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Designing Folding Cartons For Product Display

NEPTN folding carton, custom boxes
Many factors go into deciding what kind of packaging a product will have. to begin with, businesses need to consider how the product is to be sold to consumers. If selling online, then more consideration will be given to shipping needs. If selling through stores, then the folding cartons design that will appear on the shelf will matter.

Branding will also matter as you will want to make your line of products appear distinct and recognizable to the market. Let us look at the steps one must go through in the packaging design process.

Define Your Packaging Needs

There are three main packaging layers. The outer layer is what products are normally shipped in. These can be large folding cardboard boxes used for shipping or a paper bag in which the product is packed into. The inner packaging refers to inserts and filler material that are used to keep the contents safe.

Product display packaging is what shoppers see when choosing items from shelves or what contains the product when shipped and the shipping box is removed. Most businesses will require one or all of these types of packaging.

Type of Packaging

This will mainly depend on the type of product. For instance, liquids will need to be contained in bottles or another waterproof packaging that can secure the contents. Dry food products like cereals will often also require some waterproof packaging and folding cartons for product display purposes in stores.

You will also need to factor in the cost of packaging when making a choice as this can affect mark-up and consequently how competitively you can price your product. While you will also want to stand out from the competition, your product packaging should still fit what is expected by consumers.

Design Evaluation

Once you come up with some creative designs, you need to ensure it resonates with consumers. As said, you should create a design that distinguishes your product from the competition but should still look recognizable to shoppers as they browse the shelves in the store.

Ensure whatever imagery and wording used on the product display packaging are true to the product. It should not confuse or mislead consumers. Also, consider what kind of visual effect is given when the items are stacked next to each other on the shelf. How they will look next to each other and competitors’ products.

It can be helpful to make a sample run of this packaging and give it out amongst stakeholders and consumers. Use this sample to collect views about the packaging and figure out what design elements work and what may require editing.

Benefits of Using Folding Cardboard Boxes

Printed Folding Carton One Color
The moving business has become highly lucrative with much demand for the service on both domestic and commercial fronts. People now find it easier to have professionals step in when they want to relocate.

Besides the heavy lifting, people also enjoy having many of their items set up again. From home theatre systems to arranging crockery on kitchen shelves, it makes the move easier when you do not have to rearrange things yourself.

Folding cardboard boxes have now become an essential aspect of the moving business. They are the preferred choice of packaging for several key reasons.


Despite the remarkable lightweight nature of cardboard boxes, they can be exceedingly strong. Heavy-duty varieties that are made with corrugated fiberboard are particularly helpful in handling heavy objects. This is very useful when you want to securely transport heavy items. The extra layering helps to support the weight, while also providing protective padding that prevents damage from impact.


Being foldable is very helpful to shipping and moving companies. This allows them to easily store their stock of cardboard boxes when not in use or transit. They can be laid out flat, taking up minimal space. It also means that the boxes can easily be ordered in bulk quantities. Many a folding cartons manufacturer offers deep discounts the larger the order that is placed. So moving companies get to optimize on spacing while minimizing cost.


Moving firms often enjoy much-repeated use out of their stock of cardboard boxes. When carefully handled, they can retain their structural integrity for long periods, allowing the movers to keep reusing them for long periods. Even in cases where the client decides to buy the boxes, they too can enjoy many years of repeated use of these boxes. They can be used to stash away items in the attic, basement, or garage without much worry. Especially when kept away from damp conditions.


Once folding cardboard boxes are no longer reusable, they can often be recycled. This means they can be broken down and used to manufacture new boxes. This is beneficial to the environment as it means less need to source virgin raw materials from trees. Given the high use of cardboard boxes in the moving business, it is a key source of such materials for recycling plants.


Cardboard boxes are produced at a cheap cost by the folding cartons manufacturer. Given the highly competitive nature of the industry, it often means that those that buy these finished boxes also get low pricing. For moving companies that have a strong need for the product, the discounts on bulk purchases add to the cost saving benefit.

