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New Uses for a Corrugated Ballot Box

Custom ballot box

It seems a long time ago when people lined up at the polling places to fill out a piece of paper and to stuff it in a ballot box. The ballot boxes used for voting were not made out of cardboard, but that is still what people think about when they hear someone talking about ballot boxes. While stuffing the ballot box to win an election may be something out of the past, there is still a place for ballot boxes. Many businesses are using these for a variety of reasons.

Businesses rely on cardboard ballot boxes. They do not need the same level of security that was required for elections. The cardboard boxes are cheaper to make and use. They can be printed boxes with graphics that explain what the boxes or for and what business is sponsoring them.

The most common use for a corrugated ballot box by businesses, is to get people to fill out information on a piece of paper and to put it into the box. They can be enticed to do this by making it some type of contest. The business will pick a winner of some prize out of the box, but that is not why they are using the ballot box. They are really working to build up a list of customers that they can contact with special offers and advertisements that will bring the customers back into the store.

There are two types of ballot boxes that are typically used. A smaller ballot box will sit on a counter or table where it can be seen by the customers. These boxes will be put in a place where the customers can see them, but the graphics play an important role. They need to make the person want to fill out the form and stuff it in the box.

A second type of box is the floor standing ballot box. This can be placed anywhere in a business. It is also very good when used in trade shows and other places where there is no table space to put the ballot box on. The free standing ballot box will also be larger and will allow for more and larger graphics on it.

Even though elections depend on machines now for the voting process, there are still plenty of ways to use a ballot box. A smart business will see this and will take advantage of it.

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