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What Is a RSC Box

Let’s get a little technical here with a few type of boxes. What is an RSC box anyway? Is it a chemical, a soda brand, or a military acronym? When it comes to boxes, an RSC is simply Regular Slotted Carton. In a nutshell, the most common box style is the Regular Slotted Carton. From the score to the edge, all flaps are the same length. Typically, the major flaps meet in the middle and the minor flaps do not.

Also known as Regular Slotted Containter (RSC), it has a highly efficient design. Its design keeps the manufacturing waste to a minimal. The manufacturer’s joint is most often joined with adhesive. The box is shipped flat, a simple and brilliant concept that simply saves space during shipping. Also the RSC boxes that are knocked down or shipped flat can easily be bundled because of its exact uniform shape and size.

How about a fiber box? Have you heard of a corrugated fiber box? Corrugated also means pleated. This pleated paper, or corrugated fiber was first patented in England in 1856. It was used as a liner for tall hats, which were common at that time. It was not until 1871 did they incorporate this same corrugated fiber away from hats and used it as a shipping material.

The corrugated shape, or potato chip ruffle shape or pleated shape alleviated outside pressure and damage to items such as bottles or glass lantern chimneys at the time. The products were nestled because it was in the fluted corrugated fiber box. The waves and curves of each corrugated fiber box kept the interior product intact. The pressure points were evenly bounced back, acting as a cushion from possible shipping damage.

We still use a fiber box, also known as a corrugated fiberboard box or corrugated fiber box today because of its key raw material, paper. Paper is a resource that can be found just about anywhere. It is easily accessible and can be softened and manipulated with high-pressure steam. Once dried, it can be joined and slotted to common shaped boxes such as the Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) as mentioned earlier.

A corrugated fiberboard box was a cheap innovated invention in the 1800’s. The paper resource is accessible, thecorrugated fiberboard box can be created to any grades and dimension. It’s lightweight, perfect for reducing shipping cost. It’s corrugated, which nestles the product and eliminate damage. It’s an overall brilliant invention which is why we still use a corrugated fiber box today.

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