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What a Cardboard Display Box Can Do

specialty product display box

One of the best ways to sell products is through point of sale advertising. This type of marketing can be used to help shoppers make impulse buys. They may not have thought they needed the product, but they saw it and they decided to buy it. The products sold through this method can bring in more money for the business that they may not have gotten otherwise. One of the keys to point of sale marketing is the use of a cardboard display box.

A cardboard display box is made to hold the product in a way that is easy to display and is appealing to the customers. If a printed display box is used, the effect can be even more dramatic. These display boxes can help in a variety of ways to do many things for a business.

  • They can be placed in locations where customers have to stand for a few minutes. If the display boxes are placed at a register, the customers in line will see what they have inside and may decide that it is something worth buying.
  • They can be used to attract attention to the product. The printed boxes can catch the customer’s eyes. They can be placed in locations where the business wants to draw customers to. Not only will the customers see the products in the cardboard display box, they may also be attracted to other products that are placed nearby.
  • They can create brand recognition. The use of graphics is one of the most important parts of a printed display box. They can help build a brand or logo for the product they are holding or for the business. They will not only help sell what is inside the display box, they will provide information that can help bring the customer back to the product or business later.

It is important to think about several things when designing these boxes.

  • The size of the box – This will depend on where it is placed and what it has to hold. It needs to be large enough for people to see without being so large that it does not fit where it is needed.
  • The graphics – The graphics should do two things. They should catch the customers attention and they should provide information that the customer wants and will remember.

They should display the product well – The box should be able to display the product in an appealing way and it should also keep the product from being damaged while it is stored.

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