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Save Money with a Custom Setup Box

Custom mailer box
Here are some ideas to cut cost with a custom setup box.  With packaging costs of a going up across the board due to the growth of e-commerce, cutting costs is a major goal for all types and sizes of businesses.  Even where a business may make use of a custom made box design, there are still some ways to cut corners without sacrificing quality that will help minimize costs.  

Custom Setup Box: Corrugated Cardboard 

Other heavier and more luxurious box materials can be used for their construction. However, even commonplace corrugated cardboard can be a good option for custom setup box designs as its qualities are adaptable even for high-end markets. Although lightweight, you can add some heft and durability by adding fluting and lamination. This material has good shock absorbency that will better secure delicate and expensive contents. With laminating and printing, you can also easily disguise this use of cardboard material.  

Custom Made Box: Compact Size 

While custom boxes are typically made to customized sizing, many businesses like to give some allowance to make for a better unboxing experience. A gift packaged more generously may feel more luxurious when presented in a larger box. Opting for a compact size can help reduce the cost of a custom made box.

Make Your Inserts from Paper 

Switch out plastic and cardboard inserts for paper options. Rigid paperboard can still capably hold items in place and is a more affordable option. If the contents are not breakable, you can even opt for the use of tissue paper or gusset bags. Carry out some price comparison from your supplier to figure out if there are cheaper options for the interior packaging.  

Custom Made Box with Stickers and Labels 

Rather than having your custom setup boxes custom printed, you can more affordably have stickers and labels applied. Consider that with a printed or branded box you are restricted on what products you can package. By keeping the surfaces blank, you can even offer or sell them to other businesses to make use. It is highly affordable to have various kinds of stickers made including for displaying branding information and directions for use.  

Custom Setup Box in Bulk  

This works well no matter the kind of boxes you order from a manufacturer. Most box makers appreciate large orders and will happily offer a discount for bulk purchases. Just ensure that you have sufficient storage space where your boxes can be safely kept till you need them. Since custom made boxes are highly sought after during holiday periods when people are gift-giving, consider placing this order before key shopping periods.  

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