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How to Make Your Packaging Boxes Unique

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Packaging boxes have become an important way for businesses to showcase. Many consumers learn about new brands by looking at packages being delivered to people around them. It can also influence people that buy the products or receive them as gifts. With the right packaging design, you can encourage repeat business which accounts for the majority of revenue for businesses.  In an increasingly competitive business environment, it is important to find ways of standing apart from the rest. Here are some handy tips on how to use packaging to bring more attention to your brand.


These are a simple and effective communication tool. You can design in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Customize them to attractively match the image you want of your business. Ensure they prominently display vital information like the business name, location, and website.  You can even use QR codes to connect people to your website or social media sites. They can also be used functionally to ensure proper indication of the delivery address or to further seal the box so the contents do not end up falling out of boxes and packaging.


Create colorful and intriguing inserts. It could be a thank you note for patronizing the business, or a professional business card they can keep and remember your brand. Depending on the nature of the product, the amount of effort you want to put in, and your target clientele, you can make these handwritten, or even use QR codes.

Custom Boxes

You can have all kinds of designs affordably added to your boxes and packaging. Customizing in terms of color and printing attractive designs can be a big help. Consider adding your company logo and slogan. You can even customize in keeping with the holidays.


We use filler to help stabilize and protect the contents of packaging boxes. Businesses can also use them to make their products and brand stand out. Instead of the usual packing peanuts, opt for printed paper with puzzles, crosswords, or maps. Give the person opening the box a reason to want to explore more. This can make your brand more memorable and likely to attract more business.

Be Creative

While the use of ribbons and self-locking boxes can help provide an elegant look, it is not particularly unique. Go onto sites like Pinterest and Etsy for ingenious and often affordable ways to get your packaging to stand out. From using newspaper as wrapping to twine or yarn in place of ribbons, there are many creative ways you can give your clients a unique unboxing experience.


Packaging Boxes For Your Needs

When you ship product on a regular basis, of course the cost of your packaging boxes will add up over time. You may not realize how much you’re paying for these and may not think of it since they’re relatively inexpensive for each one, but even the smallest item you need to run your business can cost too much when you consider how many you use each week or month.Any and all companies can save on packaging boxes if you know where and how to shop and how to ensure that you are paying the best price. Too often companies buy from their office supply store or from a local retailer or sales rep. If you order from someone that drops off catalogs to your office, this can be convenient but not very cost effective. Taking some time to look around and to find the best packaging boxesthat are also affordable can mean saving big in the long run.Most companies use a multi quote system for saving on everything they use, and you can do the same when it comes to packaging boxes and all other shipping materials you use. To do this for your company, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Getting multiple quotes.

How do you get multiple quotes for packaging boxes and how does this help you to save money? The first thing you need to do is write in a spreadsheet the different sizes of materials you need, line by line. Then you can start shopping online and finding different suppliers for these packaging boxes for yourself. Note the site and the price as well as any other details such as discounts you get for ordering a certain amount.As you write out these different quotes, you may immediately see where and how to save on packaging boxes, at a glance. Once you see those prices right next to each other, you can see how much you may be overspending with your current supplier and see in dollars and cents how much you could be saving. Get at least three different quotes from three different suppliers for packaging boxes so you know you’re saving.

Getting new quotes.

It’s also important to get new quotes for packaging boxes, moving forward. Many companies require their purchasing department to get at least three new quotes whenever they need to purchase anything. You can do the same whenever you need to order a large number of packaging boxes as this will mean that you’re saving money with each order.The bottom line is that just buying your packaging boxes from your current supplier or closest retailer without really hunting down bargains is no way to ensure you’re saving money. It doesn’t take that long to do an online search for packaging boxes and to find new suppliers and those that are more cost effective. Doing so will mean saving as much money as possible for your company.