3 Main Types of Paper Packaging for Retail Businesses

Folding Carton with Foil Stamping

You have perhaps seen retail products like electronics, flour, cement, perishables, and other products packed in different kinds of packaging boxes or cartons. There are various kinds of paper packaging and they include paperboard and corrugated boxes. The choice of each when packaging your products depends on the nature of the items and how you would like them transported. If you are shipping or transporting heavier items like wine or appliances, you can use folding corrugated boxes because they are sturdier and can support more weight. Having said a thing or two about paper packaging, here are the three common types of retail businesses:

1. Paperboard or Boxboard Cartons

The thin, lighter weight cartons you commonly use to carry items like shoes, cereals, a toy, or crackers are called boxboard cartons. These shipping cartons don’t contain the wavy middle layer also referred to as the corrugating medium used to add strength to the box. Paperboard box may be used for other purposes like serving as tubes, cores, display boxes, partitions in boxes, and graphic boards. On top of that, because boxboard has a bottom and top layer made of gypsum wallboard products, it has non-packaging uses – kids love them for arts and crafts. When you unpack an item that had been packaged in boxboard carton, you may discover that your kids will quickly take hold of the carton – it’s for art and drawing. It draws really nicely on the surface.

2. Paper Bags and Sacks

You have seen the light paper bags used to put grocery or carry grocery and other retail items like fast-food take-outs or wine and liquor at the counter. There are also the heavier multi-walled sacks or bags that contain products like cement and flour. These bags or multi-walled sacks offer stronger packaging and they are used for products like flour, sugar, cement, animal feed, fertilizer, and seeds. They are also used for collecting yard waste, organics or food scraps, and yard leaves for disposal. Paper bags whether light walled or heavy multi-walled are made from kraft pulp or recycled pulp.

3. Corrugated boxes

When you want to pack heavy items like electronics, appliances, vegetables, fruits, and wines, you want to use corrugated boxes. These cartons are also frequently when doing bulky shipping allowing you to deliver similar products within the same box. Corrugated boxes have several layers of paper that offer strength to the box. There is the top layer, the bottom layer, and the middle layer.

Bother top and bottom layers are called linerboard while the middle layer that appears wavy is called the corrugating medium. It is that wavy, ripple-like layer that provides the strength these boxes need. A corrugated box will always have the fluting or ripple layer in the middle. In addition to shipping products, corrugated boxes can also be utilized to form partitions, make bulk bins, insulation, pallets, furniture, and gypsum wallboard or for artwork like making an airplane or a bicycle.

These are the most common types of paper packaging boxes you find in the market. When you are ordering your folding cardboard boxes, you want to ensure that they are made of the right material and have the desired level of strength to support and protect your products during shipment.

Ease of Storing Folding Cardboard Boxes

Folding Cardboard Boxes

Storage is something that many of us lack in our day-to-day operations, and due to this, it is important that you are using something that makes life much easier. Whether you are looking to store items at a later date or if you are getting ready to move, you want to have boxes on hand for all of your needs. You just don’t want to have to store them and have them take up all the room in the home when they are just sitting around, not really doing anything.  

Folding Cardboard Boxes are the Solution 

Folding cardboard boxes are the solution to having a way to store them away from everyone’s eyes and keeping them out of the way. When this is the case, you can feel much more confident about keeping boxes, even when you are not using them. You can ensure that you will be able to fold them down and then slide them away.  

Some of the ways to store these folding cartons you can use to your advantage include: 

  • Sliding them under couches, beds, or other furniture 
  • Sliding them to the side of the furniture 
  • Place them on shelves in a closet or other area 
  • Place them in other areas of the home where a slim box could fit

You can ensure that these folding cartons provide enough space while unfolded. This is a common misconception. While they are small in size when they are folded down, they open up to be a decent size, which allows you to store anything that you want inside of them.  

The boxes are made from a thicker, more durable cardboard material, as they need to last for a longer period of time. You want to ensure that you are using a box that provides a way to safely and securely keep the items you’re moving in a box that allows it. Find the boxes that provide everything that you need from durability to size, to ease of storage, ease of use, and so much more.  

The cardboard boxes are something that you may need to use from time to time for various reasons but being able to store them when you are done using them or keeping them for another time is ideal. With the right folding cardboard boxes, this is something that can be done. You can use these boxes over and over and over again, to your advantage while saving cash.  

