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Why Spend the Extra Money on Setup Boxes

Custom setup box paperboard Cereus

In business, controlling expenses is very important. A business will often look for the cheapest way to get things done. Many times this is the right choice. There are times when the cost of something may not be the determining factor in whether a business should use it or not. Packaging and boxes are one of the costs that businesses need to examine carefully.

For some business, the choice for boxes is the cheapest ones they can find. They do not worry about getting the perfect size or the strongest box, they tend to use standard sizes that can be ordered in bulk. Other companies realize that the boxes and packaging do matter and are willing to spend a little bit extra on setup boxes. There are plenty of reasons that this can make sense for a business and could actually save them money.

What are they

The first thing that a business needs to learn is what a custom setup box is. It is a box that is designed for the particular product that it is going to hold. It is often referred to as a rigid box. Some of the most common uses for these types of boxes include:

  • Shoes
  • Business cards
  • Jewelry

There are plenty of different ways that setup boxes can be used. They offer more protection and are a great way to display anything that is inside of them.


The reason to spend extra on these boxes is the advantages that they offer in packaging. There are plenty of things that these boxes do that a standard cardboard box cannot do.

  • They fit the product inside – There is less need for packing material which can actually make the cost of these boxes lower. The product can be better protected, especially when custom foam inserts are put in the boxes.
  • They can be displayed – rather than having to invest in display racks, the boxes can display the product that is inside.
  • Graphics can be added – It is very easy to add graphics to a custom setup box. The graphics can identify what is inside or can be used to build brand recognition.

Since businesses are concerned about the bottom line, they may think that spending extra on these boxes does not make sense. If you add in the extra value that comes from using custom boxes, it becomes clearer that they are saving money in other ways. Whether it is lower costs for display, less cost for damaged product or a cheap way to advertise a product or business, these boxes offer a cost effective alternative.

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