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Marketing Advantages of a Custom Built Box

Custom setup box paperboard Cereus
Many people are taking advantage of the ability to start an online business. They find it easy to take orders online and ship the products to the customers. All they have to do is have the products, find the customers and get the product to them. In order to do that, many online businesses need to have shipping boxes. They may think that it would be easier to use standard, plain brown boxes, but they may also be surprised to learn about the advantages of a custom built box.

Custom Built Box Size

A standard sized box is usually bigger than is needed. That means that a business will have to spend additional money on shipping materials to protect and properly ship the products they sell. Some business may try to combat this by keeping several different sizes of boxes on hand, but this may mean more money tied up in inventory and storage of the extra boxes.

A custom built box can be made to fit the products that it is supposed to hold. It can also be made to better protect whatever is inside of the box. This can result in lower costs for shipping materials and less money replacing any damaged product. It may end up that a custom box is actually cheaper than a standard box.

Custom Built Box Graphics

One of the best things about a custom box is the ability to add graphics to the box. Custom graphics added to the boxes are a great marketing tool that many businesses miss out on. They may not realize it is just as easy to get small quantity boxes as it is to get large quantities of custom printed boxes. It is possible to have a design created that can be reused many times.

Adding graphics is a great way to advertise a business or a product. It can help create brand awareness. It is also a great way to provide important information about what is inside the box or where it is supposed to go.

A custom built box is seen by many people from the time it is shipped from the seller until it reaches the buyer. They also can have a life after the product has been taken out. Boxes can be reused in many ways and a business that has invested in large quantities of custom printed boxes can spread their messages far and wide for a long period of time.

Businesses need to take advantage of any opportunities they can to help their business grow. The ones that do not consider a custom box are going to miss out on a big opportunity.


  1. Hello, we are interested in getting a quote to have some custom boxes and inserts made for our Ambassador program. Small qtys however?