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How is a Corrugated Cardboard Box Made?

Large Shipping Box
It is simple for a business to decide to use a corrugated cardboard box, they just need to understand the benefits of them. They may or may not know what makes these boxes the right choice for their products. If they would take the time to learn how these boxes are made they may understand what the advantages of using these types of boxes are.

Making Corrugated Cardboard

The first step in the construction of a corrugated cardboard box is to make the cardboard. It starts with large rolls of kraft paper. While kraft paper is a thicker type of paper, it is not very sturdy on its own. It would provide little protection for anything that is wrapped inside of it, if it did not undergo a transformation to become corrugated cardboard.

A layer of kraft paper is rolled out. A second layer is crimped and folded. That layer is glued to the first layer of paper. Once those layers are connected, a third layer is put on top to hold everything in place. The final result is a piece of cardboard that is strong and durable.

It is possible to add to the strength and durability of the cardboard by adding a sealant to the top of the cardboard. This sealant can make the product water resistant and less likely to tear.

Making The Cardboard Into Boxes

Sheets of corrugated cardboard are not ready to use for shipping products around the world. In order for that to happen, they need to be turned into boxes. Folding corrugated boxes are the most commonly used. These are built by cutting a pattern with the corrugated cardboard. The pattern will allow the piece of corrugated cardboard to be folded into the shape of the box. The size of the box can vary depending on what is needed. After the cardboard has been shaped into a box, the bottom and the top will be sealed. It can be sealed through the use of tape, glue or stitching.

Many businesses will choose one more step in the making of folding corrugated boxes. They will add custom graphics to the box. It may identify which side is up or it could identify the brand of the company that is putting the products into the box. They may include shipping information or other instructions. The use of graphics and corrugated cardboard can turn a basic box into something that is much better and much more useful for any business.

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