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Choose the right boxes for packaging

boxes for packaging

We’ve all gotten those great packages in the mail that look so good we can’t throw them away. The boxes are the perfect fit, refined, attractive and some have unique qualities. So, why is this so important for your business? It’s all about the marketing of your product and brand. After all, if a customer tosses your packaging in the garbage then they won’t see it again. If a customer keeps and reuses your package, then your product and brand are on display for a much longer period of time.

So, when you want to stand out from the crowd consider these tips when custom designing your boxes for packaging.

Get the shape right

You’ve probably opened a box before and found that the box is significantly larger than the tiny item inside. While often just laughed off, this also leaves a psychological impression to the consumer that your brand may be bigger than the product inside the packaging.

Display your product and brand

Whether you do so with great images, use unique folding packaging that allows your product to be felt and shown, or create a display box it is important to highlight your amazing marketing as well as the product inside the packaging.

Color and finish matter

When we say color matters, we mean that the color should appeal to the consumer. Is your consumer demographic refined? Or, is your demographic young an impulsive. Whether you use excitable colors such as reds and yellows on glossy finish, or a casual white on black with matte finish can make a big difference to your boxes for packaging and for eye-appeal.

Design your box to be reusable

This is where your boxes for packaging really counts – making them reusable. Whether you are using chipboard or paperboard, creating unique custom packaging is important to both attract the consumer as well as keep your brand and product visible for the long run. Well-designed folding packaging especially used in displays are a great way to put a smile on your consumers face when they realize they have an extra use for your boxes.

Your product is great, and you’ve spent countless hours refining it. So, when it comes to the packaging, why create something that catches the eye of your consumer, but will be tossed aside once your product is removed? Creating great packaging is just as important as creating a great product. So, when thinking about how to keep your business growing try to focus on keeping your packaging around. It’ll be time and money well spent.

Boxes for Packaging Make Products Stand Out

Boxes for Packaging

The material and design of your product packaging either make or break your sales efforts. Because people are drawn to items that are highly appealing, using boxes for packaging to make your product stand out is something you will want to consider before making that initial marketing run.

Corrugated packaging is known for its strength, lightness, and durability. Boxes made from corrugated paper material are also cost-effective alternatives providing both safety and design flexibility to meet your every demand. These types of packaging material are widely used in the food and cosmetics industry because of their quality and the protection they provide during product shipment.

The Best Types of Packaging Material

Corrugated packaging is the best options for your merchandise because not only are they standard market materials, but they also have a tremendous advantage over their counterparts. Among the most noticeable benefits of using corrugated box are its renewability, lightweightness, easy customization, and better printing capacity.

The best types of packaging material always complement the product more than disrupting its viability and the efficacy of your marketing strategies. Most items fall short in providing their customers with clean and decent boxes for packaging, making their items look dull and shabby.

It is always important to understand that although your product may be better than your competitors, using a cheaply designed packaging material will likely have an impact on its market performance.

Make Your Product Stand Out with an Appealing Design

People are likely to patronize your product if they see how well-designed and well-crafted your packaging box is. In fact, research has shown that most people are highly visual and their buying decisions are swayed with how appealing a packaging material looks. This gives your customers a sense of value and gratification even though the corrugated packaging is thrown away after.

There are several design tips to make your packaging interesting. Paying attention to every detail will allow your customers to see how you are meticulous down to the last element. Your corrugated packaging does not have to have an overly complicated design. A simple message to communicate what you want your customers to know is one way of capturing their attention.

Additionally, a logo and a highly appealing infographic should resonate with what your brand is about. Several colors stand out, evoking positive emotions which can go along with your brand and your product.

Consider that a customer’s purchase decision is substantially formed by visual factors determined by the type and design of the box you use.

Cardboard Packaging Boxes History

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Do you know that cardboard packaging boxes have a dynamic and wonderful history? You may as well have noticed before that your grandfather dragged those wooden and heavy boxes when moving things. Before, it was uncommon seeing a lot of repacking. Packaging was once noticed around the 1st and 2nd world war. The packaging scene was changed to protect the food of soldiers in the battle zones.

Discovery of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

It was Robert Gair who discovered cardboard packaging boxes. He thought of pre-cut cardboard panels folded to create a box. It was during this time that the industry of modern packaging really started. The ease of transportation and cost-effective price made it the most used process of packing. After several years, better and more sophisticated packaging was discovered.

In 1920, transparent cellophane was invented, which became the next step in the industry of packing. Later on, a lot of technical innovations were discovered.

In 1952, the discovery and the release of aerosol became popular on the market. Cans also followed and exploded on the soft drinks industry. Then, aseptic cartons that were invented in 1961 were used in the preservation of long-life milk.

Modern Times of Boxes for Packaging

In the modern times, boxes for packaging have truly become a new art form. You just need to look for a specific box that will meet a specific task. Will the boxes be useful in protecting the products from shock, vibration, and heat? Does the packaging help stop decay? Do you need packaging for the purpose of security measures? Do you still need to re-pack the products into small-sized units? Will it be essential for the packaging to be easy to store, pack or open?

Small Role to Play in the Modern Society

Cardboard packaging boxes have played their role in the modern society. These are also proven to be valuable when it comes to minimizing loss and conserving all resources. Through these boxes, you will be able to manage all your resources. You will also be able to plan for a long-term. Truly, modern packaging changed the industry of logistics. It has also simply affected the chain of supply of modern organizations. It is just so easy to transport precious belongings and works of art to far places.

In all these, cardboard packaging boxes have become an essential part of our lives – not only in our business but in our day to day affairs.

Cardboard Packaging Boxes with Logos

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Within an era of empowered consumerism, the importance of customization within a brand’s marketing plan can’t, at any cost, be underestimated. Customization has gotten to a point that it’s offering individuals the option whether to add chocolate syrup onto their ice cream – or not. This plan is being pursued more and more by several businesses to gain a competitive edge. As a matter of fact, these days, a fairly high amount of customization is used in nearly all industries.

Custom packaging increases brand loyalty

Customized cardboard packaging boxes will increase brand loyalty and bring traffic; therefore, a boost in productivity is obvious. It’ll elevate customer engagement and loyalty. Individuals notice the custom-made box because it’s designed with entrancing artwork. Beyond the size of the opportunity, research has shown that consumers are more engaged with a company which sells using customized boxes; it has increased productivity and boosted sales. Brands increase loyalty during a time of the year when it’s required the most.

No wasted space with custom packaging

In using custom made boxes for packaging, you’ll ensure that there isn’t any wasted space. Moreover, you also will be sure that you are saving funds by not spending on wasted materials or standard box space. Consumer satisfaction is expected to rise with the improved fit in between the customer requirements and product offering, provided a manufacturer may facilitate customization using a reasonable price.

Custom boxes have logos

Custom boxes that have logos is one other method of differentiating various products. Individuals are willing to pay 20 percent more for the packaging.

Custom boxes provide durability and solid construction

Custom boxes provide durability and solid construction, and ensures that your product gets to the consumer securely and as it does and the consumer is satisfied, more loyalty and sales is guaranteed, meaning your productivity will rise.

Custom packaging shows an increased level of care

As a package gets to the customer inside a customized box, it’ll show an increased care level on the merchant’s behalf. It’ll create a positive impact which not just will augment the branding and packaging efforts, it’ll help the consumer feel like they’re having a special shopping experience from start to finish. Due to this positive experience, they’re more likely to buy from the exact same retailer and share their experience with family and friends. Family and friends will also share on social media and increase traffic even more!