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Why Use A Custom RSC Box for Products

Custom shipping box
The packaging that a product is placed in plays a very important role. For some businesses, the packaging is an afterthought. All they worry about is having a box that is big enough to fit their needs and that is readily available. They do not worry if the box is too big, or if it is not able to protect the contents that are placed in it. They are just worried about the most convenient solution that they can find. When they discover what a custom RSC box can offer them, they may think differently.

The RSC stands for regular slotted containers and these custom boxes are made to fit the needs of the customer. These boxes are the most commonly used boxes for shipping because of the things they offer.

  • The flaps on the top of the box meet in the middle to make it easy to provide safe and secure closure for the box.
  • Points of the boxes can be glued, taped or stitched depending on the needs for the custom made box.
  • Boxes can be made with single, double or triple wall construction to handle the largest of loads.
  • Boxes can be made to whatever size and shape that is needed.

It is the last part that is the most important for businesses. The proper size box is much more important than a business may think and the custom RSC boxes are the best way to get that. A custom made box is designed to fit what is placed inside. They can provide the right amount of room to add protection to the product and to keep the product from jostling around when it is in transit. The most common reason that products are damaged in shipping is because they are loosely packed and they will be shaken while they are being moved. These boxes can help prevent that problem.

The thing that keeps businesses from using custom RSC boxes is the fear that the cost of these boxes will be much higher. They feel that if they use generic boxes, they will save money and in the short run, that is possible. Over an extended period of time, however, it is much more cost effective to have boxes that fit the products that are inside. It can reduce the cost of shipping products and it can reduce the amount that is spent to fix or replace products that were damaged during shipping. Customers will also realize that the company they are dealing with is professional and will trust the company more in the future. That will help the business be more successful.

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