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Recycling of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

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There is a lot of talk about how important it is to take steps to protect the environment. One of the catch phrases in America is the three r’s. Not reading, writing and arithmetic, but another three r’s that people are talking about. These “R’s” are reduce, reuse and recycle. These things are designed to keep people from ruining all of the natural resources that the Earth has to give them. Cardboard packaging boxes are an example of how people can work together to help protect the environment.


In order to reduce the amount of cardboard packaging that is used, it is important to learn about the ability to order in small quantities and to have custom sized boxes made. This will help a business use less boxes and less material for the boxes that they do use. Rather than having boxes that have a lot of empty space, a business can have a box that fits the product that will be put in it. Most cardboard packaging companies can handle custom sized boxes and small quantity orders.


Cardboard packaging boxes can be reused in so many ways. They can be used to store stuff, they can be used for shipping, they can be used for moving, they can be used as kid’s toys and so much more. People need to think about how they can use a box before they decide to get rid of it.


Cardboard boxes are the perfect thing for the recycling bin. Instead of sending them to the local landfill to deteriorate over the course of a few years, cardboard is easily recycled so it can be reused. Corrugated cardboard is typically made out of recycled material. Many other boxes are also made from mostly recycled cardboard.

Recycling may not always seem easy. It requires taking old boxes to a special facility that can handle recycled material. It can make communities spend extra money to set up a program to collect recycled material. While it may not always be easy to do, it is something that is worthwhile. Cardboard packaging companies will buy the old boxes and will reuse them to make new boxes. The recycled boxes can be less costly than a box made from new material. It not only makes business sense; it helps protect the environment.

Not everyone is willing to take the time and effort that recycling requires. Both business and individual will find excuses not to recycle and will leave that up to others. Because cardboard is so easy to recycle, it needs to become more common. It is the right thing to do.

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