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Reasons To Buy A Wholesale Corrugated Box For Shipping Clothes

Custom shipping box
Online shopping sites have become increasingly well versed on how to market their clothing lines. They now do a much better job of taking pictures of items, on hangers and when worn by models. They also make sure to display them from various angles and in a mix of colors. This helps shoppers to shop more confidently as they have a clear idea of what they are buying.

They have also had to become smarter about how to ship them. While a polythene bag may have once sufficed, many are now opting for a wholesale corrugated box. Here’s why.


Corrugated boxes are surprisingly lightweight, even with multiple flutes. Since clothing is also lightweight, you need only minimal thickness to ensure sufficient stacking strength and insulation. The minimal added weight from the box makes carrying the item around easy. It also means a little added cost of shipping. Shipping costs are mainly pegged n weight so it helps to know not much is added to the scale.


Besides the saving on shipping, these boxes are quite affordable in themselves. Corrugated boxes are already quite affordable. When you order locally made San Diego shipping boxes in bulk, you get the added benefit of discounts. The larger the order, the greater the discount. And if you order locally, it can also mean lower shipping costs of the boxes themselves to your facility. It all breaks down to a very low unit price that is not even worth passing on to the buyer when settling orders.

Distant Shipping

To make the most of online shopping, businesses need to be able to offer their commodities far and wide. Sometimes that means shipping very great distances. This comes with all kinds of exposure that calls for strong packaging. A wholesale corrugated box comes with a tensile strength that makes it ideal to protect products for long periods and long distances.


Packing clothing items in boxes allows them to arrive at their final destination in a presentable manner. When in polythene bags they often suffer all kinds of folding and crumbling that wrinkles the fabric. If reasonably handled in a box, the contents are unboxed as they were originally boxed. Sometimes the ink from plastic packaging will even transfer to the fabrics, further damaging the product. Corrugated boxes are however organic and insulating. Clothing items should be able to arrive in a safe and blemish-free condition every time.

Choosing Between Corrugated Carton and Folding Carton for Retail Packaging

Custom cardboard box

In the retail packaging world, both corrugated or cardboard boxes and folding cartons are widely used. You will see these cartons every day within the retail aisles. You can have wholesale corrugated box products to help save you some bucks in your packaging needs. If you plan to package products, you may want to know which option to choose between the two. These two boxes have different features. Understanding the design aspects of each of the boxes allows you to make an informed decision on which one to choose.

That being said, how can you choose one over the other?

Folding vs. Corrugated Boxes

Folding cartons are made out of paperboard. The paperboard is printed before it is laminated, cut, folded and then glued. Folding boxes range from high-end cosmetic packaging boxes to colorful cereal boxes. Visually, folding boxes are single-layers often feeling like some thick cardstock. Since folding cartons are printed in full color, it helps with branding and promotions of retail businesses or brands.

Corrugated packaging, on the other hand, has a fluted sheet that is found between the two outer linerboard sheets. The sandwiched wavy, rippled sheet offers more strength to the box. Corrugated boxes come in different thicknesses and styles. Just like the folding cartons, corrugated boxes can also be printed in full-color meaning they can help with retail or product branding while also ensuring the protection of the products in an unmatched way compared to other materials.

Benefits of Folding and Corrugated Cartons

Folding boxes are lighter, thinner, and take up less storage space. They also offer various embellishments that are achieved during the design process, including texture, embossing, and foil stamping. Corrugated boxes are rigid and offer more options when compared to folding cartons. They can be reused over time or closed and opened multiple times. This packaging also supports inserts and handles – including foam and corrugated ones with ease. It can be used where folding cartons have been chosen as the primary packaging material to offer more protection and support during shipment.

Which one to Choose? Corrugated vs. Folding Cartons

Being a retailer staple, folding cartons have a wide usage while the corrugated cartons, a close retail packaging contender, offers different options for packaging solutions. In choosing between the two, you have to look at the shape, weight, and size of the product you are packaging. You also need to examine the desired packaging timeline and volume. For a product that has multi-unit or hefty combinations like gift packs, corrugated cartons are the way to go because of the issue of weight distribution. For fragile products, corrugated cartons also take the win.

