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Shipping Boxes – Benefits Of Using Them

From the late 1700’s, the horse-drawn wheeled wagons used “loose boxes” to move coal on and off barges. By the beginning of the 20th century, five to ten-foot-long wooden non-stackable containers were standardized. Today, corrugated boxes are commonly used as shipping boxes.

Corrugated shipping boxes greatly reduce transportation cost. Whether used by an individual shipping one item, to large corporations transporting truckloads of goods, shipping boxes are light weight. After interplaying the wholesale cost, margin and weight, using the light weight shipping box increases the profit margin per shipping pound.

A Cactus Container’s box provide product protection. Boxes for shipping need to contain the product from manufacturing through distribution and to its final destination. Whether fragile or heavy, a shipping box shields products from possible shipping hazards, shocks or outside pressure.

The most common box style is the Regular Slotted Container (RSC Shipping Box). From score to edge, all flaps are the same length. The larger flaps usually close and meet in the middle. The smaller flaps typically do not meet in the middle. Time and time again, an RSC shipping box is one of the top choice because of its overall stacking strength and easy to assemble design.

With a multitude of goods being delivered, at times a large shipping box is needed for the heavier, larger items. While smaller items require only a small shipping box. For a product perfect fit, the size of a box can be measured internally or externally.

To protect blueprints or posters from creases or folds, a shipping tube is an ideal alternative from the typical RSC shipping box. The shipping tube is still made of corrugated fiberboard and therefore it is still light weight and has the strength required to protect from outside pressure, and yet it is built specifically for fragile prints.

To reduce labor cost, a printed shipping box is ideal for having SKU (store keeping unit) pre-printed. It is an efficient unique identifier enabling the company to systematically track its inventory and boxes for shipping. It can also be used for company logos or to identify a product by using images and fonts.

For unique items, the boxes for shipping require a custom made box. A custom shipping box can be created specifically for that product, A custom shipping box can easily be created by Cactus Container assuring it is built with the right size, strength and quantity.

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