Packaging with Folding Cardboard Boxes

Folding Cardboard Boxes

Folding cardboard boxes have always been the top choice of businesses when transporting their goods over long distances. These containers are made from durable and high-quality paper material ensuring your products reach their destination without incurring any damage. This type of packaging material provides stability in rough terrains and cushions your delicate items against road bumps and uneven roadways.

Unlike other forms of packaging material, folding cardboard boxes are often made from recycled paper flute inserted between liners. The fluting architecture of a cardboard box is a high-tech solution providing structural integrity and making the box sturdy and robust. This type of packaging can either have a plain design or can be customized with a print to give your services a name or make your product stand out.

A Highly Customizable Packaging Solution

Printed foldable boxes make your brand stand out and give your products a name in the market. Not only does it contribute to a recognizable brand, but a custom printed carton makes your product or services look more polished and professional looking.

This packaging material also offers the flexibility you need because these boxes can be manufactured to fit your specification. They are not bulky or hard to store because they can be folded and neatly arranged to save space in your store or warehouse. Cardboard is also a malleable material, and boxes can be used to accommodate most objects or wrapped around items to secure them.

Comparing Folding Cardboard Boxes with Other Packaging Alternatives

Among the things that make folding cardboard boxes a better packaging material is its relatively affordable price. Compared to other alternatives, cardboard is inexpensively produced and usually recycled lowering the costs of wholesale purchases even more. Plastic, metal, or wood alternatives are more expensive and more cumbersome to ship compared to cardboard. Additionally, a cardboard packaging saves you on shipping costs.

Securing items inside a folding cardboard box is also relatively easy because they can be firmly sealed in a variety of ways. Most industries use staples to ensure the cardboard holds the item inside securely and creating a firm hold on each of the flaps. Tape and glue also adhere well with the surface of the cardboard sealing items inside. Unlike all the other packaging alternatives, cardboard boxes offer a convenient way of packing and unpacking things without the need for tools and various other equipment.

Storage with Folding Cardboard Boxes

Folding Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are one of the most common storage options used for packing a wide variety of goods. Almost everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to products of long-term use is being stored and shipped using cardboard boxes. An improvised version of such packaging material from ready-made boxes to customized foldable ones has taken the market by storm.

Printed foldable boxes can be made from a single color up to four colors with Hi-Gloss UV coating or matte finish. The interior of the package can also be given the same appearance for a better product look. There are several benefits of using a printed foldable box, some of which are as follows

Easy to recycle and an environmentally-friendly option

While the conventional wooden fruit crates take reasonably large spaces during storage, folding cardboard boxes take the least space. They can be easy to dispose of or recycle giving them the versatility you need from packaging material. This makes them suitable for various products including fruits and vegetable which often gets squashed during transit.

The pulp of a non-virgin paperboard is often made from a recycled paperboard material. Moreover, scraps generated from manufacturing can be easily reused. This process of recycling and reuse in the manufacturing industry minimizes the negative impact on the environment by reducing the generation of waste products.

A customizable, flexible, and rigid packaging material

One of the primary benefits of folding cardboard boxes is the flexibility it provides. Each type of box can be tailored to meet the needs of business and designed to meet their demands. Features like windows and hanging tabs can be included give the box a unique look. Using wet-strength paperboard helps prevent moisture from damaging the products inside the container.

Paperboard used for different shipping products comes with a variety of weights to ensure the security of the content while remaining structurally sound. Cartons made out of corrugated board provide additional support to ship heavier products.

Different types of printed foldable boxes are used to house different products. The manufacturing company has diversified its product line to provide customers with ample amounts of choices. Some of the most used cardboard boxes include the straight truck-end, reverse truck-end, truck top auto-bottom, full flap auto-bottom, snap-lock bottom, and the sealed end.

It is easy to look for the type of box your business needs. More than providing protection, it can be used as a cheap way of advertising your product and a marketing strategy to make your business grow.

Grab Attention with Corrugated Folding Boxes

Corrugated Folding Boxes

The retail industry was left in frenzy with the introduction of product packaging. To capture every buyer’s attention, companies are now finding solutions on how to make their brand more known through their packaging. As a result of this need, product packaging now became a means of direct interaction between the brand and their target market.

