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Waterproofing a Corrugated Fiber Box


corrugated fiber box

One of the key benefits of a corrugated fiber box is its ability to protect the contents within. This is why it is highly popular for packaging and shipping items. However, this benefit can fail if the material is exposed to moisture. Moisture can compromise a box’s structure, causing it to become weak and disintegrate when little pressure is applied.  

When shipping items, especially over long distances, there is the risk that at some point, the box will be exposed to moisture. Hence the reason that some businesses invest in corrugated fiberboard box designs that feature more fluting. This provides additional layering that can prevent the box from easily becoming damaged when exposed to liquids.  

Waterproofing can also be achieved by applying a waterproofing coating to the box. Different materials can be used to create this protective layering including fiberglass resin, PVA adhesive, paraffin wax, and lacquer. The layer is applied on the outside and when dry, will prevent moisture from penetrating through to the corrugated fiber box. It works the same when you have the box maker add a laminate layer on the outside.  


It provides better protection for the contents of the box. It also keeps the structure of the box strong. When the contents are thus secured, it reduces the risk they might be damaged. When goods are delivered in good condition, the sender does not have to worry about having to make a replacement. This will make the business appear more reliable when their deliveries are not rejected for being damaged.  

Since the box is less likely to be damaged, the recipient can likely keep it for later reuse. Waterproofing can make a box more durable, allowing the person who has it to repeatedly enjoy its use. Adding this protective layer can also be added to the box manufacturing process so you do not have extra work of preparing boxes before shipping. While it may add to the cost of buying these boxes, it is more convenient and will be expertly done.  


It can affect the recyclability of the box later on. Unless the protective layer can be separated from the fiberboard, you may not be able to submit the boxes for recycling. Another downside is that it can limit the addition of branding. If you want to add a logo, other design, or printed information on the box, you will have to use an alternative like stickers. Printing directly on the box is not possible when you have added a waterproof layer.  

Why Invest In Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes

Mailer-Corrugated--with-2-color-LithoCorrugated fiberboard boxes are often just referred to as corrugated boxes. They are the most popular type of box used to package products and ship them. for any business that has a physical product to offer, there is likely to be some form of packaging that will incorporate this corrugated fibre box material. Here are some of the key benefits that make it a top choice for packaging.


Most other packaging materials used to make boxes like plastic and wood are quite heavy. They add to the overall weight of a shipment when packaging, making the transport costs more expensive. This can prove costly to a business. A corrugated fibre box is however quite lightweight, despite even carrying heavy items like electronics. Its manufacture and shipping costs are much lower than other materials.

Strong Structure

Corrugated boxes have good tensile strength, especially with more flutes. This makes them generally safe for packaging and stacking. Fluting also helps give corrugated fiberboard boxes the rigidity that allows them to more easily retain their shape and have good crushing resistance. This strength also helps make them more easily reusable, especially if tearing and exposure to liquids are avoided.


The compression resistance that fluting gives helps to make these boxes more long-lasting. Not only can they be easily reused, but they can also be safely stored for long periods. This durability also means that they can be comfortably used for shipping items over long distances without fear the boxes will be easily damaged.

Good for Transit

During transit, packages can be subjected to all kinds of abuse. Rough roads and handling can mean the box is shaken and dropped severally along the way. Corrugated boxes have excellent shock absorbing qualities that help protect the contents from injury. They can often handle the most common mishandling and vibrations.

Easy Storage

Corrugated boxes can be easily flattened for storage. Most businesses have limited storage space to work with, so it helps when packaging materials can be easily manipulated to fit in small spaces. This quality and their lightweight nature mean that they are also cheap to ship from box manufacturers.

Environmentally Safe

Corrugated fiberboard is eco-friendly. Not only can it be reused multiple times, but it is also recyclable. This means it can be broken down and reused in the making of new boxes. This is a sustainable process that requires less energy and natural resources in making new boxes. It also helps to lower the cost of production without sacrificing all the other benefits of the material.