle. These things are designed to keep people from ruining all of the natural resources that the Earth has to give them. Cardboard packaging boxes are an example of how people can work together to help protect the environment.


In order to reduce the amount of cardboard packaging that is used, it is important to learn about the ability to order in small quantities and to have custom sized boxes made. This will help a business use less boxes and less material for the boxes that they do use. Rather than having boxes that have a lot of empty space, a business can have a box that fits the product that will be put in it. Most cardboard packaging companies can handle custom sized boxes and small quantity orders.


Cardboard packaging boxes can be reused in so many ways. They can be used to store stuff, they can be used for shipping, they can be used for moving, they can be used as kid’s toys and so much more. People need to think about how they can use a box before they decide to get rid of it.


Cardboard boxes are the perfect thing for the recycling bin. Instead of sending them to the local landfill to deteriorate over the course of a few years, cardboard is easily recycled so it can be reused. Corrugated cardboard is typically made out of recycled material. Many other boxes are also made from mostly recycled cardboard.

Recycling may not always seem easy. It requires taking old boxes to a special facility that can handle recycled material. It can make communities spend extra money to set up a program to collect recycled material. While it may not always be easy to do, it is something that is worthwhile. Cardboard packaging companies will buy the old boxes and will reuse them to make new boxes. The recycled boxes can be less costly than a box made from new material. It not only makes business sense; it helps protect the environment.

Not everyone is willing to take the time and effort that recycling requires. Both business and individual will find excuses not to recycle and will leave that up to others. Because cardboard is so easy to recycle, it needs to become more common. It is the right thing to do.

Packaging Boxes For Your Needs

When you ship product on a regular basis, of course the cost of your packaging boxes will add up over time. You may not realize how much you’re paying for these and may not think of it since they’re relatively inexpensive for each one, but even the smallest item you need to run your business can cost too much when you consider how many you use each week or month.Any and all companies can save on packaging boxes if you know where and how to shop and how to ensure that you are paying the best price. Too often companies buy from their office supply store or from a local retailer or sales rep. If you order from someone that drops off catalogs to your office, this can be convenient but not very cost effective. Taking some time to look around and to find the best packaging boxesthat are also affordable can mean saving big in the long run.Most companies use a multi quote system for saving on everything they use, and you can do the same when it comes to packaging boxes and all other shipping materials you use. To do this for your company, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Getting multiple quotes.

How do you get multiple quotes for packaging boxes and how does this help you to save money? The first thing you need to do is write in a spreadsheet the different sizes of materials you need, line by line. Then you can start shopping online and finding different suppliers for these packaging boxes for yourself. Note the site and the price as well as any other details such as discounts you get for ordering a certain amount.As you write out these different quotes, you may immediately see where and how to save on packaging boxes, at a glance. Once you see those prices right next to each other, you can see how much you may be overspending with your current supplier and see in dollars and cents how much you could be saving. Get at least three different quotes from three different suppliers for packaging boxes so you know you’re saving.

Getting new quotes.

It’s also important to get new quotes for packaging boxes, moving forward. Many companies require their purchasing department to get at least three new quotes whenever they need to purchase anything. You can do the same whenever you need to order a large number of packaging boxes as this will mean that you’re saving money with each order.The bottom line is that just buying your packaging boxes from your current supplier or closest retailer without really hunting down bargains is no way to ensure you’re saving money. It doesn’t take that long to do an online search for packaging boxes and to find new suppliers and those that are more cost effective. Doing so will mean saving as much money as possible for your company.