Retail packaging can be defined as a packaging solution meant to assist retailers in running their respective brands and shops efficiently and seamlessly. With its colorful prints and stylish fonts, retail packaging is specifically designed to grab the customers’ attention. Aside from this, the packaging is also maintained to keep the product in good condition during shipping or manhandling.

Packaging made from corrugated cardboard is the best choice to achieve both functionality and style.

Why should you choose corrugated cardboard for your folding boxes?

The main reason for using folding cardboard boxes and other packaging needs is simply because this material is very flexible. You can fold it and design it easily because you can bend it any way you like. Also, this material is easily cut into any form and shape. While being artistic and functional, using corrugated cardboard can also help save the environment since it is easily recyclable and it is environment-friendly.

For companies who are looking for ways to save on the cost of packaging, corrugated folding cartons is also an ideal choice since it is the cheapest packaging material available in the market.

You can also add digital prints, labels, sticker, and graphic designs to the surface of the material, thus, enhancing its aesthetic value.

Where to buy quality corrugated cardboard material?

This material is easily available so you don’t have to worry about its supply. You can check out the internet for various packaging solutions offered and see which fits your needs and style.

If you are unsure, you can always seek professional advice from a folding carton company. Discuss with them the concept you want and ask them to innovate a design that can help you get ahead of your competitors.

Don’t wait for your competitor to outshine you. Call a corrugated cardboard manufacturer today and get that attention-grabbing packaging and design you need.

Cutting and Folding Cardboard Boxes

Folding Cardboard Boxes

In this age of gadgets and smart toys, parents have a difficult time communicating with their children’ and holding their attention.

There are many indoor activities to choose from. However, there’s an activity that’s not so common but has great potential to be a hit. And that is cutting and folding cardboard boxes.

Best for imagination

Of course, empty boxes have always been a favorite toy. At least it was before the advent of Xbox and RPG. Kids simply folded the ears of the cardboard box and it becomes a car or even a spaceship. A smaller box with a hole cut out for the face served as the astronaut’s helmet.

Kids will find cutting and folding cardboard boxes engaging because it actually combines other activities. When they use plain white or brown cardboard, it will need to be painted to look more colorful.

Parents should know that imaginative play is not just fun. It’s actually a learning experience. Kids learn to process and understand ‘adult’ actions around them, as well as their own feelings.

Given an opportunity, parents should listen in to find out if there are internal anxieties that kids are working out.

Family Time

Playing with folding cardboard boxes can also be a fun time for the whole family. You can make dollhouses or doll furniture together. Use printed folding cartons for decorative items like pretend cabinets or a headboard.

And if your young men get squeamish with any mention of dolls, have dad set an example. You can also remind them that many architects and designers are men. Or maybe it’s that time for that ‘we are all the same’ talk.

Of course, you can also just make a puppet show. Again, this combines many art activities and is good imaginative play. But it is also appealing to all ages. Have each participant make one character that they will give a voice to and also accessorize.

To make your characters more artistic, use printed folding cartons and also other materials like colored yarn for the hair, small buttons for the eyes, and actual cloth for clothes and bags.

For the children who have become conscious of taking care of the environment thus early, remind them that glitters are a no-no. Like other kinds of plastic, these end up polluting oceans. Worse, glitter can be eaten by fishes that we, in turn, also eat.

Gadgets do indeed pose a challenge to our children’s physical and mental well-being. However, there is simply no option to not compete, to give up. Parents simply have to be more creative, a lot smarter and more engaging than these temptations.

Why Printed Folding Cartons are Necessary

Printed Folding Cartons

Decades ago, businesses only saw packaging boxes as something to contain and protect their products, which is why they barely had aesthetic value. But if you are a business owner nowadays who wants to compete and emerge as a leader in your market, you cannot hold the same business principles especially when it comes to packaging.

To give your brand an edge among its competitors, you cannot remain complacent and use generic folding cardboard boxes. Instead, you should be aware of the environment and the demands of the social media era. Here are the reasons why you need to customize printed folding cartons for your products to push your business forward in this day and age:

  • Consumers are inclined to share pictures of products that come in unique cardboard boxes packaging.

