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Why Choose Recycled Corrugated Boxes

printed corrugated suitcase box
When it comes to the manufacture of corrugated boxes, there is the option to use either wood pulp or recycled corrugated board. When wood pulp is used in the manufacturing process, the outcome is referred to as virgin corrugated board. When these boxes are later recycled and used to make new boxes, the results are termed recycled corrugated board.

While recycled boxes may not be as strong as those made from virgin corrugated board, due to the fibers becoming shorter and weaker with each recycling, they do offer some benefits that make them a worthwhile investment for any business wanting to stock up on corrugated cartons.

Corrugated boxes are environmentally friendly

Since the raw material used to make these boxes is older boxes, this makes them the most environmentally friendly option. Being environmentally conscious is important for modern-day businesses as it not only reduces their impact on the environment but also makes a positive impression on consumers. Consumers and the public in general have become more sensitive to environmental issues and are more willing to patronize and support businesses that share the same values.

Less deforestation with corrugated boxes

The wood pulp used to make virgin corrugated boxes comes from trees that have been cut down. When using recycled boxes to make new ones, a smaller amount of virgin fibers is added during processing to strengthen the resulting boxes. When your business depends on recycled materials to make its boxes, this means it does not contribute as much to deforestation for its packaging needs.

Corrugated cartons are recyclable

Virgin corrugated board can safely be recycled as much as five times before it is no longer useful. This means that often, even the recycled boxes you are using can still make their way back into the box maker’s hands to create new packaging. This further reduces dependency on the wood pulp for box manufacturing.

Limit methane production using corrugated boxes

When corrugated cartons are thrown away without being recycled, they usually end up in landfills. As they decompose, they produce methane which is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. The more you can encourage your customers to recycle their boxes, the more you will be doing to protect the planet from global warming by cutting methane emissions.

Customer appeal of corrugated boxes

As said, people now prefer to patronize and support environmentally conscious businesses. Packaging is a simple but effective way you can share with your customers these ideals and encourage them to keep buying their goods and services from you. It can also be a marketing selling point that helps grow your customer numbers.

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