When you consider the timeline and the volume of your order, you find that folding cartons have high minimum orders when they aren’t being printed digitally. If you are seeking a cost-effective, short run while not compromising on color, you can go with digitally printed corrugated cartons. They have a high impact and allow unbeatable speed-to-market.

In essence, there are various factors that determine what kind of box you choose. Regardless of which carton you have selected for your packaging solutions, ensure it is manufactured to meet your needs. If you go for wholesale carton products, it is going to allow you to get more value for your money. You will have bulky productions of the cartons at a reasonable wholesale price.

What You’re Getting with a Wholesale Corrugated Box

Wholesale Corrugated Box

Cardboard box and corrugated box are common terms in packaging, but do you know what those terms really mean and why one may be more beneficial than the other? Whether you are looking to buy your wholesale corrugated box or wholesale carton for your shipping needs, it’s important to understand which might be the best option.  

Buying wholesale 

For starters it is important to understand that when purchasing boxes or cartons, especially customized, it is better to buy in large quantities, otherwise known as wholesale. This is because when you buy a customized wholesale corrugated box or wholesale carton a lot of work is done to create the packaging from the physical design of the box to the exterior brand design. Once that front-work is completed, the heavy upfront costs will be attributed to the overall cost first. After that cost is paid for, the more boxes or cartons you purchase the less it costs the manufacturer who can then pass that savings onto you at wholesale rates.  

What is cardboard? 

Cardboard is a general term for any kind of board which is made from a pulp paper and can be varied in width. For example, a cardboard box can be made from paper as thin as a business card, cereal box, or something thicker. While cardboard is a common material it is often best for light-weight products and is often used as a product itself – such as in business cards – rather than shipping. Though it is a popular way to ship smaller items.  

Corrugated box 

Corrugated boxes are often used interchangeably with cardboard, however there are significant differences. For starters, a corrugated box is comprised of three layers. There are two outside layers – flat liners – and an inside rippled layer. These three layers provide additional strength and durability.  

Due the added strength of corrugated boxes, they are also easy to print on whether labeling for shipping or more likely creating branded marketing print.  

So, when you think of packaging your product, using a wholesale corrugated box is often important for heavy products and to keep your products safe. The durability provides additional protection from potential punctures, rips, tears, and even just the standard beating that shipping boxes can often go through as they travel from one location to the next.  

When it comes to wholesale cartons they are often best used in delivery of lightweight and local goods, or when they can be shipped in bulk within a wholesale corrugated box.  

Getting Wholesale Boxes in California

Wholesale Boxes in California

When looking for cartons and boxes to be used in your business, do not just stop by having a functioning box but look for one that brings in more business for you as well. The world that we are currently living in right now is all about the visuals. Once you attract people through creativity, your brand will never leave their minds.

Things You Should Consider When Looking for a Box Company Provider

If you are looking for wholesale boxes in California, make sure that they do not only deliver ordinary boxes but durable and creative ones as well. You can look for a company that will allow you to have a customized one to have your trademark printed on it and important details that need to be clearly seen.

Here are some of the things to consider when looking for a wholesale corrugated box company to deal with.

Quality and Durability

The first thing you should look in to is the quality of their boxes being offered. Once you use these boxes, it will house your products and this will also serve as a signature of your brand. So, if you have one sloppy looking and crumpled box, expect complaints and frustrations from your customers. Giving your customers their purchased products in a mint condition is your priority.

Cheaper Wholesale Price

Of course, the price will always be a factor since you are also doing business. But, never compromise quality over quantity. This is where most businesses tend to go downhill.


You should try to find a company that creates customized boxes that will best fit your needs. Having the perfect box dimension to house your products will make it less susceptible to outside forces during transport.

Room for Creativity

Like we said, you can beat your business opponents by simply housing your products in attention-grabbing boxes. Just like how chocolate boxes are being made to catch the attention of buyers, you can try doing so as well to lure more customers in.

Truthfulness and Professionalism

Once you have your personalized boxes done, make sure that your designs and preferred box materials will never get leaked by your box company provider. Despite it being just a box that houses your products, successful companies take pride in it because it carries their brand’s name. How the box looks like will greatly affect your company. Like when you see a sluggish and ugly looking shipping box, you would automatically think how un-sturdy it is so you avoid buying it.