    It does not take a study or a survey to know that most people are connected to various media platforms. Majority of individuals spend countless hours posting and scrolling on their Facebook or Instagram accounts trying to see what netizens are posting and how their own posts compared with those. Consumers, in particular, are obsessed with posting “new finds” or products that come in pretty printed folding cartons. if your products come in interesting and one-of-a-kind folding cardboard boxes then you get free advertising once your patrons upload images of your products online.

  • Consumers seek an “unboxing experience”.

    There is an “unboxing” trend going on that customer no longer simply seek good products but a satisfying unboxing experience. Millions of people watch unboxing videos on YouTube and share them on other social media platforms. If you want your products to be noticed, it is not enough that its quality is top-notch, but it should also be a feast for the eyes as well. Get rid of your ordinary brown packaging and start customizing your folding cardboard boxes to suit the taste of your consumers.

  • Consumers subconsciously associate product packaging with gift-wrapped presents.

    Whether they realize it or not, consumers enjoy unwrapping packaging boxes because the act reminds them of gift-wrapped presents they used to anticipate and love as kids. So why not make the experience even more memorable by giving extra attention to your product’s cardboard boxes? Customizing your printed folding cartons will endear you to your customers and make them even more loyal to your brand.

Times are changing and businesses who can’t keep up with the trend will undoubtedly become obsolete. Keep up with the times and get ahead of the competition by simply choosing a unique and special packaging for your products.

Folding Cardboard Boxes – Now the Popular Choice

Folding Cardboard Boxes

It is very common to see cardboard boxes used as the popular choice of storage. They can be very useful especially when it comes to storing a lot of goods and when shipping fresh produce like vegetables and fruits. In addition to that, they can be used to store significant documents.

Folding Cardboard Boxes Easy for you to Recycle

One of the reasons why many loved using folding cardboard boxes is that they can be easily recycled. With old wooden fruit crates, they will take a huge amount of space than the folding cardboard boxes. And, if they will not be used again, it may be difficult to dispose of. With cardboard, it can easily be recycled. This is also the reason why vegetable wholesalers and retailers boxes because they are eco-friendly.

Moving Firms Save Money

Before, moving or removal firms are using wooden storage crates. However, it is obvious that these crates will take a huge amount of space or room. This is because of the fact that they could not be easily folded flat. Now, folding cardboard boxes do the same job just like the wooden crates. It is just that they can be folded flat especially when not used. Thus, the removal firm will save a lot of money. They will no longer need to use a huge storage area. The boxes are also strong enough to store goods or to move household belongings. The boxes are also cheaper as compared to other storage options. Thus, they can help the company save more.

Folding Cardboard Boxes Can be Easily Stored

Folding cardboard boxes can be stacked on top of the other to such a considerable height without getting damaged. But, if they do get damaged, it is so easy to replace and dispose of them. If they will be thrown to the landfill, they are considered as biodegradable material. In addition to that, you could buy waterproof-type of cardboard boxes. They are very ideal for the purpose of storage.

Some of the long-term uses for cardboard boxes include document storage. There are now a lot of companies that make use of cardboard boxes for long-term storage purposes. It is not only cost-effective but also an eco-friendly option. In fact, really durable folding cardboard boxes are now available. They have stapled and glued seams that can hold very large weight.

Save a lot of money by using folding cardboard boxes and folding corrugated boxes today, for your ease and convenience!

Different Types of Folding Boxes

Folding Boxes

In the packaging industry, folding boxes are the in-demand form of packaging. Aside from the proven sturdiness and strength of these folding boxes, these are also made from eco-friendly materials, which is what the world needs today. After the primary use of these folding cardboard boxes, such as retail packaging and shipping boxes, these can be recycled, upcycled, and reused.

The primary and secondary uses of these folding boxes are simple. The materials used to create these boxes, such as paperboards and corrugated cardboard, are also simple. However, there are different types of folding cardboard boxes – straight tuck end, reverse tuck end, snap lock bottom, and sealed end to name a few.

Straight Tuck End

The straight tuck end type is the most common type of folding boxes. Almost every product requires this kind of packaging, especially when the front display panel is large transparent window type front, which is used to endorse the products inside. Both top and bottom enclosures “tuck” from the front portion to the rear portion of the box, preventing any raw edge exposure.

