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Find Custom Cardboard Boxes in California

Cactus Corrugated has established itself as a leader of creating custom boxes San Diego and ship worldwide. Encompassing an impressive client list, we have the know-how and top of the line equipment to accommodate any project that comes in our direction. How fancy or plain are your shipping and packaging needs? Here we offer bulk packages and allow you to work with a highly professional team of graphic designers and manufacturers.

Cactus custom cardboard boxes in California will assist you every step of the way when it comes to creating the perfect packaging unit for you. From proper size to color, foam inserts to other die cut products, we will far exceed your expectations and ensure that your items will not only be safely shipped – they will serve their purpose and more! Marketing can become more and more difficult because every day new ideas come out and the competition is fierce. What can help you and your company stand apart from the rest? A package that is eye catching cost effective as well as efficient. Look no further; there is a custom product for everyone.

Along with setting yourself apart from the rest with custom packaging you are also reinforcing your brand. People associate colors and designs along with names if they are all presented in a way that is memorable. Think about your favorite item and how it comes packaged, once you start looking at items that way, it is easy to see how important packaging is. In addition, by utilizing custom boxes and mailing tubes, you are enhancing the shipping experience. Who wouldn’t want to receive a unique package on a special occasion?

With the ability to custom design almost nearly every aspect of the boxes you will be able to add your own personal flare as well. These versatile and diverse items are created from heavy duty materials that can be used over time and time again. Whether you need just plain shipping boxes or are using them for storage these custom corrugated designs can also be used as displays for your products within your place of business. They are light weight, made from recycled materials and are extremely versatile.

This sustainable lost cost solution will also accommodate your budget. Many are surprised at how much money is wasted when using shipping materials that are not specifically created for a product. There is much unused space that can lead to damaged goods upon arrival. Meet with one of our team members to start creating your perfect packaging unit.

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