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Benefits of Using Folding Cardboard Boxes

Printed Folding Carton One Color
The moving business has become highly lucrative with much demand for the service on both domestic and commercial fronts. People now find it easier to have professionals step in when they want to relocate.

Besides the heavy lifting, people also enjoy having many of their items set up again. From home theatre systems to arranging crockery on kitchen shelves, it makes the move easier when you do not have to rearrange things yourself.

Folding cardboard boxes have now become an essential aspect of the moving business. They are the preferred choice of packaging for several key reasons.


Despite the remarkable lightweight nature of cardboard boxes, they can be exceedingly strong. Heavy-duty varieties that are made with corrugated fiberboard are particularly helpful in handling heavy objects. This is very useful when you want to securely transport heavy items. The extra layering helps to support the weight, while also providing protective padding that prevents damage from impact.


Being foldable is very helpful to shipping and moving companies. This allows them to easily store their stock of cardboard boxes when not in use or transit. They can be laid out flat, taking up minimal space. It also means that the boxes can easily be ordered in bulk quantities. Many a folding cartons manufacturer offers deep discounts the larger the order that is placed. So moving companies get to optimize on spacing while minimizing cost.


Moving firms often enjoy much-repeated use out of their stock of cardboard boxes. When carefully handled, they can retain their structural integrity for long periods, allowing the movers to keep reusing them for long periods. Even in cases where the client decides to buy the boxes, they too can enjoy many years of repeated use of these boxes. They can be used to stash away items in the attic, basement, or garage without much worry. Especially when kept away from damp conditions.


Once folding cardboard boxes are no longer reusable, they can often be recycled. This means they can be broken down and used to manufacture new boxes. This is beneficial to the environment as it means less need to source virgin raw materials from trees. Given the high use of cardboard boxes in the moving business, it is a key source of such materials for recycling plants.


Cardboard boxes are produced at a cheap cost by the folding cartons manufacturer. Given the highly competitive nature of the industry, it often means that those that buy these finished boxes also get low pricing. For moving companies that have a strong need for the product, the discounts on bulk purchases add to the cost saving benefit.

Common Uses of Printed Folding Cartons

Printed Folding Cartons

Did you know that folding cartons are actually the root of the packaging industry? You read that right! It was in the 1840s when cartons were folded and tacked together manually by hand, but the folding cartons were just used for small, but expensive items, such as jewelry and pearls, due to its meticulous production process. Thanks to an accident at the Robert Gair Company in Brooklyn, New York, the machine mass production of folding cartons was developed. The production process of different printed folding cartons became inexpensive that invited manufacturers to provide packaging to all products, whether it is expensive or not.

Today, almost every country and every city have a folding cartons manufacturer. The printed folding cartons are now a billion dollar industry. Due to the eco-friendly and recyclable materials, the very high demand is always met. But, what are the uses of these printed folding cartons and why there is a very high demand? It turns out that printed folding cartons have a lot of uses.

Marketing Different Products

The main purpose or usage of folding cartons is a packaging tool for marketing different products. Let’s put it this way – when going to the supermarket and grocery stores, well-packaged products are always what customers seek. Sometimes, people really tend to “judge a book by its cover” because they are unsure of what’s the content of the product. So, it is crucial for a manufacturing company to select printed folding cartons that will promote what the company sells.

How to find the best packaging for the product? Every company should ask their folding cartons manufacturer for a “design” that will pique the customers’ interest – color, shape, and appearance. Also, the printed folding cartons should be able to supply essential information, including the name of the product, the name of the company, how to use the product, and other essential information.

Safe and Secured Packaging

Aside from marketing the products, printed folding cartons are also used for safely transporting the products from one point to another. The common products that need packaging that is strong, safe and secured are food. For example, bakeshops are using folding cartons for their cakes and pastries for proper transportation. The folding cartons that are used for safety reasons are usually carefully stapled or pasted together.

Presentable Gift Boxes

Folding cartons are not only used for commercial products, but also for personal uses like gift boxes. A folding cartons manufacturer usually has an option for customized boxes, but can also provide a generic type of folding cartons that can be sold to a larger market. These are the common folding boxes that we can also see in stores. These folding cartons are perfect for packaging any gifts of any shape and any size, providing ease and convenience in wrapping presents for an important someone.