Reverse Tuck End

The reverse tuck end is the type of folding boxes that is quite similar to the enclosures of the straight tuck end. The only difference is that the top enclosure of the folding cardboard box covers or “tucks” from rear part to the front part of the box, while the bottom enclosure seals or “tucks” from the front part to the rear part of the box. This type of folding boxes is usually used when the front display panel is not transparent, not opened, and not exposing the product inside. Cosmetic products are the most common type of product using this packaging type.

Snap Lock Bottom

Now, the snap lock bottom is the type of folding boxes that is not similar to the straight tuck end and the reverse tuck end types, but this is still a common type of packaging. Unlike the straight tuck end and the reverse tuck end types that can be formed and closed by machines, the snap lock bottom type is locked and enclosed manually by hands.

The bottom enclosure has different sizes of locking panels. The large piece should go first and be followed by the two dust flaps and the smaller piece to finally seal the bottom part of the folding box. The snap lock bottom is usually used for cosmetic products, pharmaceutical and medical products, and other retail products that are heavier and require additional security.

Rigid Versus Folding Cardboard Boxes

Folding Cardboard Boxes

Successful businesses know that the box where the product is placed has far more value than simply having something where products can be kept. Because of competition and easy access to information, customers nowadays are more discerning about the companies they patronize.

Unlike in the past wherein clients hardly ever cared whether their purchases came in attractive folding cardboard boxes, customers now care about packaging the same way they pay attention to the product, if not more.

Without a doubt, boxes are included in the list of preferred packaging by customers, which is why the demand for product boxes is continuously growing. If you are thinking of using boxes for your products, you should know what kind would best suit your needs. While you may be inclined to immediately fill your storage area with a high volume of folding boxes, remember that rigid boxes are also popular and unless you assess the benefits of each, you may never know which one is right for you.

To help you in the decision-making process, below are the benefits of rigid and folding cardboard boxes:

Rigid Boxes:

  • They create a better first impression as they are seen as more expensive and valuable by consumers.
  • They are stronger and more durable because they are inherently thicker.
  • They are ready to use; hence, packaging would be more convenient and less burdensome as extra time and manpower would not be needed to construct the boxes.

Folding Boxes:

  • They generally require lower transportation cost considering that high volume of folding boxes can be transported at the same time as they can be forwarded and stored flat.
  • They are generally less expensive than rigid boxes since materials used are not as thick.
  • They can be produced more easily which means you don’t need to wait for a long time before your order arrives.

While rigid and folding boxes have their own advantages, it is important to note that both types also share similar advantages. For one, both can be easily customized to include your company logo and other designs that will help improve your brand image. Secondly, both can be made from earth-friendly materials. And lastly, both can have unique structural designs.

Ultimately, you can only know which type of box would be most advantageous for you and your company by assessing your business requirements, the needs, and expectations of your customers, and by considering both these factors as a basis for your decision.

What Happens to Folding Cardboard Boxes

Folding Cardboard Boxes

When a business makes their product, they usually put it into a cardboard box so it can be shipped to the consumer. Once it has been delivered to the consumer or to the business that will sell the products, the boxes are emptied. That leads many people to wonder what happens to the folding cardboard boxes once they have outlived their initial purpose. The answer is many different things can happen.

Protecting the environment is important to many people in the world. They have come up with the three R’s that they hope will help the environment. Those three R’s are Reuse, repurpose and recycle. One of the great things about folding cardboard boxes is how easily they can do any of these three things.


Reusing cardboard boxes is very common. People will often put the products back into the box for storage or they fill the boxes up with other products. They can be used over and over again because of the durability of the cardboard. Folding corrugated boxes are even stronger than regular boxes and can be reused over and over again. This ability to reuse the boxes means that fewer new boxes have to be made, and there is less waste and less stuff being put into landfills.


Cardboard boxes are also very easy to repurpose. Their size and shape lends them to many different things. From being used to help pack up a house for moving or creating a table in a new home until more furniture is found, the ability to repurpose a cardboard box is only limited by a person’s imaginations. Many parents wonder why they spend so much money on Christmas presents when their kids seem to have so much more fun playing with the boxes their presents came in. Repurposing is something that is learned at a very young age.


One of the great things about any paper product is the ability to recycle it. Once the box has outlived all of its other uses, the cardboard can be ground up and used to make a new box. Most folding corrugated boxes are made out of recycled cardboard boxes. In that way, the box just keeps on living forever.

Cardboard boxes play a vital role for businesses and individuals around the world. Not only do they help businesses get products to people, but they also have many other lives after that. It is time for people to embrace all that these cardboard boxes do for them and the environment.

What Happens to Folding Cardboard Boxes

Folding Cardboard Boxes

Every day, millions of boxes are being shipped around the world. The boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just plain brown boxes, while others include lots of custom printing. With the growth of online shopping, the number of boxes being shipped has grown rapidly.

When it comes to boxes, one material is often used. Cardboard is the most popular material for making boxes. Folding cardboard boxes are sturdy enough to carry what is inside and easy to store when not in use. Their ability to fold flat makes it easy to keep them on hand without wasting space. The cost of cardboard makes this a very cost efficient method of packaging. Businesses turn to two types of cardboard. There is the plain cardboard that is just a strong paper material, and there is folding corrugated boxes that offer greater strength.

While businesses use boxes to ship their products in, that is not the end of the life for the boxes. They have a lot more to give to anyone that gets their hand on it. Cardboard boxes have many uses after they are sent out the first time.

  • Storage – Everyone’s home is full of folding cardboard boxes that have been filled with stuff and stored in a basement, attic or garage. The boxes are easy to stack and can hold things that are not needed at the time.
  • Toys – Many parents realize the favorite present a child receives is not what is inside the box, but the box itself. It can turn into so many things when a child’s imagination is involved.
  • Signs – Cardboard boxes can be cut up and can be written on by anyone that needs a sign. It is a cheap and quick way to create a sign for a yard sale or any other use.

These are only some of the ways that people use cardboard boxes in their home. Whether it is a regular cardboard box or folding corrugated boxes, they tend to be used over and over again. Even when the box is no longer needed, it is not through being useful. Cardboard is recyclable. When new boxes are made, they often use recycled cardboard that comes from the old boxes. This helps protect the environment and lowers the cost of producing boxes. In that way, a cardboard box goes on forever and ever. It is truly a product that keeps on giving.

The Advantage of Folding Corrugated Boxes

folding corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are the most versatile box used for shipping any and all types of products. They are a safe way to ship items to anywhere in the world. Even large bulky items can be shipped using a corrugated box. Which is pretty great news in today’s market, when household items and service parts and even foods are being shipped every day.

Storage Solutions

With so many items hopping on a truck or flying across the ocean, storing these needed components to commerce is simple when using folding corrugated boxes. They aren’t just durable, they can be assembled as needed. They lie flat and stacked until you need them. This is because of the way they are made.

Kraft-y Solutions

Corrugated boxes are made from simple kraft paper. It is thicker than regular notebook or printer paper. It is almost the thickness of construction paper, but it is stronger than that. Folding corrugated boxes are made from three layers of kraft paper. Two sheets make up the walls that you can easily touch and see. The third sheet is folded along in between the two sheets to make a flute. The lightweight material is surprisingly strong. When formed into the box, the ergonomically engineered design distributes weight in a manner that upholds extreme stacking strength.

Economical Solutions

Because of the fact folding cardboard boxes are made from simple inexpensive materials, that cost savings is passed on to you and to your consumers. But the fiscal benefits do not stop there. While it does cost extra to have your company logo printed on the box or to use your own company logoed tape, think of how many people will be handling that box as it goes through the postal service and as it arrives at its destination. Boxes are often reused. You never know who will see your box. Your box could serve as a useful marketing resource.

Organization Solutions

Many folding boxes that you ship your items in can also double as the display for your merchandise. They are an affordable option to transform your unique shipping box into an eye catching solution for any setting.

The practicality of folding boxes extends far beyond a quick pick at the post office. So even if the box ends up with little kids pretending they are fighting dragons and sea monsters, you know that their parents think of your company every time they walk by.